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Summer tyres: Sportiva

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Sportiva Performance
perfect pair: cheap and very good value
Opinion Krzysztof Buczyński: 4.8

The tire worth its price. The perfect combination of quality and price. Tires led only 4,000,000. kilometers but I must admit that it is the ideal tires for the average Kowalski and Nowak tedious. Driving at a speed of 180 kmh and the volume of the car as the class PREMIUM (I appear on the same car model colleague who chose the more expensive). Regarding sustainability is still a short period of time, I opined. more »

Sportiva Super Z Plus
Sportiva Super Z, most recommendable high quality and low price recommended !!!
Opinion Robert Turewicz: 4.4

tires were tested by me in the city, on the highway a little on the ground because I am a fisherman and I must admit after 10000tys conduct. tires work very well any big stick malfunction for the road in both dry and wet consumer still can not say anything because you can not see, tire display is relatively quiet when driving highway 140 km per hour, while riding a city and outside the city highway tires are quiet, my car tires 195/65/15 burns 5.4 liters per 100 kilometers when driving 120 km / h and Sportivi 205/55/16 burning slightly, but it is normal to 5.7 liters per 100 km when driving wyżej.Ogólnie such as good value for money and buy new and all I would recommend these donuts. more »

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Winter tyres: Sportiva

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Sportiva SNOW WIN 2
Sam I am surprised how for such a low price someone szprzedaje tires so good winter.
Opinion Tomasz Barszczuk: 4.6

Przejeździłem on these tires six months from November to late March. For 2 months, I went 2 times a week long tour of about 500 km. I've never had such good tires. Quiet on dry pavement, the pleasure of running in the wet and on snow and slush uślizły never to repeat again !!! I'm mega happy with these tires, your other car bought Eskimo 2 and the difference in favor of Sportivi is colossal. As for me, someone who has a driving license for eight years and a few cars behind these tires are not defects. more »

Sportiva SNOW WIN 2
Good tires at a good price
Opinion Chyłcio: 4.1

I decided to buy tires after reading many positive reviews and now fully agree with them. The tires have a good grip on snow and on wet roads and slush. They are a bit noisy when driving on dry asphalt, but that is normal for winter tires. I travel daily from the countryside to the city and I have to admit that performed well in the snow (although this year it is not enough). I am happy with them more »

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