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Summer tyres: Kormoran

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Kormoran IMPULSER B2
Decent tires at reasonable prices
Opinion WoWo1: 3.4

Tires after seven months of the end user "received" with the car and the purchase was confirmed account. I passed on them almost 15 000 km (city, smaller 100-250km route, the route 2x800km) and so far did not surprise me any unexpected behavior. ABS on wet does not intervene too early, in dry conditions also preserve OK, no whistling in intensive turns. Do not feel that the tire was too soft, but now after 1.5 years are visible signs of wear. Unfortunately, a part has trouble balancing (verified on the rim "alu" and steel) to 5 grams. Hit the defective tires, is however notable at 140-150 km / h. In general, would you recommend as a good tire budget for daily use in a compact car. more »

Kormoran GAMMA B2
I recommend - soft tires well into the corners - worth the money!
Opinion Obiżyświat: 4.3

Right tire - a soft tire tread in the so-called. Christmas tree - perfect for those that inhibit the engine! When I read the comments of some drivers, who say that after 15-20000. zużyli km 3-4mm sculpture, then I suggest you change driving technique (unless these opinions should competition). Personally, I was driving on these tires for 2 seasons 186000 km and I am so happy with them, which is why I bought these tires AGAIN despite the fact that I drive dynamically and quickly - in some German Autostardach up 'to 230 kmh. For those who too quickly scrape tires suggest training in a driving simulator for instance. GT6 with tire wear possibility :-) more »

Winter tyres: Kormoran

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Kormoran SNOWPRO B2
Good tyres for a small price
Opinion antifan: 4.1

I have heard various opinions about Kormoran SNOWPRO B2 tyres - also those unfavorable. I was tempted to buy those by their affordable price. I was prepared for them to be noisy and somewhat problematic on wet roads, but here is a nice surprise - the tyre keeps going without any problems on both wet and snow. In my opinion it does not make any noise. I sincerely recommend those - they proved themselves to be good! more »

Kormoran SNOWPRO
very good tires (for the money)
Opinion realista: 4.2

very good tire for small cars - I have a 1.3 fiesta, I can not see spending more than 100 zł per tire that you have the same for little money, the tire on snow revelation as the locomotive shoots, Sure, you can buy the latest technology for 300 zł - but that, in normal use, you can see the differences? I do not think, unless someone on track to drive this number then the second, but as someone will and will not risk duly recommend that the tire - but I know people kill in the BMW with 4-wheel drive and tires for 500 zł per piece .... Thus, when examining the tire do not think it's just marketing and to tell people that we tire, and the second - that even with powder - or powder for 10 years other than laundry every day you buy? think ... Money better spent on his wife: D unless you have too many more »

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