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Summer tyres: Nankang

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Nankang AS 1
The tyre is cheap but really good
Opinion Jacques: 4.2

I have an AUDI A8 - so far I have used Italian tyres - in my opinion it these once are one of the best tyres on the market, but they wear out very quickly and are rather expensive, but it is the behavior of a good tyre. Nankang AS 1 tyres are amazing, they are very good on the ground (I tested them on curves in the mountains and are surprisingly quiet, even compared to previous tyres). As for the limits of adhesion, I intend to look at it more carefully. When it comes to tyre wear, it is too early to pronounce opinions on this subject. Overall, I am very happy and I intend to buy them next time. The price is very important to me as well as the silence in the car! I am happy and I recommend the Nankang AS 1 tyre to everyone! more »

Nankang NS 2
Opinion adams: 3.8

It is quite hard to evaluate this tyre model. Fantastic dry grip and even better on wet asphalt but the thing is that it is true only for the first 20k miles roughly. After that is gets lower aquaplaning resistance and can be a bit too noisy for some drivers in my opinion. The funny story is that I was driving for some longer time with a small nail in the tread without losing the pressure. It was discovered by a mechanic finally. So, durability seems to be more than fine though. Price is really attractive and if someone does not care about the noise or aquaplaning it is the right product. more »

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Winter tyres: Nankang

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Nankang Snow Viva 2
Great price, excellent tire
Opinion Adrian: 5.0

I am using Nankng Snow Viva 2 for second season. I have bought them for a very decent price and I was surprised how good winter tyres are they. I have used these rubbers in every single winter weather conditions – high or fresh snow, slush or rain. They have the best grip on the dry surface, the worst performance on the wet, but this is completely normal for each winter tyre (we all know that winter tyres doesn't like too much rain). On these tyres I have driven about 8 000 miles. I have used them in the mountains, on the roads, where trucks need were not able to drive and my Nankangs were able to deal with every single hill – up and down. I really recommend these tyres. I have just ordered the same model but for a different size – big difference in size actually. I am very curious if they will be as good as the previous one. Tyres have a little bit different tread pattern. All in all – we will see during this winter. Unfortunately if you are driving on the asphalt – the tread war is much quicker. I have also ordered summer Nankang tyres for the same car and I hope they will be better than Vredestain – after year and a half I have two bulges on the sidewall. more »

Nankang Snow Viva 2
Marne quality.
Opinion Ted: 4.5

I am using Nankang Snow Viva 2 for a half a year now. During the whole winter, spring and even now during the summer. I have driven o them about 5 000 miles and I am very fond of them. Before I had Michelins. After the change, the big difference is in noise level. Nankangs are very quiet. The trad pattern look very good. During the trip in the mountains there was no problem with driving up on the hills, starting or braking. I have the rule, that I do not change the tyres for the summer season and whole year round I am using winter tyres. I didn't notice a big tread ware. I am a calm driver. I will buy the same tyres to my other car. I fully recommend them to every day use. We will see ho they will deal in a next couple of years. more »

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All season tyres: Nankang

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Nankang N 607
Some things to consider before you buy yourself
Opinion slavog: 3.9

I decided to buy multigrade tires after a long search for your comments in Poland and abroad. The first issue was that the driver states do not change the tires depending on the season, despite the snow, heat, etc. Finally, I wanted to avoid queuing at the oponiarzy and I bought wielosezonówkę. I had a three long trips (total 15000 km) and I was worried about fuel and combustion. After completion of trips I'll say - it looks like a new tire and burns less than 7 liters of driving a car with a 2.2 engine and seven people on board. more »

Nankang NK All Season Plus N-607+
good product
Opinion Vick: 4.2

I have Nankang N607+ for two years now and I bought my car with them fitted, so they were definitely not brand new. Tread and tyres in general are still more than all right. I think, well I am pretty sure rather, that I will drive on the for at least year and a half more. It is my first all season tyre set but I see advantages. No need to change them every six months, no need to store somwhere four tyres, no need to spend extra money for summer/winter set. more »

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