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Hankook Tyres

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Hankook combines good performance on all kinds of surfaces with the best price. Confident handling, under various weather conditions, means that the journey is safe and comfortable, no matter the forecast.

More than 70 years of experience and continuous product improvement guarantee the Hankook brand's popularity among drivers worldwide. Thanks to the brand's innovative blend and special tread, you will not be limited by the weather; you will always arrive on time, as planned.

The application of modern technology and high-quality materials ensures that these summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres are suitable for driving in different conditions. With Hankook tyres, no curb will frighten you and there will be no risk of scrapes during city driving. The high quality of this Korean brand's tyres is confirmed by the fact that its products are used by companies such as Audi, Ford, Renault and Volkswagen as original equipment.

As a company, Hankook believes in durability, so you will travel more miles on one set of tyres. It also means you will be spending less money, because you won't have to replace your tyres so often. The special design of the tyres makes them economical to run, meaning fuel consumption will be lower and you will save money.

Interesting facts:

In Korean, Hankook simply means "South Korea".

It's production potential is seen in as many as eight factories across four continents: two in Korea, three in China and one each in Hungary, Indonesia and the USA.

Hankook ranks 7th among the world's largest tyre manufacturers.

Just as surprising as Hankook's first export market (Pakistan) is the unusual location of its first foreign branch, which was opened in 1976 in Kuwait.

The company employs over 14,000 workers and its tyres are used by drivers in 180 countries, including the United Kingdom.

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Our customer's opinions:
  • Bart 4.9

    Hankook Ventus Prime3 K125

    I bought them about a month ago. Shortly I will make more than thousand miles on them and I must admit that Hankook Hankook Ventus Prime3 K125 is absolutely perfect. I can not say anything about durability though, I have them for to short time simply. Noise and the fuel efficiency are not the most important for me too. The main thing is the grip and it is just great. I never had even one situation when I lost the control of the vehicle. Wet road, rainy weather or sunny day - no difference for this tyre model. I am really impressed. All the best and try them! More >
  • Aberdeen12 4.6

    Hankook i*cept RS W442

    Delivery to a fitting service is a great option - I definitely recommend it! Hankook I*cept RS W442 tyres presented no problems with balancing. Although winter has been mild this season, the tyres were used on a countryside as well... the tyres have passed the exam on snow with good results... they handle well on a path full of fresh snow without problems. Wide surface, redirecting snow, seems to work well. I haven't noticed any problem with going off the road. I've driven almost 13000 km with them since January, changed them to summer tyres until mid-May, and the front tyres worn less than 1.5 mm, taking into account the temperature this winter, mostly with dry weather; I consider this a More > good result this. I will gladly takle the Hankook I*cept RS W442 tyres into the third season... I highly recommend them to all!
  • Andrzej 4.2

    Hankook Kinergy eco K425

    These tires have chosen the relatively large number of thinking and analyzing the tests that I could find on the Internet. I considered types of tires with a higher plateau. My annual mileage is very low, because usually less than 30 thousand. miles. If any of you have a similar annual course, it really does not pay to invest in a top quality tire because it is not we feel that with such a course. Rolling resistance, noise abrasion Hankook Kinergy Eco K425 is at a high level. I have not been disappointed. Very good tires at a very good price. I searched many websites and Oponeo is one of the cheapest and certainly offers the greatest experience was decisive for purchase on this page. More > Successful selection and safe driving.
  • Henio 4.4

    Hankook Kinergy eco K425

    I bought these tires to invest in something better than the cheapest products (for one has already "past" last season) and was not disappointed. Tires perform extremely well. Value is very satisfying and can recommend the purchase of each. I was beginning to tire 3ch different cars and different size and Excel as well. On dry conditions are not noisy. Moreover, it seems that most previous wet tires have slightly lower motor fuel paliwa.Na stably disperse the water carried well and I aquaplaning. The only thing I fear is life after a few years of use. Tires made in China are but a stereotype, which I hope will not confirm :-) More >
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