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Summer tyres: Tracmax

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Tracmax F106
Never again
Opinion Marcin: 2.4

Dear potential buyers. I decided to buy these tires encouraged by the low price, otherwise the tires never had any problems, so I thought, what could be wrong with the tires for the summer. hmm, and it turned out after the first ride on wet pavement - the car literally fly, you can not accelerate quickly without slipping, even in 3rd gear, clearly leaving a dangerous tendency to lean forward to outside of the curve. These tires should be banned from sale! on dry asphalt, except that if it squeaks when starting or at least turn to the disco in the village. Already realized that the tires so it does not make sense, even if you can not save. Warn against driving on wet nawierzchnii - tires for less experienced drivers can be dangerous. more »

Tracmax F107
I was hoping for something better
Opinion Paweł: 2.9

Can mount it in a wet and a dry, somewhat safely. Maybe a little hard to get to, but I have not noticed any increase in fuel consumption. The problem, however, is that now I wyząbkowała (ie seems humming while driving 50 to 60 km / h), the unbearable noise. Strange insofar as the tread is still fresh (if 2/3 of the original amount). Mechanic translated my wheels on different sides, but nothing has changed, despite the fact that it took place in other directions. It was to be only the second season (2013 was the first), but it will not - if, after so unevenly worn season. Unfortunately, but not recommended ... more »

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Winter tyres: Tracmax

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Tracmax S210
Opinion Guido Höbbel: 2.0

So, I can absolutely nothing pejorative to say about these trips or experience !! True, there are better, for many "better" money, but for the city, excursions and perhaps some snow Tuoren in the regions of the tire is quite sufficient !! Especially since the price is unbeatable in my eyes !! For my four purchased tires I paid as much as usual for one, or half of a renowned tire manufacturer !! I am totally satisfied and or can recommend these tires in good conscience !! more »

Tracmax S100
hope |!
Opinion jaras325: 1.5

tires hopeless in the wet, I would not recommend unless someone chooses to August; Bozi; I bought this ... after a ride on a wet road, he gave when overtaking in the rain at a reasonable speed, I had trouble keeping track for a hundred yards, I thought Pin assignment without car gdzes will land in a ditch .. ever .. so not chnszczyzny ... more »

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