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Laufenn i Fit IZ

Laufenn i Fit IZ
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Laufenn i Fit IZ reviews

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Laufenn i Fit IZ features

Laufenn i FIT IZ is a winter tyre with a non-spikey structure, providing the driver with a comfortable ride and full control over the car during demanding conditions.

Among the competing models from the economic market, the model stands out primarily in three areas:

  • Extremely effective braking on snow covered surfaces.

  • Improved precision on ice and snow.

  • An astonishing drive comfort in terms of both vibration and noise reduction.

The modern, three-dimensional structure of the tread pattern with wavy blocks improves traction when driving in winter conditions. It smoothly reduces the space between the uneven surface and the tyre thanks to the flexible construction in STSF technology:

3D side zones reduce movement of blocks during driving and pressure impact. They protect against slipping, even on an unfavourable route. The wide steel belt optimises the stiffness of the tread and facilitates manoeuvring at higher speeds.

The whole structure of Laufenn i FIT IZ has been optimised for snowy conditions. Designers designed each element separately to provide the driver with a comfortable and safe ride. The rubber compound with the addition of silicone grips the road even with a large amount of water and reduces rolling resistance. The integrated body protects against deformation while driving and protects the sidewalls from damage.

Laufenn i FIT IZ is a safe, durable and extremely efficient winter tyre by one of the world's best manufacturers. Hankook’s tyre is an excellent alternative to more expensive European brands, while offering similar winter parameters.


Laufenn is a young economic brand belonging to one of the most popular producers in the world - the South Korean Hankook. In the production of tyres, the company uses methodologies and trends typical for top-class manufacturers. Its offer mainly includes tyres for passenger cars, including those adapted for sports driving. What is characteristic for Laufenn models is their great care for aesthetics of tyres, aggressive treads and attention for details of performance.