Check which tyres featuring size 205/60 R15 have been acknowledged to be the best ones according to users. This list will provide you some knowledge about that which models the other drivers would recommend and you can also select the winter tyres which are the best match for your car and style of driving. 

This article is to present five top-rated models of winter tyres in size of 205/60 R16. Our website has  the biggest set of opinions about tyres in Great Britains and one of the biggest set in the world. Our database features more than 70.000 unique opinions about respective models of tyres. Thanks to this article you will obtain the awareness of ratings given by other drivers like you and thus you will get familiar with tyres that are highly recommended by Oponeo.

205/60 R16 tyres are most frequently mounted on some of the following cars: Audi A4, and A6, BMW 3 Series, Chevrolet Cruze, Nissan Primera, Opel Astra, Peugot 407, Hyundai i40, Mazda 6, Mercedes E-Class, Renault Grand Scenic, Toyota Avensis and Volvo V40.

The best 205/60 R16 winter tyres according to OPONEO users

Tyre modelRating results * 
1.Goodyear Ultra Grip 84,4See offer
2.Nokian WR D34,3See offer
3.Continental ContiWinterContact TS830 P4,3See offer
4.Uniroyal MS Plus 774,3See offer
5.Bridgestone Blizzak LM324,1See offer

Ratings are in the range from 1 to 5; “5” is equal to the highest ranking

Goodyear Ultra Grip 8


Goodyear Ultra Grip 8

The Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 is a tyre which has been designed for the passenger car owners. Drivers who selected this tyre value especially its unique visual appearance and driving comfort which is provided by this tyre-equally good in both city or long-route driving. About 96% of drivers who use this tyre model would surely recommend this tyre to their fellow drivers.

Quiet running is also valued by the users. Specially designed sipes result in a good suppression of sounds and whirr which are produced while the tyre is running. A mixture of flexible rubber compounds which the tread consists of, increases the noise suppression ability.

Users of this tyres highly estimate well steering ability and a high safety level even while driving in hard conditions during winter: quiet running, gut grip to surface and it also deals with slush with ease. Keeping the proper driving path and good grip to different surfaces result from a big quantity of grooves and sipes on a tread which literally “bite” into the snow or slush. Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 are the guarantee of the safety and good performance in case of driving in the extremely harsh weather conditions.

This tyre has been awarded the “Oponeo recommends” due to the high grades from drivers and good performance of driving in winter. Well-balanced technical specifications provide a good solution for the most demanding drivers who drive in a city or long trips.

Nokian WR D3


Nokian WR D3

The Nokian WR D3 deals nicely with the harsh weather conditions in winter. The Finnish manufacturer, Nokian is well-known for their winter tyres which feature high performance in the various weather conditions of the Eastern Europe. According to opinions given by the other users this model of tyre features a high quality and good grip on various types of surfaces. It is worth of mention that almost 97% of users would recommend this tyre to their fellow drivers.

Drivers value the good grip on snow, slush and water of this tyres. “The car moves smoothly on a wet surface and the braking distance is shorter in comparison with the other tyres from copetition within the same price scopes. The car sticks to the road quite good-especially in a slush. It also features a good visual appearance and also a beneficial price-vs.-quality ratio”- this has been a quotation of the opinion given by a satisfied driver who use the Nokian WR D3 tyre.

It does not matter what the weather is because this tyre provides a good steering ability and grip on the road surface. Vast number of sipes and grooves present on a tread ease the water disposal from the surface-this feature results in safer and more comfortable driving.

This model of tyre gained high rates in three separate tyre tests in 2013; “especially recommended” rating has been given by ADAC in tests of 185/60 R15 tyres; “recommended tyre” rating has been given in ACE/GTÜ 185/60 R15 test and the top rating on a dry-surface driving has been gained by Auto Bild test of size 195/65 R15 tyres.

Continental ContiWinterContact TS830 P


Continental ContiWinterContact TS830 P

The Continental ContiWinterContact TS830 P is a tyre specially designed for wide range of cars. This model of tyre has been highly estimated by the users due to its good performance-short braking distance, stability on the road and quick response to the driver’s manouvers.

Asymmetrical tread of ConinentalWinterContact TS830P consisting of two separate parts brings about a good performance on both dry and wet road surfaces. Wide grooves dispose of the water efficiently and therefore decrease the jeopardy of aquaplaning-it sustain the proper level of safet no matter what weather the car is driven in.

“I needed a tyre which would provide a good performance even in a deep snow very badly. The Continental has confirmed its value surprisingly well. Once I drove into a snow bank by the accident but I managed to drive out of it successfully and smoothly”-this is one of the opinions added by a pleased driver. The tyre has been designed with the view of providing an optimal distribution of pressure, thus the tread wears off  in an even way.

The perfect specification of the Continental ContiWinterContact TS830 P have also been appraised by the professionals. The model has been awarded the first place in the Auto Bild “SUV and 4x4” tyre test in 2012 and also it has gained the 3rd place in the Auto Bild “Performance” test.

Uniroyal MS Plus 77


Uniroyal MS Plus 77

The Uniroyal MS Plus 77 is a model of tyre dealing smoothly with harsh weather conditions of winter. Tyre’s acting on snow, slush and wet surface has been highly estimated by the users. The directional tread on the Uniroyal MS Plus 77 disposes the rater smoothe and thus provides a good grip while driving straight, cornering or carrying out sudden manouvers.

Drivers praise the attractive price of tyre: “I was seeking the tyre featuring the best price-vs.-quality ratio with the provision that it would have been seafe and featured good performance as a winter tyre. There is no doubt that the Uniroyal MS77 has met my expectations.” The engineers who worked on the tyre managed to shorten the braking distance while driving on a wet surface thus providing greater driving safety.

The tyre consists of a mixture of modern compounds which remain flexible in a wide scope of temperature. A contact surface is better in all weather conditions which enables the tyre to improved grip to the road. Once you mount Uniroyal MS Plus 77 you will be satisfied with safe and comfortable driving. No wonder that over 97% of users would recommend this tyre to their fellow drivers.

In 2013 the tyre was awarded the fourth place in a “especially recommended” rating in the tests which has been carried out by ADAC.

Bridgestone Blizzak LM32


Bridgestone Blizzak LM32

The Bridgestone Blizzak LM32 is a tyre that is the best match for harsh winter settings. It features a good performance at city and highway driving. The of this tyre bears relatively good specifications- 94% of users on our website have already recommended this model of tyre. In their opinions they praised the winter features of this tyre: “Snow, slush, wet surface driving-these conditions are not a big challenge for these tyres. There are not any difficuilties at emergency braking”.

Drivers also notice the response ability of tyre to the driver’s actions and also stable driving while cornering or carrying out rapid moneuvers. The directional treads on the Bridgestone Blizzak LM32 provides a good dealing with driving on a wet surface. Besides, the V-shaped gooves on a tread dispose of the excessive water very smoothly, regardless the weather and then helps to keep a proper grip to the road surface.

Also many professionals have highly estimated this model of tyre. In 2013 it was awarded the second place and given “especially recommended” grade according to the ADAC tests; in the meantime the year earlier it has been rated to the second place via tests carried out by Auto Bild.

Selection of optimum tyres-a word of advice

To select the best tyre which will fulfill your requirements, it is recommended to obtain some info from a few different sources. Thus you will get some knowledge in the field of different tyre models and the choice will become much easier. Prior to your final decision it is also preferable to get familiar with the opinions of the other users, independent tests which  indicate pros and cons of the respective tyres.

Full information on a specific tyre can be obtained by getting  familiar with the label displaying the technical specifications. The label provides full details relating to the vital technical specifications while running the tyres. These labels have been introduced by EU regulations in order to decrease the level of noise and carbon dioxide emission in EU.
Contact our experts in case you have any doubts. We will assist you to choose the most suitable tyre.