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Summer tyres: Sunny

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Sunny SN3970
There is nothing better at this price!
Opinion Zielu: 3.8

I bought these months ago tyres, the reason for lack of money for a good head. Controlled by fear, as we all know chinolach you do not have a good view, but ... Surprise, tyres very quiet, I climbed falkenach, hałasowały mercilessly! The corners hold very firmly, without fear, you can go crazy, they keep very well, it looks like the tread sensational for this price. Hunt slip usually minimal shoe, the tire adheres to asphalt. Balancing there were no problems, the first pump does not cause deformation during braking test :) heavy rains at about 100 km / h, the brake pedal to the floor, and surprisingly strong braking if it was not raining, even abs are not at hand. Perfectly threw water tread, so run around corners As for attrition to make them long enough to speak. But for now, I think for the price, the quality is amazing! I recommend more »

Sunny SN3970
A nice surprise!
Opinion Marco83: 4.3

I bought these tires with a little hesitation, as always when the tires are at low prices and unknown brands, do not expect anything in particular, and instead I divuto think again! Besides very catchy (a beautiful design, Aggressive) are also very good tires, really have good traction on both wet and dry. From when I came up I traveled about 6000 km, not much, and so far have not given me any problems, we will see later. Overall I am very satisfied, I think that will prorpio when they want to change. Recommended! more »

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Winter tyres: Sunny

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Sunny SN290C
Opinion Adam: 4.2

cars riding mainly on long lines, not just of the highway. The tires came to the car when buying. I'm convinced the Void too but after the first round was pleasantly surprised. Nothing is no different from brand type of tires Falken, Dunlop, etc., as there were earlier. The only drawback is that the dentition slightly in August, but for the price the more recommended more »

Sunny SN3830
Opinion Wojtek: 4.5

Working on these two seasons. Well, I can tell you, very good, very snow and mud tires. Deep snow and winter conditions is true what they love the most. When the rain when crossing ruts filled with water as safely. At higher temperatures are getting a bit soft and the fleet car, but it's finally winter tires! Overall vg seller. more »

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