It is important to invest time in selecting a new set of tyres for your vehicle. Nobody wants to purchase an untested product, especially when it plays a crucial role in driving safety. The 2024 ADAC Summer Tyre Test can help you find the best solution. This year, the experts assessed 16 models in the commonly used 215/55 R17 tyre size. 

A car on a roadThe 2024 ADAC Summer Tyre Test evaluated both the driving safety and environmental impact of tyres.

Introduction – a short summary of the ADAC ranking

The ADAC is an autonomous automobile association located in Germany. It is the second largest automobile club in the world. One of its main activities is to ensure driver safety. This is exemplified by its impartial annual testing of summer, winter, and all-season tyres. Tyres are tested under various conditions relevant to the season for which they are intended, allowing for quick verification of the manufacturers’ promises.

How was the 2024 summer tyre ranking created?

This year's test was similar to the 2023 ADAC Summer Tyre Test in which tyre performance was evaluated in both dry and wet conditions. The test was conducted on tyres of the 215/55 R17 size, which can be used on many popular car models such as the Skoda Superb, Volkswagen Passat, Toyota Yaris Cross, Renault Megane, and KIA Optima.

It is worth noting that the experts tested not only premium tyres but also mid-range and economy tyres. In total, 16 products from different price segments were evaluated. Thus, the ADAC tyre tests are useful not only for those who demand premium performance but also for drivers who want the most value for their money.

The ADAC conducts its testing of summer tyres with the utmost care. The experts test the models under strictly defined and consistent conditions, and all the results are subjected to detailed analysis. At this point, specific evaluation criteria are employed to create a ranking. 

It should be emphasised that the 2024 summer tyre ranking, like its predecessors, is entirely independent. This means that tyre manufacturers have no influence on the scoring of the test.

A car on a wet motorway2024 ADAC summer tyre ranking includes wet grip ratings.

2024 ADAC summer tyre ranking includes wet grip ratings.

The ADAC introduced entirely new criteria for the 2023 Summer Tyre Test, which have been implemented for this year's edition as well. While safety remains a primary focus, the organisers also took environmental issues into consideration. 

The main categories assessed are:

Driving safety (70% of the final score), which includes:

  • dry handling (40% of the category score),
  • wet handling (60% of the category score).

Environmental performance (30% of the final score), which includes:

  • mileage (40% of the category score),
  • tyre wear (20% of the category score),
  • performance (20% of the category score),
  • noise generated (10% of the category score), and
  • sustainability (10% of the category score).

To obtain a better understanding of the tests, it is worth taking a closer look at the individual components of each criterion.

Dry handling – the score for this criterion is determined by the car's behaviour during manoeuvres such as lane changes as well as cornering stability. It is also influenced by the ABS braking distance from 100 km/h and driving comfort, which includes traction stability, steering response, etc.

Wet handling – this aspect involves testing the ABS braking distance from 80 km/h as well as resistance to aquaplaning and high-speed handling on twisting roads in wet conditions.

Mileage – this is tested by driving in convoys of identical cars. The distance covered is approximately 15,000 kilometres, and the tread depth is analysed by laser measurement every 2,500 kilometres. In addition, measurements are taken on a test bench. The tests continue until the minimum permissible tread depth (1.6 mm) is reached.

Tyre wear – this criterion is determined by tyre abrasion. 

Performance – this consists of the weight of the tyre and its effect on the moment of inertia of the wheels during acceleration, as well as fuel consumption at 100 km/h.

Noise generated – both the noise inside the car (at speeds between 130 and 30 km/h) and the noise outside the car (at around 80 km/h with the engine switched off) are assessed.

Sustainability – this is a very comprehensive criterion. It consists of the manufacturer's country of origin (which effects supply routes, ISO 14001 certification, ISO 14025 and ISO 14040/44 life cycle certification, membership in the UN Global Compact), retreading of the test tyre, contactless identification of the test tyre, e.g. using RFID technology, Ecovadis sustainability certification, the release of production residues into the environment during tyre use, and the manufacturer's ability to take back test tyres.

Rating system used in the ADAC 215/55 R17 summer tyre ranking

The rating system used in the ADAC Summer Tyre Test is based on predetermined scores. The points awarded for each criterion are used to calculate scores for the two primary categories, which in turn determine the final score for each model. It is important to remember that the lower the score, the better the rating.

ADAC classification table

0,6 – 1,5Very good
1,6 – 2,5Good
2,6 – 3,5Satisfactory
3,6 – 4,6Sufficient
4,6 – 5,5Insufficient

2024 ADAC 215/55 R17 Summer Tyre Test

The results of this year's 2024 ADAC summer tyre ranking are very positive. Four of the tyres tested were rated as good, twelve were rated as satisfactory, and only one was rated as sufficient, which means it can be recommended for individuals who drive infrequently and calmly.

1.Continental PremiumContact 72.0Good
2.Michelin Primacy 4+2.1Good
3.Kumho Ecsta HS522.3Good
4.Dębica Presto UHP 22,6Satisfactory
5.Dunlop Sport Maxx RT22,6Satisfactory
6.Bridgestone Turanza 62,6Satisfactory
7.Fulda SportControl 22,6Satisfactory
8.Hankook Ventus Prime42,7Satisfactory
9.Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 22,7Satisfactory
10.Falken Ziex ZE 310 EcoRun2,8Satisfactory
11.Nexen N’Fera Primus3,0Satisfactory
12.Goodride Solmax 13,0Satisfactory
13.Sailun Atrezzo ZSR23,0Satisfactory
14.Semperit Speed-Life 33,1Satisfactory
15.Linglong Sport Master3,3Satisfactory
16.Vredestein Ultrac3,8Sufficient

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Winner of the 2024 summer tyre ranking – Continental PremiumContact 7

The Continental PremiumContact 7 took first place on the podium. A proud representative of the premium segment, this tyre performed excellently on both dry and wet surfaces. Its state-of-the-art RedChili compound, which guarantees optimum performance even when not heated, certainly contributed to this. The ADAC experts also praised the tyre for its durability, which results in higher mileage. While the criteria for performance and sustainability could have been better, there is no doubt that the PremiumContact 7 offers the highest level of driver safety.

Excellent score for Michelin Primacy 4+ 

The Michelin Primacy 4+ achieved an excellent score in two main categories – safety and environmental balance. It was highly rated by the testers for its dry and wet handling, undoubtedly influenced by its EverGrip technology that guarantees excellent grip. It also scored well in terms of mileage and wear, indicating its ability to last for a longer time with its MaxTouch technology that optimises the contact area between the tyre and the road.

A worthy competitor in the premium class – Kumho Ecsta HS52

A pleasant surprise in this year's 2024 ADAC summer tyre ranking was the appearance of a mid-range tyre on the podium. The Kumho Ecsta HS52 was applauded by the testers for its outstanding grip on both dry and wet surfaces, outperforming many of the lower-ranked tyres in the premium segment. Thanks to its unique rubber compound, the Ecsta HS52 proved to perform well in terms of wear and mileage. However, it scored less remarkably on noise and sustainability.

Partial results of the 2024 ADAC Summer Tyre Test

It is important to note that although three tyres share the podium, they may not necessarily be the best in all criteria. Some lower-ranked tyres may have a longer life but could be slightly worse in terms of wet performance. This is evident with the Goodyear model, for instance.

Summer tyre test – table with individual criteria scores

ModelDry handlingWet handlingMileageTyre wearTyre wearNoise generatedSustainability
Continental PremiumContact 71,61,71,01,82,62,73,1
Michelin Primacy 4+2,02,41,01,42,12,73,0
Kumho Ecsta HS521,82,30,61,72,83,13,9
Dębica Presto UHP 22,52,62,52,52,22,73,4
Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2
Bridgestone Turanza 62,72,8
Fulda SportControl 22,42,62,72,62,22,93,4
Hankook Ventus Prime42,52,91,91,81,93,03,3
Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 23,22,50,61,61,92,83,3
Falken Ziex ZE 310 EcoRun2,72,52,22,23,03,03,9
Nexen N’Fera Primus3,12,72,72,32,22,93,4
Goodride Solmax 12,73,03,12,82,43,04,2
Sailun Atrezzo ZSR23,12,62,92,62,22,74,2
Semperit Speed-Life 33,52,61,42,12,22,93,1
Linglong Sport Master3,52,82,92,22,52,54,2
Vredestein Ultrac2,12,53,83,32,32,83,5

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