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Trayal T 300
I do not recommend, the more it does not give you support!
Opinion Wrum: 2.4

I would not recommend these tires. I have mounted on the rear axle and I do not know if this is due to the fact that the trunk light Cordi is whether there is a defect in the tire, but in the rain (snow more) dance trunk at every possible turn. Therefore, it forces me driving in a curve of at least 20 km / h to the signs say. What pisses on the road. On a straight road, if there is a fault or a rut down - sometimes the same feeling that the rear slips. I bet that is a disadvantage of tires were mounted opposite each other and there was the problem. I exchanged've suspension same set, because I thought that maybe this is the cause, but the problem remains, so I have to change the tire. No way. The only thing I can give them is a force, does not disappear quickly and the price of course. In general, I do not give you more support in this car, really, it is better to pay a few extra pounds, but I feel that you are safe. more »

Trayal T 300
Opinion chris: 3.4

I bought the tire choice, long pondered by reading unflattering comments about the tires. But in spite of all due to the price, I bought a new set. The tire on both the dry and the wet, even once failed me. The car's power - 150 hp, but there was no problem with the tower, inhibition of behavior in curves. I did not do too much mileage, because I sold the car with the tires. I recommend this tire (no I did not pay for it). Too bad she is not in the size of 225x55x17 I would definitely buy. more »

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