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Recommended low-cost tyre models

Laufenn S Fit EQ

33 reviews

From 69 pcs.
Dębica Presto HP

83 reviews

From 79 pcs.
Imperial Ecosport 2

30 reviews

From 61 pcs.

Is it worth buying cheap tyres?

A set of new, low-cost tyres is a better and safer option than second-hand tyres. Second-hand models carry certain risks.

Manufacturer's warranty

No manufacturer's warranty. Used tyres are not covered by a manufacturer's warranty, unlike new tyres, even the cheapest ones. In the event of damage, the chance of making a claim will be close to zero.

Non-visible tyre damage

Invisible damage. Structural defects, damaged tread - buyers of used tyres can never be sure of their genuine condition. After the fact, it may turn out that the tyres have serious defects that are not found in new, cheap tyres.

Spare wheel

Frequent fitting in the spare wheels of several cars. The way used tyres are used is often shrouded in mystery. You never know whether such a model has been fitted to a spare wheel or has been involved in an accident. These doubts will not arise when buying new, cheap tyres.

Is it worth buying cheap tyres?

Low-priced tyres are primarily economy models. Their manufacturers use tried and tested, but older technologies than those used in the premium tyres. New and low-priced tyres are therefore aimed at drivers who prefer a relaxed everyday driving style and who have a car with a less powerful engine. The cheapest tyres, but new - even from less popular brands - are undoubtedly a much safer option than buying second-hand models. Contrary to what you might think, such a decision can be more cost-effective and rewarding. Never-used tyres will ensure safety and comfort when driving. Often, the unknown origin of the second-hand tyre, its actual technical condition, as well as concerns arising about the previous owner's use, should be sufficient arguments for giving up on used models. When there is still a limited budget at stake, it is all the more worthwhile to take a look at the offers for new, low-cost car tyres. The large variety of budget tyres will allow you to match them to your needs and budget.

Low-cost tyre manufacturers - is there anything to fear?

The cheapest new tyres are produced in many factories around the world and the demand for this type of tyre continues unabated, not least because its attractive price encourages people to buy it. However, there is usually a degree of uncertainty when it comes to Asian brands. By choosing products from reliable sources that meet strict standards and are certified, we reduce the risk of encountering tyres of dubious quality. It is advisable to buy cheap but good Asian models from a reliable dealer such as Oponeo.

A cheap tire from the higher classes? It's possible!

Mid-range and premium models are also available at attractive prices. Thanks to favourable agreements with manufacturers, we can offer our customers the best rates and organise promotions to help you buy cheap tyres online. Remember that you can choose your ideal model to suit your car on the basis of tyre rankings created based on Oponeo customers' opinions.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is the economy class of tyres?

Economy range of tyres refers to a group of products that are designed for gentle or moderate driving. They are typically used on city cars, not on sports cars. Their biggest advantage is price. Although they meet all the necessary standards, they do not use the latest technology, but solutions that were developed for premium models some time ago.

What are economy class tyre brands?

The economy class includes many manufacturers. This gives a wide spectrum of choice when purchasing. Tyre manufacturers in this category include Barum, Matador, Sava, Debica, Dayton, Kormoran, Nexen, Firemax, Imperial, Zeetex, Delinte, Laufenn or Neolin.

When is it worth choosing economy class tyres?

The tyres in the economy class are worth buying in some cases, they are designed for people who do not drive a lot during the day. They are also unsuitable for sporty use, so they are mainly suitable for city cars driven in mainly built-up areas. They are also a good choice when budgets are tight.