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Dębica recommended tyres

Dębica Passio 2

880 reviews

From 55 pcs.
Dębica Passio

379 reviews

From 55 pcs.
Dębica Presto HP

83 reviews

From 68 pcs.

In our offer, we have 13 Dębica tyre models
priced from 55 € to 327 €.

Dębica car tyres

Dębica Frigo 2

1617 reviews

From 55 pcs.
Dębica Navigator 2

564 reviews

From 57 pcs.
Dębica Navigator 3
From 60 pcs.
Dębica Presto HP 2
From 62 pcs.
Dębica Frigo HP2

14 reviews

From 68 pcs.
Dębica Presto UHP 2

10 reviews

From 72 pcs.
Dębica Presto UHP

10 reviews

From 91 pcs.

Dębica 4x4 tyres

Dębica Presto

664 reviews

From 90 pcs.
Dębica Frigo SUV 2
From 116 pcs.
Dębica Presto SUV
From 120 pcs.

Dębica SA tyre company is the biggest tyre producer in Poland. The first plant was opened in 1939.

In 1991, the national plant was transformed into a one-man-company. In 1994, the company made its debut on the Stock Exchange Market in Warsaw. Since 1995, Dębica has become a part of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

Since 1997, Dębica has been the only one of the Goodyear’s plants in Europe, which produces tyres for agriculture.

Dębica is selling their products all over the world. It exports tyres to e.g. Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, USA and Brasil. The company produces under Dębica, Dunlop, Goodyear, Fulda and Sava logos.

The producer offers budget class tyres for passenger cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles.

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Our customers' opinions on Dębica tyres:

  • Szymon Kurzep 4.6

    Dębica Frigo 2

    The tires throughout the winter were impeccable, they respond very well to sudden braking or the onset of glaciation on the road. When the surface was dry, they were also doing very well, they did not make too much noise. You could feel a slight increase in fuel consumption compared to summer, but not significant. See more >
  • Sebeq 3.8

    Dębica Navigator 2

    Good urban driving tires, well adapted to rain and slush. I felt insecure only on packed snow and snow on a layer of ice, but with us in Pomerania snow just suddenly a few days a year. Now, at higher temperatures, it goes well, the tires do not make noise and they adhere well to the surface. I recommend driving in the city normally, with the road from time to time. See more >
  • Marlena 5.0

    Dębica Passio 2

    Third season on these tires, I bought them on Oponeo at a good price and I'm very happy. The best buy, very quiet tires, great in the rain and on a dry surface. I drive without stress that I'm going to skid. I will also choose these tires for next season. I recommend the tires and the purchase to Oponeo. See more >
  • kaczoreeek 3.7

    Dębica Presto

    Debica Presto Tires recommended me by a colleague. He said they are reasonably priced and are of good quality. At first I had doubts, because even though I'm not a strong car, I like the aggressive driving style, especially when cornering. I feared the tires will give advice, but after the purchase and after warming the tires really gave advice;) volume tires is fine, even at higher speeds. I recommend these donuts. See more >