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Summer tyres: Platin

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Platin RP 400 DIAMANT
Opinion KARMAGEDON: 4.2

I drove thousands tyrech parędziesiąt nice and I am very happy. I have to stop 2 to 3 mm, which gives a more or less a season. I put up front and really at this point can not keep the car better. the only problem is that it starts to make noise, but only about 150 km / h after przekroszeniu 170 km / h will no longer be able to still hear that most tires. on the highway Katowice - rent for an average speed of 160 km / h had no problems with them. beauty comes in arcs or on a. wet or dry I did not notice aquaplaning and the opportunity was once in a curve at 110 kmh water in the ruts are not a problem. Unfortunately, they have the disadvantage especially for music lovers. A low profile and for me very hard sides make inequality dampens low, but it is kept in an extremely fast and precise cornering. I do not recommend, however, try it in the snow, and certainly not on the ice. suicide. at temperatures ranging from - 5 C drive on snow is ok, but it slides in the same quiet traction. more »

Platin RP 20 DIAMANT
Opinion Novy: 2.6

Middle tyres not require a driver. Their relatively short life, flew about 30 I had a tiara Linero Fulda conduit 47 based Nokia tys.Teraz much better than platinów. Regards more »

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Winter tyres: Platin

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Platin Winter RP 30
Opinion Luks: 3.4

Are generally in order. Keep the snow is just as good on the ice is much worse. These most excellent tires in the wet, and inhibit (perhaps even better than the year Maloya Crono), with the corners slightly worse, but still good. However, at high temperatures (more or less than the contractual 7 +) have to be careful because the asphalt warm and dry easily lose grip, sometimes they zabuksować even without pressing the gas to the floor. tyres are quite comfortable, surface irregularities stuffed, I think they are quiet as zimówkę, but the ride is smooth roaring clearly audible, but I do not mind. I think it is recommended product for a reasonable price. more »

Platin Winter RP 30
Opinion Luck: 3.4

Overall, a decent tire. excellent wet grip, especially when it comes to braking. On dry asphalt is ok, but with temperatures around 10 ° C, you must be careful and break easily grip during acceleration and cornering quickly, usually winter tyres it. Traction in snow as sufficient to advise estimate, even if there is much snow, from what I noticed, much less waiting in the snow turns, braking goes to them much better. Subjectively roll lightly, the average attenuation of inequality, low hum, but it is not annoying. The product is excellent, a great alternative to expensive high end tires. more »

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