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Summer tyres: Vredestein

Below we present the ranking of the most popular summer tyres among our customers

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Vredestein Ultrac Satin
Opinion Braian: 4.5

I bought them in size 225/45/17. I was a bit afraid because it was a brand new product and due to this fact there was no opinion about it at all. However, it was presented as premium model, Vredestein has good reputation so I decided to buy and test it. Cornering is great, does not matter if the road is dry or wet. It is really hard to loose control of the vehicle, even tried once to do it in purpose, with no success. I drive a lot so I had a chance to use quite a few different tyre models and so far Vredestein is the winner. This tyre is really quiet as well. No noise even during speed driving on the highway. Do not know anything about durability yet, simply I have it from to short time but so far so good. Can be recommended with clear conscience. more »

Vredestein Sportrac 5
Not expensive at all, turn rather quiet.
Opinion shotgun: 3.0

Previously I had Uniroyal Reinexperty not consider the opinions of rags or crap. The Uni I felt confident enough in the rain at high speed from 160 to 180, you can absolutely do not write current. Kingdom made virtually all season 1.5 - very soft rubber, but surprisingly kept cornering. Vredestein has indeed, but I can not feel the moment "Departures" on the verge of what I see when it will 5kkm mechannicznie stronger, harder rubber. Kingdom were also less rigid laterally, just make noise. Do'd buy again? No - despite the favorable opinion, I would like to buy and subtly Kingdom, even on the season ... 1.5 Vrede sellers, of course, a new beginning of the year, around March and immediately began to date manufacturing-April if ..... more »

Winter tyres: Vredestein

Below we present the ranking of the most popular winter tyres among our customers

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Vredestein Snowtrac 3
Ideal terrain tires.
Opinion Leśnik: 4.6

Often moving forest road, and unfortunately my seicento not created. I was looking for this winter, at least a little something that will help me in a very difficult terrain, and found no vredesteiny. The first feelings were mixed, but it soon became clear that new tires should get a bit more than the other. Then I could not praise highly enough. The car stops almost in place, and packed snow outperformed colleague SUV. Also twice I managed to escape unscathed from slipping on the steep road covered with mud from melting snow. If not for these tires, probably one of these sheets would eventually roll and a second input of the tree. The only drawback is relatively more noise, but in exchange for security is a very good replacement. more »

Vredestein Snowtrac 3
Opinion mVin: 4.2

Basically, the tire has 2 modes: 1) calm when others ubijają snow under the tires to get out of drifts, these tires do you just go with it, well, sometimes you need to swing the car rental. .. 2) my favorite - GAS! sometimes in large wet snow, self simply do not want to park stands on the site of the snowdrift bumper, so if you give gas clouds and wzbijanego snow / mud jump up :) Revel! no snow day so I'm not surprised, frost, cold, and you get and just leaving the snow on the doorstep ... When it comes to braking, ABS does not, but pulses very well. When the brake pedal depressed, there is no effect sled, stop, it is true shift is smaller. In curves, with 50 in the compacted snow, it is still and slip control, I really like ... Uślizg appears "depnięciu" but that's probably normal. It happened to me once that I could not move for people wyślizganym by other cars, but I put two and it worked as well, so ... + Again. The fact that little humming on the tarmac at 110 noise starts to be heard at the beginning I did not know how ... but after a while I realized that Vredki hum ... but still ... In conclusion, I have a new from the store, and if you wear a new battery, even, because I do not even know what you need without tires without heels! more »

All season tyres: Vredestein

Below we present the ranking of the most popular all season tyres among our customers

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Vredestein Quatrac 3
Big tires recommend
Opinion Szymek: 5.0

Great recommended tires are very, very quiet tires that I'm surprised by the snow - not a problem because zimowka, water - no problem since the summer, I rode on them for a good day 5 without tkm no problem at UK Pl very good in the wet, snow sensational, very quiet and mounted and highways of UK Pl on unpaved roads and the city. Hard abrasiveness now evaluate, snow you feel safe. Have not you afraid you enter, and do not leave a very good grip on wet or dry theses Super Fine, the braking distance is good highly recommended. Already turned many Continental tires, Rainsporty I Dunlopy etc. I recommend and summer and winter. My annual mileage is about 80 to 100 tkm see how much force more »

Vredestein Quatrac 3
The best tires on which I travel so far.
Opinion Jędrzej Klawikowski: 4.9

I'm going for over 25 years, averaging 30 to 45 thousand. km per year mainly around the city (Tri-City and vicinity). The first time I decided to buy the multigrade tires and it was the perfect choice. In winter exercised and winter tires Pirelli I had previously been Klebery or not better exercised Vredestein Quatrac 3. I can in good conscience recommend these tires to all those who ride a lot not having to worry about a sudden change of weather, all unhappy turn that on kopny snow chains and tires in the countries in which it is for driving during the winter on winter tires, these tires allow for movement they meet the conditions laid down regulations. more »