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Kormoran Tyres

Kormoran Tyres

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The Kormoran brand has been well known to drivers for many years. It is associated in particular with reliability and reasonable prices, falling with the economy category. The history of Kormoran tyres is associated with Stomil Olsztyn plants and their takeover by the French company Michelin. The brand naturally continues the tradition of the Olsztyn Car Tyre Plant, which was launched in 1961, with production beginning six years later.

This Polish factory became famous for producing Poland's first radial tyres for vans and lorries in 1973. It continued its operations for some time, being privatised in 1992 and later taken over by Michelin in 1995.

As a brand, Kormoran was established through the initiative of the new owner, and was very quickly accepted by customers due to its modern design and good prices. The Kormoran tyre product line contains tyres for passenger cars (including SUVs), light delivery vans and lorries. This includes a range of summer tyres and winter tyres.

Interesting facts:

Kormoran could have been called Cavalier, Medalist, Amplor or Warrior, which were all names considered by the heads of Michelin when they brought their brand to Poland. In the end, they decided to use something that sounded less exotic to the Polish ear.

The brand's name and logo (the cormorant bird) hark back to the tradition of Stomil and the natural landscape of Warmia and Masuria.

The Olsztyn factory has already produced more than 100 million tyres. As a major producer of Kormoran tyres, it is one of the biggest Michelin plants and the largest tyre factory in Poland.

More than 5 million Kormoran tyres have been sold since 2005. The brand has more than 2,400 points of sale in Europe. Alongside the United Kingdom, it is a known and renowned European brand present in countries such as Poland, Russia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Hungary and Romania.

In 2000, Kormoran’s first directional tread tyre was presented.

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Opinions of our clients about Kormoran tyres:

The opinions about Kormoran tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • Siemsnsol 4.5

    Kormoran VANPRO 195/60 R16

    I drive a cab and I have to admit that tires are working. Were almost 20tousend miles on them and they are still going strong. I'm not the slowest driver or the greatest care and I know they do very well. In the wet, they are much better than the chines Fortunas and they grip well. If I find them.again then I'll buy without hesitation More >
  • Łukasz 4.2

    Kormoran SUV Summer 235/55 R18

    Excellent donuts for reasonable money. They deal without problems in the dry and wet. In a small marsh as they are doing. The suspect snow town as they give advice (are marked M + S). Super quiet on asphalt and uneven. I recommend you, do not be afraid to buy. The same tires are manufactured by other brands Michelin Group: TIGAR Summer SUV, RIKEN 701 and some others. More >
  • Ashraf 4.2

    Kormoran VANPRO B2 225/65 R16

    I bought a set of 4 tires. I wondered about China more expensive, but the price I was hitting my feet. For some unknown quality would pay the same as for the Cormorant. For a long time I do not think. Does not look like Michelin are produced and undertakes. Lifetime, because almost 10 years (which many will visit one tires?). Runner reliable. Exact test was adopted after the winter because I bought in 10/2015 pojeżdziły not so much this season. More >
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