Although all-season tyres are intended primarily for those who prefer a quiet ride and drive mainly on short, urban routes, they are rapidly growing in popularity. Saving time and money on seasonal replacements and free space in one’s garage are just a few advantages that encourage drivers to install these tyres in their cars. However, the key issue should be the effect a given set has on the safety of travelers.

Designing good, all-season tyres is quite a challenge - after all, they need to do their best on hot and rainy days, as well as on cold ones, when winter surprises road workers. It is difficult to achieve the perfect combination of summer and winter tyre parameters, although new technologies are slowly bringing manufacturers closer to this goal. It is, therefore, no surprise that all-season models are increasingly discussed by tyre industry experts, and automotive magazines and organisations are beginning to take a closer look at them.

All-season tyres perform well on city roads and short distances

Tyres for every season in AutoBild tests

Last year, the German magazine AutoBild was particularly interested in all-season tyres, so we got to know some of their recommendations. 

We start with size 205/55 R16 - the competition included over thirty models, but some of them were rejected at the qualifying stage. After comparing the braking distance on dry and wet surfaces, it turned out that the difference between the best and worst model was as much as 20 meters! That distance may affect one's health and even life! Ultimately, 14 tyres made it to the competition proper.

The Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 took first place in the test - a continuation of the previously appreciated series of the American manufacturer. The tyres were awarded an exemplary grade and the Eco-Master title. Their strengths include impressive performance in various conditions and very good driving characteristics in winter conditions. High mileage was also noted. In addition to the Goodyear brand, the following tyres also received the highest score: Vredestein Quatrac, Continental AllSeasonContact, Michelin CrossClimate+ and Falken Euroall Season AS210.

For tyres in size 215/60 R16 dedicated to urban SUVs, the table seems to have been reshuffled. This time, AutoBild specialists compared eleven tyres, which resulted in Hankook Kinergy 4S2 and Vredestein Quatrac taking first place together. This is of course due to the versatile parameters, including wet and snow-covered handling, which were considered exemplary. 

Despite lower positions in the classification, the following models received an identical score: Bridgestone Weather Control A005 Evo, Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 and Michelin CrossClimate+. The aforementioned Falken took the sixth position (good rating), and Continental came seventh (satisfactory rating).

It is worth noting that the testers were impressed by the properties offered by modern all-season tyres. Although they note that they are still only slightly close to those known from seasonal tyres, we are no longer dealing with a simple performance compromise.

Check out the ADAC test results for all-season tyres, size 235/55 R17.

All-season motorhome tyres - which are the best?

This question was asked by representatives of two magazines: AutoBild and Promobil. To provided answers, tests were carried out and the key parameters of each model were compared. What were the results?

AutoBild put together eight models in size 235/65 R16, but only one of them deserved to be called the benchmark. It is the Continental VanContact 4Season, which stood out during tests on wet and snow-covered surfaces, i.e. in really demanding conditions. It thus compensated for the fairly average driving comfort, which the testers mentioned in their verdict. Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Cargo (good rating) was second and Kleber Transpro 4S came third (satisfactory rating).

The Promobil’s selection partially overlaps these ratings. The representative of the Continental brand triumphed again, beating six competitors and taking the honourable first place. Goodyear came second, followed by the French Michelin Agilis CrossClimate. These models were appreciated because they perform quite well in any weather. Nevertheless, this time it was pointed out that the best properties are still to be expected from typically winter or summer tyres.

Recommended all-season tyres

We already know which tyres perform well in the tests. Now let's check what tyres drivers rely on. We chose three multi-season models - one from each quality class, all very popular with our customers. These are: Imperial All Season Driver, Kleber Quadraxer 2 and Nokian Seasonproof.

The budget segment is represented by Imperial All Season Driver. It is a tyre designed for universal performance and good traction in all conditions. Its tread with massive blocks and an advanced water drainage system are a recipe for safe travel during rainfall. The grid of sipes is responsible for winter grip.

This was the first time I bought all-season tyres, and they’re doing great. The grip on dry and wet surfaces is satisfactory. Neither snow nor slush is a problem for these tyres. Recommended tyres. Adam

Kleber Quadraxer 2 is a representative of the mid-segment. It offers e.g. effective protection against dangerous aquaplaning and efficient braking on dry, wet and snowy surfaces. The directional tread pattern used in this case is a proven way to achieve excellent performance regardless of the weather and season.

I held back my opinion until the snowfall and I must admit that they do not differ from typical winter tyres. They drive securely, without skidding (it’s difficult to drive fast when the road is all white after a fresh snowfall). Flawless on surfaces both dry and wet. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and recommend these tyres. Gregory

A premium class tyre, the Nokian Seasonproof includes several modern solutions that ensure driving reliability all year round, low rolling resistance and long service life. By that, we mean e.g. the ‘snow claws’, which allow the car to maintain traction on loose surfaces, and special sipes that improve steering precision.

Very quiet and comfortable tyres. They hug the road well in all conditions, also on snow. I am happy with them and I think I’ll buy them again. I usually use them in the city. JD