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Summer tyres: Nexen

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Nexen N'Fera SU1
High adherence and prices
Opinion Kate: 4.2

I was looking for mid range tyre that didn't cost a fortune as I'm a moderate road user but having an almost 200bhp car, I like to give it a bit of punch sometimes.I wanted a quiet tyre, but with good grip, especially in the wet and found these tyres to do just that.They're longer lasting than the Michelin (soft tyre so wears faster but great for grip) and I'm hoping they will last like Pirelli (hard tyre so long lasting but not the best grip in my opinion). They're better for grip and durability than the Nexen Eco Blue that I had on my last car and at just over £200 for four corners I think they are excellent value and will be looking to stick with these in future.This site was the best price and very fast and efficient with delivery. Will be back and recommending. more »

Nexen N6000
I highly recommend
Opinion marek: 4.6

Summer tires, fun to watch. Quiet, cheap, I do not see wearing only driven about 2500. Tires in Vectra B 2.0 DTi, mainly used to get to work (most of the city). With tighter curves, self does not behave badly. Rubber wheels sitting on 16 "x6, 5". rewelka for me. Abrasion depends on driving style - but sometimes accelerates rapidly inhibits more difficult and less distance sometimes. Someone who has survived on the car to be sure they will gum up two seasons. I believe 3-4. Worth the wait time of purchase ... 2 months after my purchase :) Oponeo TOYO rubber are the same size, except price 10 zł above. - As I bought the second one for sure I'll take them into consideration rubber or better Nexeny n 8000. Overall - I recommend more »

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Winter tyres: Nexen

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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I highly recommend!
Opinion Greg: 4.7

I cannot tell much about durability because I have them for not to long. I do not judge the noise level, because my car is very loud, the appearance also does not bother me because all tyres looks same to me (they are all black). Rolling resistance - cannot see any difference. Pot holes and roads irregularities? How can they suppress anything if tyres size is 215/40? Therefore, I evaluate only the driving characteristics. But these are amazing - I had different tyres - Michelin, Toyo, Falken, Continental, Kleber and many others, but these Nexens are great, comparable to the best. It is good on wet, wet, but it is simply brilliant on the snow. I probably did not have such a good one yet, really. The car is a bit lowered and low profile is not helping at all to drive in the snow, but they still stick perfectly and are predictable. And the price even several times lower. more »

UK Motorist. Excellent winter / cold and wet weather tyres, a very pleasant surprise. Very high quality.
Opinion Doug: 4.9

UK Motorist. I bought these Nexen Winguard sport tyres for winter as my OE fit Bridgestones were not up to winter driving. (Frequent icy/snowy trips over the pennines). They are a really positive surprise. The wet grip and braking are excellent. When the weather gets really cold they give a real feeling of security. Even better, in very heavy rain they grip the road really confidently and cut through surface water. Overall I'm very glad I invested in these winter tyres - they were also a bargain price. Note; the manufacturer is South Korean - Nexen tyres are OE fit on VW and Kia etc in some markets. I chose Nexen as Koreans do excellent quality control (Chinese manufacturers are always a big risk as their QC is 'variable!'). In short, I highly recommended Nexen ! more »

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All season tyres: Nexen

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Nexen N'Priz 4S
Excellent tire damage they are a directional tire
Opinion Richard Davis: 4.8

I bought five tires look good and work well just run to the south of Spain and back on some narrow, winding roads at full load, including a roof box and could not be happier. Does not affect my fuel consumption I could see the noise level was low, and held the road and even on some very tight turns in both dry and very wet road surfaces and 0 degrees on time . A comfortable ride even on some not so good road surfaces. Extremely happy with my choice only disadvantage is that they are a directional tire therefore not so good as a spare tire. Overall I am very satisfied with the quality and price of tires more »

Nexen N'Priz 4S
Super donuts
Opinion Barano: 4.9

6 month use large. Earlier I used the summer and winter tires dyes companies after Nexenów foundation entirely different rhythm jazda.Zero on the steering wheel relative to tires on dry pavement without any problems just over 100 km on stronger godz.trochę. In the wet without any problem moving the brake approx. Much better than the old tires business hiver.Do urban driving time on the road and I can put any confidence polecić.Przy vulcanizer said that the tires are well balanced without any problemu.Jeszcze has not verified the snow but driving I think the city council will give even more than the previous car had a multigrade and he was correct. The 100% recommend fritters and shop. more »

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