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Winter Tyres

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Quality winter tyres impact our driving in harsh winter conditions such as ice and snow on the road that may occur.This list represents the top ten best winter tyres from our online shop, compiled from sales figures and reviews from our customers. All of these car tyres combine quality, price and longevity to enhance your comfort and enjoyment of driving in winter.

Winter tyre ranking

The winter tyre ranking is generated basing on our user reviews. The models which got the highest ratings are ranked in the top positions. This list presents our users' practical knowledge about winter tyres which are the best in their opinion.


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There are over a hundred tyre manufacturers on the market. Check our winter tyre offer from the most popular manufacturers.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres The winter tyres are specially manufactured so as to perform best at temperatures below 7°C. A soft tyre ensures high traction, while one that gets froze stiff may go into a skid (particularly on a wet surface). For this reason, winter tyres are made of a special rubber mix that stays elastic even in the winter weather conditions.

The structure and tread pattern of the latest generation of winter tyres is designed with the use of computer simulation. This makes it possible to equip the winter tyres with a dense net of lamellas and indentations, tread lugs of different sizes, and also additionally notched edges in the case of some models. All those elements increase the tread cleansing efficiency; this way, the tread can better stick in the snow and ensure the appropriate traction. The winter tyres also have circumferential grooves for fast and efficient draining of water and slush and for appropriate stability.

The winter tyres usually have directional or asymmetric tread patterns. The directional tread pattern is herring bone-shaped. It is highly efficient in pushing the snow from under the tyre. Besides, this type of tread ensures the tyre’s continuous contact with the surface and the highest traction. The asymmetric tread consists of different patterns on the outer and inner part of the tyre. The inner part is to drain water, while the outer part takes care of appropriate traction, especially on turns. The front of the asymmetric tread has evenly arranged grooves.

The winter tyres may have studs that greatly improve traction on compacted snow and ice. Such tyres are in use e.g. in Scandinavian or Russia where roads are covered with snow for most of the year. Winter tyres are the best equipment for driving across snow and ice, and their characteristics are specially adjusted to the winter conditions.
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