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Summer tyres: Laufenn

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Laufenn S Fit EQ
I recommend the soft tyres, sensationally grip to the road
Opinion KrzyśBMW: 4.1

Tyres worth the price, durable, have a rim protector that prevents the rim from damage eg against rubbing the curb, excellent grip - during emergency braking they quickly lose speed, neither squeeze, nor have the slightest slip under the brake pedal (you do not feel the pulsing of the pedal - ABS - it copes with decreasing speed, you may fell them only with sudden braking during heavy rainfall). You can quickly overcome the roundabout without fear that the car will lose its grip or enter the curve/turn (of course within common sense :-)) Looks great fitted on alloy wheels, width on 8". They drain water well, which is important at this size of tyres !! more »

Laufenn S Fit EQ
great tyres
Opinion Adam: 4.3

I bought this summer tyre in the size 235/40R18 for Ford Mondeo MK4 and honestly I am very pleasantly surprised by these tyres although I have them just few days: the advantages: very quiet tyre (I previously had Uniroyal and Continental tyres in this size) and I'm 100% convinced that they are much quieter - no noise and rolling resistance definitely very good! I definitely recommend this new product! I checked on wet roads and the tyre is very good at speed of 85 mph, I did not check the higher speeds. It's a revelation on dry roads! When it comes to tread wear, I can't say anything yet because I didn't drive too much on these tyres. I highly recommend these tyres! more »

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Winter tyres: Laufenn

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Laufenn I Fit
Laufenn I FIT is a success!
Opinion Krzysztof Helisz: 5.0

I bought the car in April 2017. I drove about 9,000 km in October on Hankook summer tires. The new Skoda Kodiaq winter tires Laufenn ran until April 2018. I drove about 12 000 km. The tires made a sensation! I'm tempted to say it's better like Hankooki, and it's supposed to be the same family. They drain well water, I never fell in oversteer, and I drive dynamically enough. Consumption after the season rather negligible, maybe 0.5mm / 1mm. Fantastic tires at a great price! I recommend it to everyone! No noisy, cheap - safe tires with high clues - at your price! more »

Laufenn I Fit Van
Super rubber for a good price.
Opinion Rafał: 4.9

I spent a lot of time before I chose tires. Zważyły ​​economic reasons (I start a business and every penny important), at this time, I do not regret a penny spent on these tires. On the asphalt, whether wet or dry are good. Known that Transit does not collect the car, but what the snow can really surprised me. After the recent snowfall do not give advice to leave the house on a passenger car like new winter tires Yokohama, Transit and went without problems. I recommend these tires to people who sometimes have to leave the main road and climb the snow or mud roads. more »

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