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Summer tyres: Kingstar

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Kingstar SK70
A good tire at a great price
Opinion Daniel: 3.6

I have these tires for almost a year and I am happy. I was driving to the sea and the mountains, including highways, really everything. We know that if someone is aggressively pushing its segment not, but for most normal driving. Also, I used this tire was also in the winter and with careful driving was a zero reservations on my part. After a year of operation, the tire has no significant signs of wear, so I think it will help a little. I highly recommend, before buying used tires from 80 to 100 zł, well worth a bit and still do have a new lower class. New is always new, from what I know is these tires are produced in the Netherlands and belong to the Hankook company. They are not as bad as some people here write for normal driving really recommend. more »

Kingstar SK10
I've never had worse tires
Opinion polak: 1.8

The first and last time I bought a Chinese tire. I do not want to judge other Chinese manufacturers, but these tires discouraged me Chinese food. Within six months, I wiped the tire even if I ride without interruption because I have a car that is not even capable of running the (low). Tires very little effect on the corners, and better rain not say. During the download vulcan he had to give up after 20 minutes testing, but begged and succeeded after 30 minutes. He told me not to come over the Chinese pulp because he did not take a picture. more »

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Winter tyres: Kingstar

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Kingstar SW40
A solid option as a replacement for Debica brand, a perfect zimowka of quiet ride.
Opinion trake: 4.7

Forced purchase of two tires choice fell on Kingstar. First, new tires, on the other hand, the price quite correct, thirdly opinions inninnych drivers on Oponeo. In short, a good buy! After the assumption of Tyre was once driving a 2000 km distance route - a fairy tale for such a cheap Nowki'm surprised durability and good resistance coefficient. It is true that urban toy car, because it is just Corsa and tire size 13. Tires do not hit my assessment remarkable because of the price and quality - better 200zł move into the new as used tires or retreaded. Mainly he used in buying Kingstar. I recommend - to conduct sspokojnej really at this price nothing better that I can not find. more »

Kingstar SW41
Bought used but beside these new (sub 1000k) and put on yesterday. So far, so good.
Opinion Greg C: 4.0

I put in service on a taxi and we had the first big snowfall last night. I am very impressed by the sense of you footedness. With traction control, it is almost impossible to turn, turn it off and I think they grip in the fresh snow 3 inches deep fine. For felt on I went and played in an empty parking lot covered giant snow. Suspended tires and understand very well on sharp corners and stopping from the city's speed was quickly very impressive. (new premium brake components does not hurt either) road bumps felt very close and summer tires that came out of the road and the noise seemed minimal, mind you the hiway had a Skif snow covering it. They throw a lot of snow, slush, water, but I guess that's better than not and having them fill with packed snow. No, they are not high-end tire on the set, but they are fine for me so far and will certainly get my nod. more »

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