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Summer tyres: Semperit

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Semperit SPEED - LIFE
Done while driving in all conditions
Opinion Sylwester: 4.9

Semperit brand has chosen the experience of the previous car, and of course once again be disappointed. To this day, I was driving on these tires about 10 miles. km and the only thing I could find fault with the noise level. It is not too hard but still noticeable (tire size has a great influence on this) When it comes to handling, the tires are listed in an exemplary manner. Keep corners away and braking at high speeds is not a problem. The drainage is not a problem. I highly recommend buying these tires because of its low price compared to the competition in terms of quality. In the near future I'll have to buy winter tires and of course it will be a Semperit brand. Regards more »

Semperit SPEED - LIFE
b good
Opinion rafello: 4.3

I was already struggling with a number of tires, and I can say that these are the first tires that so far I am fully satisfied. Przejeździłem for two seasons now, and nothing happens. . Pirelli and Nokia started my "b and c in the first seasons of use (Pirelli found no complaint and therefore their Nokian tires already know I do not buy.) From what I remember Continental were good and lasting return to the Semperit -. Head of water are quite sensational calm, easy to balance your, tread wears a little unnoticed do not know what is abs, and I will. fast enough. tires of this brand are very popular in Poland and there are many opinions about them, but the ones I found were good and it was confirmed. do not think the well-known test sponsored newsletters information, which has always win Dunlop, Continental, etc. I think it is not worth almost twice as much to overpay for tires and pay for a name more »

Winter tyres: Semperit

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Semperit SPEED - GRIP
Opinion szpener: 4.3

When purchasing a car was equipped Semperity. What can I say, the tires were not in the best condition, almost exhausted, I'll replace them because the design does not think they can be fit to drive. However, I was shocked, of course, positive, and in this state are so incredibly tires'''' stick to the road. Braking, driving in the corners at speeds fast enough, moving - just something beautiful. Snow, ice, slush, it is not a problem for these tires. What drove the car on these tires, a Peugeot 407SW 2.0HDI. As of today, they unfortunately I did not, because the mandate would be a good day, is down to zero. At this point, I did Dunlopy Sp Winter sports and I can say they are a lower class Semperitów. more »

Semperit HI - GRIP
Opinion pancake: 3.3

Tires surprised me by its effectiveness when it comes to performance on snow, mud and wet slip. ALREADY rolled on Polish wsztscy tires unless you know what I mean, when I then founded the tire before I realized I made a mistake .. Semperit tire hi-brainer beats all his behavior is fantastic, the only "-" sound, everything tyre is strong, but if you see a sculpture bierznika understand what happens I highly recommend checking is 100% beats all dębckie kllebery and miczhała ps really worth. at the end of winter comfort elevation of bus 3 is not recommended! more »