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Summer tyres: Yokohama

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Yokohama Blue Earth AE01
Very good and tire easily. I would recommend because it is worth it.
Opinion D.M: 4.7

I thought about choosing tyres for a long time and finally decided to buy Yokohama. When replacing old tyres with Yokohama, there were no problems. The tyres were manufactured well and no weights went on them while balancing. They stick well to asphalt, drain the water on heavy days and don't pull the car when we run into a larger puddle. Good handling on stones, gravel and holes on the dirt road. Amazingly, the tyres are very resistant to damage. Very quiet, which improves driving comfort and low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption on average 1l per 100km. With aggressive driving they wear out a bit faster than their predecessors, but they are much better. For me, great tyres and not expensive, so why overpay. I highly recommend Yokohama !!! more »

Yokohama Blue Earth AE01
Surprisingly quiet and very pleasant to drive.
Opinion Michał Jastrzębski: 4.6

In May I changed the worn Continental Premium Contact 2 to Yokohama. The difference in noise levels is genuinely noticeable - both in the city and on the highway. There are no problems with adhesion either on dry or wet. I can't assess the improvement in fuel consumption because my wife uses the car more often and her driving style is completely different. However, I know that average fuel consumption has not deteriorated. Also hard to assess the durability of such a time, but there is no wear on the tyres. Visually, the tread pattern is simply normal, so I do not judge it one way or the other. Comparing to Continental, Dayton D110 and Fulda EcoControl I have to appreciate Yokohama's advantage. These tyres are great and I definitely recommend them! more »

Winter tyres: Yokohama

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Yokohama V902A
Big disappointment!
Opinion Łukasz R: 3.8

I bought these tires (V902) in 2008, read lots of reviews and rankings (I: drive Renault Scenic 1.9 dti). After their first winter przejeździłem assuming there are no major problems, but another group of winter is disappointment. Tires on the water (rain, thaw, etc.) behave badly during braking, traction momentarily lost. As for the snow hills and ramps also caused them great difficulty walking from the gas at low speed and slowly roll up the hill. For next winter, I bought a chain and a kind przemęczyłem three winters. Ultimately, I decided to use them as summer tires and "finished", and here's an interesting surprise: the tires are pretty quiet and durable (no conflict) Summary:. I bought as a winter + transition (rain, thaw) tires filled here by me and do not buy them again. more »

Yokohama V902A
Very nice tire for driving on roads niezaśnieżonych
Opinion Przemek: 3.7

I'm looking for tires that will be a great time to write on a dry or wet road, as it is with us for the winter 90% and transition periods. I usually ride the main roads, which is rarely a lot of snow and slush and the tire meets my needs 100%, because it allows you to move quickly. Secondary roads where snow is often much less excel, but it shows the tread, which is more suitable for asphalt that no snow desert. When the temperature is higher if near the 15st. In the spring, the more is that they do not feel the tire become miękcejsza not lose driveability all, do not lose their grip on the fast traction as is usually winter tyres with other high temperature more »

All season tyres: Yokohama

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Yokohama Y354
Very good Tires
Opinion mario 66: 4.6

Tires purchased by accident two years ago. Currently I bought the second set. At first I drove more than 120,000 kilometers and have not had any problems with them. On the way they behaved perfectly. more »

Yokohama Y354
very good tires for light trucks / vans
Opinion Rüdiger: 1.2

Price / performance ratio is absolutely in order, good handling on wet or dry surfaces. Noise driving go ok. Snow or slush is still being tested. Definitely recommended. more »

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