Looking for summer tyres in size 225/45 R17, but can't decide on a specific model? Our user reviews will help you make the right choice. We have put together a list of the best-rated tyres based on the reviews. Make use of the experience of other drivers and choose the perfect tyres for your car!  

Summer driving requires high durability and performance from your tyres.Summer driving requires high durability and performance from your tyres.

Choosing the right set of tyres for your car can be difficult, even if you are an experienced driver. After all, there are many different models on the market and it is difficult to know which will perform best.  

This is where the opinions of those who use the tyres every day come in handy. We have used them to select the best 225/45 R17 summer tyres. The ranking includes models from all price segments and the final result is based on the average rating over the period studied.  

Which cars are fitted with 225/45 R17 summer tyres?

225/45 R17 tyres are found in Alfa Romeo Giulietta, GT, Spider; VW Golf, Jetta, Passat, Scirocco; Volvo C70; BMW M3, Series 3, Z4; Vauxhall Zafira; Seat Leon; Mercedes CLK, A-Class and C-Class; Audi A3, RS4, TT; Renault Megane, and many others. 

If you are unsure which tyre size fits your car, we recommend using our tyre selection tool. 

Ranking of 225/45 R17 summer tyres according to Oponeo users 


Average rating*


*The ranking is based on reviews from Oponeo customers’ post-purchase questionnaires published between 1 January 2021 and 7 March 2022. Only models that have received a certain number of opinions during the surveyed period are included in the ranking. The average rating includes only the reviews from the period studied. The data may not be consistent with those currently displayed on the site. If the score is identical, the position in the ranking is determined by the number of reviews. 

Uniroyal RainSport 5

The winner of this year’s ranking may seem a bit surprising. After all, it is mid-range tyre that has come out ahead of models from the most popular premium segment in the ranking. But this is no mistake. Since its debut in 2020, Uniroyal RainSport 5 has received positive reviews in industry expert tests and is no less respected by drivers for its confident handling and safety in rainy conditions. 

This is thanks to the proprietary Shark Skin technology, already featured in previous generations of the Belgian brand’s tyres. The distinctive pattern inspired by the scales of a marine predator disperses water very effectively, minimising the risk of aquaplaning. The new asymmetrical tread has profiled edges that significantly extend the life of the tyre. 

The reinforced shoulder construction and wide centre ribs improve control when manoeuvring at high speeds. 

What do consumers think about Uniroyal Rainsport 5?

Very good tyres for the rainy weather in Poland. I have already used Rainsport 1, 2, 3, and RainExpert. This year, I bought the 5 and have already driven about 10,000 kilometres. They are very good on dry roads, but on wet roads, the traction is simply amazing. The car literally stops in place, no skidding, and even ABS does not kick in. I feel like they are better than the 3 and they wear out slower, too. I own a Golf V 1.9 Tdi 136 km/320 Nm. Next time, I will also choose Rainsports. (Alex)

Uniroyal are the best thing I could fit on my car. They are simply spectacular when the roads are dry and even better when it rains. The car handles great in all weather conditions. After my several years of experience with Uniroyal Rainsport 3, the choice was obvious. When buying new tyres, I naturally opted for Rainsport 5 and that was a great choice. I would recommend them to anyone! (Luke

Good value for money. The tyres perform very well on both dry and wet surfaces. I have driven about 7,000 km so far with them. I would definitely recommend them. (Adam)

Michelin Pilot Sport 4

This premium offer from the French manufacturer has been on the market for several seasons, consistently ranking at the top of the list for sportier tyres. Thanks to its Dynamic Response Technology featuring aramid/nylon belt, it is perfect for dynamic driving. It significantly improves the precision of steering response, resulting in smoother manoeuvring at high speeds. 

The asymmetrical tread pattern of the tyre features a number of notches that prevent water from getting trapped between the pads, and ensure that the tyre works evenly across the entire surface. The innovative compound with functional elastomers and silica helps to maintain optimum stiffness, which has a positive effect on driving stability.

How did Michelin Pilot Sport 4 win the favour of drivers?

The tyres are great. The car handles perfectly at higher speeds (on the motorway). They also perform well in city driving. They are relatively quiet. I am an owner of a rear-wheel drive car. I am not afraid of driving dynamically into a corner during a downpour because I know that the tyres are still grippy. The nice thing about these tyres is that if you overdo it while cornering, you can feel that you are about to lose grip, which gives you time to slow down. Highly recommended. You will definitely not be disappointed. (Christopher)

The best tyre I have ever had. No matter how hard I would try, my car does not lose grip, even on wet surfaces. The tyre grips the road perfectly, even when driven very aggressively and fast. Highly recommended (Piksa)

The tyres grip well on dry and wet roads. They simply encourage you to drive more dynamically. They are not noisy. The tread does not wear down too quickly and looks good (Nathan)

Continental PremiumContact 6

PremiumContact 6 is next on our list of the best 225/45 R17 summer tyres. The model was created for premium cars by the Continental brand. The company’s goal was deliver tyres that offer high performance, full comfort, and travel safety.

Key technologies used in the model include a silica crystal structure and an advanced pattern of macroblocks. Both of these elements improve the car’s handling and grip, especially on wet surfaces. 

On top of this, PremiumContract 6 uses an optimised polymer blend, that extends the tyre’s lifespan compared to the previous generation and guarantees a low noise level, which will be particularly appreciated by long distance drivers.

The tyre is not only recommended by drivers but also by professional testers. Over the last few seasons, Auto Zeitung and Auto, Motor und Sport have recommended this size tyre to their readers.

How do drivers rate 225/45 R17 size Continental PremiumContract 6?

I read a lot of reviews before making my purchase. I chose this tyre due to the very good value for money. The tyres saved me from a dangerous situation. I was driving on a motorway in the rain and another driver in a BMW started to change lanes without using his indicator, and almost crashed into me. I skidded but stopped quite quickly, fortunately, and did not hit anything. I consider my driving style to be laid back. I drive long distances, mainly on motorways/expressways. The downside of the tyre is high price. The truth is that buying them means investing in your own safety. (Bryan)

I drive long distances many times throughout the year in various conditions, from sunshine to rain. I can recommend these tyres in good conscience. I have never used better tyres before. The car drives very well. The tyres cope well with the risk of aquaplaning (Adam)

I definitely recommend buying this model. They grip the road well. It is easy to corner at higher speeds. They also handle very well on wet roads.  (Matthew)

Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse

For many years, the British brand Dunlop has been recognised as one of the industry leaders in dynamic driving models. No wonder then that Dunlop SP Sport Blureponse is among the featured 225/45 R17 summer tyres. The ranking is based on the opinions of drivers, 97% of whom recommend this model. How have these tyres earned their reputation?

This is primarily due to the state-of-the-art tread, using proprietary technologies that contribute to a short braking distance. Short Barking blocks significantly shorten the distance needed to stop the car, even on water-covered roads. The polymer rubber compound adapts to the weather conditions on the road, ensuring adequate rigidity during high-speed driving podczas szybkiej jazdy. 

Surprisingly for a model designed for more dynamic driving, however, SP Sport Blureponse also boasts good reduction of vibrations and of noise transfer to the cabin. This is thanks to the sealed grooves on the tread shoulders. 

What do day-to-day drivers think of the Dunlop SP Sport Blureponse?

I bought these tyres because of the quality and this year’s production. They perform brilliantly on both dry and wet roads. I cover 30,000 km a year on one set of tyres. I drive mainly on motorways. I recommend them and would certainly buy these tyres again in the future. (User)

The tyres were tested at the driving track in Bednary. They performed excellently on ultra-wet and non-sticky surfaces. Getting the car under control was a matter of moments. It is quite difficult to lose grip. Long service life is also a plus. (Matthias)

The best tyre for the summer season! I have the same tyres in different sizes on 3 cars and each tyre is perfect. Low fuel consumption and very quiet tyre. This is what I appreciate most as I drive mostly on motorways. (B.)

Pirelli Powergy

The last 225/45 R17 summer tyre to be singled out by drivers is a model from one of the most experienced manufacturers on the market. The Italian company Pirelli has a long history of motorsport competitions. It successfully adapts its technologies to the needs of passenger cars. Powergy is a prime example of this. Developed for heavier vehicles with lots of power, Powergy needed a stiff tread that can cope with high speeds and dynamic manoeuvring. 

The massive central ribs of the tyre ensure stable driving, while the shark fin technology significantly improves the tyre’s smooth rolling qualities. This means not only high satisfaction high satisfaction mile after mile, but also longer service life and reduced noise.

The consistent pattern of grooves and channels further helps to shorten braking distances on wet roads, which significantly reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

What do drivers appreciate about the Italian premium Pirelli Powergy model?

I purchased the tyres in April 2021. There were not many reviews as the Powergy model was new at the time. I trusted the reputation of the Pirelli brand and was not disappointed. The tyres perform well on dry surfaces, but handle very well on wet ones as well. It is difficult for me to say anything about rolling resistance as I did not feel a sharp increase or decrease in fuel consumption. They are quiet though. I can recommend them. (Martin)

I would definitely recommend these tyres. They work well in both wet and dry conditions. If you like safe yet fast and dynamic driving, these tyres are for you. (Sean).

Very comfortable. Superb grip with a sporty edge. The only thing is that the protective rim could be more pronounced. (Peter)

Properly matched tyres guarantee full performance and safe driving.Properly matched tyres guarantee full performance and safe driving.

How to choose the right tyres for the summer season?

The opinions of other drivers can be the most valuable hint for many people, as they are supported by the reviewers' independence and their sheer number. They also show the pros and cons of specific models from the perspective of users with different needs. Nevertheless, seeking information from several sources before buying tyres is always worthwhile. Where else can you get opinions on tyres?

A valuable tip when buying a set for the summer are also tests prepared every season by recognized automotive organizations and magazines. They help you compare the drivers’ opinions with the reviews of professionals and find out whether there are any differences and what they are.

It is also always a good idea to read the label attached to each tyre. It identifies the most important parameters of a given model, such as wet grip, rolling resistance and noise level.