ADAC 2018 summer tyre test

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Well selected tyres will provide you with safety and driving comfort, even in demanding conditions. During your seasonal change of tyres, don’t leave anything to chance. The tyre is the only component of your vehicle linking it with the road.

Summer tyre tests will certainly help you to choose your new set.

Summer tyre tests will certainly help you to choose your new set.

Summer tyre tests

Popular automotive organisations set up tyre tests, usually twice a year, to check different manufacturers’ products offered in each class, from the economy to premium.

To obtain meaningful results, tests are carried out at specially designed venues with controlled parameters that must be similar to actual road conditions.

The results of this year's tests conducted by ADAC for summer tyres are summarised in separate articles.

ADAC 2018 test of 205/55 R16 size summer tyres

ADAC 2018 test of 175/65 R14 size summer tyres

The results of these popular tests carried out by ADAC, Auto Billd, Tyrereviews, Auto, motor & sports or Auto Express are observed not only by tyre manufacturers, professional drivers and automobile enthusiasts, but also by ordinary users who want to make the right decision when choosing a new set of tyres.

ADAC Tests

What is Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Clubis (ADAC)?

It is a German automobile club, which has about 17 million members, including car drivers and motorcyclists. It is the second largest automotive organisation in the world. ADAC was established in 1903 and has operated uninterruptedly for more than 100 years.

The main tasks of the organisation includes control and the promotion of road transport, motor sports and tourism. ADAC places great emphasis on the education of all road users, drawing attention to the safety of travelling.

The automobile club has a broad structure of roadside assistance.

The automobile club has a broad structure of roadside assistance.

In terms of safety and tests, ADAC does not focus only on tyres. They also check key components used in transport, including crumple zones, car seats for children, passable tunnels and the capacity of ferries.

Tests are supervised by industry specialists.

Tests are supervised by industry specialists.

Those interested in test results may use popular materials provided by the association, including: atlases, maps and automotive magazines. A wide range of competencies, rich experience and extensive technical facilities are the sources of respect and appreciation of all drivers, not just those from Europe.

ADAC tyre tests

To identify the best tyres offered on the market, ADAC conducts tests twice a year, always before the end of the summer and winter. This allows testers to determine the behaviour of tyre model at the selected size under certain conditions. This enable drivers from any region to match tyres to their needs.

Tests are carried out using vehicles of different sizes.

Tests are carried out using vehicles of different sizes.

ADAC tests are considered to be one of the most prestigious tyre tests in the world. Although their results often arouse controversy, the tested models enjoy enduring popularity.

How are the ADAC tests conducted?

Selected models are often tested in several categories, to show how the tyre performs in different road conditions occurring during normal use. The following features are assessed: performance on wet and dry roads, noise emission, rolling resistance (which translates into fuel consumption), braking distance and tread wear. The rating scale has 5 grades:

1 - Very good (sehr gut)

2 - Good (gut)

3 - Satisfactory (befriedigend)

4 - Sufficient (ausreichend)

5 - Poor (mangelhaft)


Tyre tests aren’t everything, so where else can information be found?

With the start of each season, tyre manufacturers release new tyres, ensuring that their products provide the best performance and parameters, regardless of the class. To find the best tyre model you should consider what is important for a driver like you.

Changing tyres during the tests.

Changing tyres during the tests.

Car type

It is worth checking whether the manufacturer of your car recommends tyres from a particular manufacturer or what type of tyres were originally fitted to your car. Tyres approved for a given car model pass tests that lasts several months and sometimes they are designed for this particular model.

Tyre Label

For some drivers the quality of the tyre is indicated by its label, the contents of which has been strictly regulated by a Directive of the European Union since 1st November 2012. All tyres sold in Member States must comply with this provision. The labels should contain clear information about fuel consumption, braking distance, wet grip and noise level.

Description of the manufacturer may be also a source of valuable tips for drivers.

Description of the manufacturer may be also a source of valuable tips for drivers.

Manufacturer's description

If you've narrowed your search to a few models, you should check the tyre manufacturer description. You'll find detailed first-hand information on selected models.


Large automotive websites, e.g., gather and verify the opinions of drivers on tyres. This is the ideal way to check which models are recommended by owners of the same or similar car models.

Other tests

There are many automotive organisations, which carry out tyre tests, so if you haven't found the desired size in ADAC tests, check the tests conducted by others, e.g., Auto Bild, Tyrereviews, Auto, motor & sports, or Auto Express. There are websites focusing only on presenting the results of tyre tests. 


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