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Summer tyres: Continental

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Continental ContiPremiumContact 5
Value for money
Opinion Grigo: 4.5

I bought the tyres at a very good price at the end of the summer season. Right after winter, lower class tyres are sold at a higher price. Previous tyres I had from the same manufacturer but I founded it as used - I thought it is tread over 6 mm it's almost a short cut to it since the date of production has passed just four years ago so it's definitely worth it. However, the tread and the date of production are not all - auto garages under the block so all the time changing weather conditions and rubber loses its properties and becomes hard. After replacing the tyres with new ones after the first tour, I was impressed - most of all a much quieter and more comfortable - calmly believe that the suspension was repaired :) I recommend and from now on I'll always drive on brand new tyres - maybe a little more expensive but certainly safer. more »

Continental ContiSportContact 2
Superb tire at a good price
Opinion MS: 4.7

I highly recommend this tyre, at this price it is hard to find something better and so good for quite aggressive driving. The tyres are stiff and do not bend too much at sharp bends, I switched directly from the Michelin Energy Saver and the difference is immediately noticeable, in addition I also drove for a while on Michelin Primacy HP but the Conti are the best for my driving. If someone expects that a tyre will last for many years then unfortunately I have to disappoint them, I assume that I will drive on these tyres for max 3 seasons, but one thing for something - a tyre has to wear to keep it in place. As far as noise is concerned, these are not the quietest tyres I have ridden and at higher speeds they can be heard, but it is not very oppressive. Once again, I recommend. more »

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Winter tyres: Continental

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Continental ContiWinterContact TS850
big tires
Opinion Mariusz: 4.8

fantastic tires almost flawless, except, of course, a rather high price. Compared to other drawback winter tires is a small hill between the slide. When someone goes off a lot of paved roads, it's pretty boring. When replacing summer kamczyki wheel must be removed before balancing. Compared to other brands lot of time working. more »

Continental ContiWinterContact TS850
Astonishing tyres! I strongly recommend.
Opinion KingOfCars: 4.4

Firstly, I wanted to buy Firestone WinterHawk 1 but these are not being manufactured anymore. That is why I kept on searching for tyres with a similar tread. I chose Continental ContiWinterContact TS850. I have been using them for one winter season and I am satisfied with their quality. The tyres are quiet and I have an impression that the car drives better than on my summer Dunlops. The driving is quiet and comfortable and very safe in snow. I have never had problems on road with these tyres. They provide really good grip even if you drive a diesel with a high torque on a roundabout, They are great in rainy weather but I think they are a bit louder in wet conditions (I would not say it is a drawback - it is rather normal). When it comes to pure ice roads, it is obvious that only the snow tyres with spikes would be useful there. However, I have not noticed any signs of wear on the tyres. They could have been a bit cheaper but still the price is quite reasonable. The fuel consumption has not changed significantly. Generally speaking it is a pleasure to drive a car on these tyres. I recommend them to everyone who drives often in the city. I have tyres with the T speed rating (up to 118 mph) and I have driven on them with the max. speed of 130 mph. I have not experienced any vibrations or noise at all. It is simply luxe:) more »

All season tyres: Continental

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Continental VancoFourSeason 2
I highly recommend it. fantastic writing down the tires on both dry and wet roads.
Opinion Dawid: 4.9

For a long time I wondered about the choice of tires for my utility. When I saw these tires on site immediately fell into his eyes and realized that it is more profitable to buy the multigrade tires to a separate set of winter and separated. The first impression when a courier delivered them to me was pretty cool. But after the founding of the car, I did not wątpliwościi. I knew I chose the best tires in its price class. I am very happy. Practically while driving the tires did not hear. Very good job of floor area in both dry and wet. A bad word I can also tell you about driving in the snow, because the tire also appears egzmin perfectly. We recommend! more »

Continental AllSeasonContact
Opinion Pako: 5.0

I had hesitated for a long time to buy them, mainly because of concerns about how they would perform in snow and slush. And I eventually did it; the winter, as short as it was, proved unchallenging to the tyres. And... I am delighted with how well they perform in such difficult conditions. Maybe if I went to the mountains the experience would be a little different, but driving mainly in the lowlands it is excellent. On dry road, I also don't see much difference between the summer ones I've been using so far (also from Continental). And the fact that I no longer have to make an appointment every few months for a swap is a big bonus (no time and money wasted). All in all, given the fact that you save on a second set of tyres and the fact that you have to swap the tyres twice a year, you can generally say that, because of the savings involved, you get �free tyres� every couple of years. more »