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Continental ContiPremiumContact 5

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92 / piece
Rating: Worth recommending 111150 402 reviews

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 features

The Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 is the ideal tyre for drivers who prioritise outstanding quality and optimal performance. This model is suited to a wide range of vehicles and makes normal, everyday driving a genuine pleasure. The Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 is noted for its short braking distances on wet and dry roads thanks to its two-part, asymmetric tread, which ensures no loss of grip even when driving on extreme surfaces. Optimised 3D edges also help reduce braking distances. Macro blocks designed for the ContiSporContact 5 and adapted for the ContiPremiumContact 5 guarantee a safe and reliable driving experience, even at high speeds. The tyre is also noted for its high levels of driving comfort thanks to its modernised carcass.

The Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 helps protect the environment through the use of an innovative rubber compound and a reduction in rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption and harmful CO2 emissions. The tyre is more stable thanks to increased shoulder flexibility and a reinforced tyre bead. Superb manufacturing quality and top-of-the-range intermediate goods means that the Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 is exceptionally durable and resistant to mechanical damage. When combined with exceptional driving comfort and safety on any surface, this tyre becomes the ideal choice for even the most demanding drivers.

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 is appreciated by professionals from ADAC and was ranked highly in many tests, taking 1st place in 2015 for size 185/60 R14 tyres and 3rd place for 205/55 R16. In 2016 it took 2nd place for size 185/65 R15 tyres and 3rd place in 2017 for 195/65 R15.

Information on the manufacturer:

Continental is one of the largest groups in the tyre industry. The German company was founded in 1871 in Hanover and currently owns a range of brands, including Barum, Uniroyal, Viking, Semperit and Matador. The groups owns 22 factories and research centres worldwide. Apart from tyres, the company's production lines also manufacture braking systems, electronic components and drive system elements.

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 reviews

Overall rating: 4.5 Overall rating: Overall rating is a weighted average of individual performance, not the arithmetic mean. Some of the tyre features have greater and some have smaller impact on the overall assessment. 402 reviews

worth recommending
  • Use costs: Tyre influence on car operating costs. 111120 4.2
  • Comfort: Tyre influence on driving comfort. 111130 4.3
  • Road properties: Tyre influence on driveability 111160 4.6

402 customers rated this tyre

  • 5 220 people
  • 4 168 people
  • 3 10 people
  • 2 3 people
  • 1 1 people

95% users recommend this tyre


The information about this tyre are being collected for 2494 days. In that time we have collected 402 reviews.
Total distance covered by our customers is 3807000 km.

The best rated parameter is: dry surface.

This tyre was reviewed by users driving usually outside the city.

This tyre was reviewed by drivers, who claim their driving style as moderate.

Most recent reviews:

Reviews per page:

  • Opinion from outside IE user: Bart
    Rating: 3.8 111800

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    2 People 2 People

    Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 are the test winner. For family cars, drivers who want to have the best tyre performance from the moment they leave the garage, this is the most secure tyre on the dry and wet. Compared to other summer it is harder to break the grip. On wet and water I cannot imagine better. I also checked in longer routes, across Europe. As I measured side-by-side with my tyre size (balloon) very weak, the same with the tyre control at the dynamic (as you want sharp on small streets, strong arches) ride no-poor - so say politically. There are summer tyres that will not "win" because they will be worse on the water, less safe, but after "warming up" on the route, as a typical summer, may be a better option for motorists with high power cars and riding with sporty fierce. I tolerate some of the worse properties on the bends, the mega-atomic safety for my family "from the start". Oh, one more thing - it really cushions Polish holes - buying tyres for compact cars - as you sift into the car for class higher (that of course with a grain of salt - but important for me). I would recommend. Aha, I’m not sure I’m a Sunday driver - I’m driving roughly around town - maybe this opinion about lateral grip
  • Opinion from outside IE user: Peter
    Rating: 4.7 111170

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    2 People 0 people

    My car has an special off-road package that makes the body move much more unpleasant vibrations and vibrations even on theoretically level ground. Because it irritated me first, I threw out the factory tyres, and then I tried two sets of other tyres like the leading manufacturers, unfortunately with a very poor result. It was only (as I counted and I was not disappointed at all) after the ContiPremium establishment, practically all irritating convulsions and vibrations gave up. Moreover, the specific "rattling of wheels" on uneven and "rough" surfaces has also disappeared (old asphalt, gravel, etc.). Tyres are very confident on the winding roads, both dry and wet (I live quite high in the mountains and on this basis I judge). I know my quote is whispered by marketing, but I can not help but think that Conti is just that - close to ideal in most areas compared. In conclusion, I will add that the market certainly offers other equally successful tyres, but I do not intend to re-balance the open door. I am currently running a war with the characteristic convulsions of the AUDI A6, but after some unsuccessful attempts I already know that until I put up the proven Continental I will not achieve the desired effects.
  • Opinion from outside IE user: Cracker
    Rating: 4.3 111130

    Is this review helpful? Yes No

    1 person 0 people

    Tyres would be great because they: keep up the road, they suppress the potholes, they are soft and comfortable. Braking on the dry road - lovely: Never on any tyres, I did not feel so confident with the harsh braking as on the Continental. On the wet also without much reservations. The look I do not judge, although there are certainly "nicer" tyres, for me it does not matter. But unfortunately, for me, these tyres are definitely too loud, the unpleasant sound appears from about 50 km / h, and the most annoying is about 80-90 km / h, which is really the speed with which most often go (Or at least should :). Of course, you have to give the manufacturer that he placed a 72 db label on it, but I still feel that there are more realities in the Yokohama with such a loudness level and better. Surely not all this noise will be disturbed, I am very sensitive to it, to this Avensis has less than medium-sounded body. But the fact that the Michelin Primacy 3 was much quieter, though traction is not quite that. To sum it up: a sensational tire for people who do not attach much importance to rolling noise or when they attach: they have a great sound fury or dazzling audio sets.
  • Opinion from outside IE user: Ian
    Rating: 3.1 111100

    Is this review helpful? Yes No

    0 people 0 people

    I see that the opinion applies specifically ContiPremiumContact 5 195 / 65R15 91H manufactured in Portugal !!! According to this site from this information, the production date is February 2014. I bought these tires in March 2014. It is, for example, November and end tires. Fact - I was driving about 30,000 kilometres. Is it normal that after this course, I am entitled to wear badges? The tires are not suited for next season! Twice I checked the geometry of the car, because I do not think you can just use the tire in such a short time. Twice I was in the fitter to be thrown on the balancer and see if they are worn evenly. In both cases, everything was OK. Fitter said these tyres now being manufactured in different permanent. Maybe for someone who makes 10 thousand. miles per year (half of winter tyres) is acceptable - a vehicle for them probably 5 years and will be enjoyed with quality. For me, there is definitely something wrong with them. Maybe at some point highlighted by the Portuguese with something general in the mix recipe and start off complaints rubber. Now it is probably too early - it was only six months since their production! Could do better.
  • Opinion from outside IE user: Robert
    Rating: 5.0 11111

    Is this review helpful? Yes No

    0 people 0 people

    Tyres offer a very good grip on the BMW E46 when starting a "boot & quot; complete 350 nm and 160 horsepower, even in the rain tyres do not slip, and the car is virtually the same as the time of 0-100 to dry. The only drawback is the poor performance of the tyres while rapid changes of the track in the traffic, as car begins to swing. In previous Pirelli P6 it was easier to lose grip, but I controlled myself and it didn't swing the car like that. These do not lose traction, but I go as I had air. Overall tyre offers good traction just do not understand why the manufacturer puts it on a soft side, which in my opinion does not make use of the possibilities for these tyres. Recommend but in normal driving, I roll with the use of 100% of the engine capacity and suspension and should not have to buy something low profiled. I'll add that on the BMW I mentioned these are two months, all at the rear and I have new shocks m-front suspension package and springs and kit Eibach Pro. plus positioning the geometry, just saying so that no one thinks I don't know what I'm saying and looking for blame in the tyres for the bad behavior of the vehicle. Kind regards

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Tyre name: Size: Ratings: Price: Amount:
Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 205/55 R16 91 H 205/55 R16 91 H 78 Buy
Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 205/55 R16 91 V 205/55 R16 91 V 74 91 Buy
Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 195/65 R15 91 T 195/65 R15 91 T 71 Buy
Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 195/65 R15 91 H 195/65 R15 91 H 66 Buy
Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 175/65 R14 82 T 175/65 R14 82 T 58 Buy

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We are a certified dealer of Continental tyres.

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 test

2018 ADAC test in size: 205/55 R16 3. place rating: good
ÖAMTC test in size: 175/65 R14 rating: recommended
ÖAMTC test in size: 205/55 R16 rating: highly recommended
TCS test in size: 175/65 R14 rating: recommended
TCS test in size: 205/55 R16 3. place rating: highly recommended
ACE/GTÜ test in size: 215/60 R17 1. place rating: highly recommended
Gute Fahrt test in size: 215/55 R17 1. place rating: very good
ADAC test in size: 225/45 R17 1. place rating: good
Auto Bild test in size: 205/55 R16 3. place rating: excellent
Auto, Motor und Sport test in size: 215/60 R17 2. place rating: highly recommended
ADAC test in size: 205/55 R16 3. place rating: good
ACE/GTÜ test in size: 205/55 R16 2. place rating: highly recommended
Auto Bild test in size: 185/60 R15 1. place rating: excellent
ACE/GTÜ test in size: 195/65 R15 rating: highly recommended
Auto Bild test in size: 195/65 R15 rating: recommended
Auto, Motor und Sport test in size: 205/55 R16 rating: recommended
Auto Zeitung test in size: 215/55 R16 3. place rating: recommended
AUTO Straßenverkehr test in size: 205/55 R16 rating: good
ACE/GTÜ test in size: 205/55 R16 1. place rating: recommended