Economy tyres continue to be a popular choice for drivers. Affordability is the main criterion for most buyers. However, low price does not have to mean poor quality. Models in the lowest budget class are an interesting alternative to sets from the mid-range and premium segments. However, it is worth trusting the tried and tested manufacturers whose products are used every day by drivers in our country. Many users recommend economy tyres as can be seen in the opinions available on our website. We used them to prepare this ranking.   

cars crossing a bridgeEconomy tyres are primarily recommended for quieter driving and moderate climates


The number of tyre models available on the market can be quite dizzying. Especially if you want to choose economical tyres that offer not only an attractive price but also satisfactory performance. The budget segment covers many more or less famous brands. The unfamiliar driver can find all the products very similar. No wonder: it is usually the nuances such as the optimisation of the tread pattern and the choice of rubber compound that make the difference.

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With these dilemmas in mind, we have selected recommended economy tyres. The ranking is based on the opinions of our customers who use these models on a daily basis. Which tyres deserve a mention? The results are presented below. 

The best economy tyres 2022 according to Oponeo customers

ModelAverage rating*
Dębica Presto UHP 25,35
Barum Bravuris 5HM5,35
Dębica Presto HP 25,30
Imperial Ecodriver 45,25
Kormoran Road Performance5,25

*Only tyres that have received a certain number of ratings between 1 January 2021 and 1 March 2022 are included in the ranking. The average rating includes only the reviews from the period studied. The data may not be consistent with those currently displayed on the site. Ratings are given on the basis of customer questionnaires in which the tyre parameters were rated on a scale of 1 to 6 (where 6.0 is the highest possible score).

Dębica Presto UHP 2

Our customers rated the Polish brand Debica Presto UHP 2 as one of the best. The model continues to attract new drivers, as it offers stable performance and durability. This is primarily due to the solid workmanship and good-quality raw materials, backed up by the brand's reputation. 

Dębica Presto UHP 2 is an Ultra High Performance product for owners of powerful cars who enjoy dynamic driving at higher speeds. The asymmetrical tread of the tyre demonstrates good summer performance and ensures safety on the road. Grip on dry surface is thanks to the stiffened outer rib. 

Traction on wet road is due to the numerous notches and grooves as well as the rounded shoulders. This way, drivers do not have to worry about losing control of the car. The tyre’s modern rubber compound reduces rolling resistance and thus fuel consumption.  

Barum Bravuris 5HM

The Barum Bravuris 5HM, a model from the Czech manufacturer, occupies an ex aequo place on the podium. This tyre featured many times in automotive tests in the past. In this year’s tests (ADAC, ÖAMTC, TCS), the dominating ratings are “recommended” and “satisfactory,” which proves really good performance. 

Despite its economy origin, Bravuris 5HM performs really well in summer. It is designed for high mileage, which is possible thanks to the polymer rubber compound and a 15% longer service life compared to the previous generation. A car fitted with Barum tyres drives confidently, regardless of the road conditions. 

This is thanks to the clever construction with sealed sidewall blocks and the locking slot system. Drivers will also appreciate the model for its fuel efficiency thanks to the enhanced vulcanisation components. Barum Bravuris 5HM are versatile enough to cope well both in the city and on more demanding routes. 

Dębica Presto HP 2

This year’s ranking of economy tyres includes a second offer from Dębica. It is another version of this popular model, and it ranks on the bottom step of the podium. Once again, it is primarily designed to provide grip performance at higher speeds and for a more dynamic driving style.

The manufacturer has opted for an asymmetrical tread with two different pattern zones:

  • The first one has massive blocks with a wide contact area, which ensure stable driving and adequate stiffness in high temperatures.
  • The second, more extensive zone is designed to evacuate water on wet surfaces to protect against aquaplaning.

The tyre represents a perfect compromise between quality, including the technologies and materials used, and price. It is a great solution for drivers looking for economical models with more sporty characteristics. The American corporation Goodyear, providing technological and distribution support for the Polish brand for many years, certainly has a significant share in Dębica’s success.

Imperial Ecodriver 4

Imperial Ecodriver 4 is a tyre that is very popular among drivers, just like other tyres from the Belgian manufacturer. Each new model quickly gains fans and this one is no different. If you do not want to strain your budget but are looking for a tyre with balanced performance, Ecodriver 4 is worth a look this summer.  

The tyre exploits the full potential of the asymmetric tread adapted to driving in heavy rain, which makes travelling in bad weather comfortable and safe. Three circumferential grooves improve traction and reduce braking distances when driving on wet roads. Another key feature is the multiple notches that minimise the risk of aquaplaning. This keeps you in control, no matter where the road takes you. The manufacturer has also ensured abrasion resistance thanks to the use of a carefully selected rubber compound. 

Kormoran Road Performance

Last in the ranking is the Road Performance model from a manufacturer that is well-known to drivers in the European market. The Kormoran brand has an extensive technological background and distribution support from one of the iconic companies in the industry, the French corporation Michelin.

Road Performance is for drivers looking for a versatile tyre that works well in summer. It is the perfect choice from the economy segment, both for drivers who prefer moderate speeds and those who prefer to drive more dynamically. This is thanks to an asymmetric tread that ensures stability and control over the vehicle as well as provides good water drainage and reduced rolling resistance. Kormoran Road Performance tyres are suitable for everyday driving, including on dry roads. A worthwhile investment, as the advanced silicon compound guarantees flexibility and low abrasion.  

What to look for when choosing economy summer tyres?

The summer season means higher temperatures as well as frequent and unpredictable rainfall. The right tyres for this season should have a tread that can cope with all weather conditions. Asymmetric and directional designs that adapt smoothly to the driver’s preferred driving style are best.