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Recommended tyres all-season tyres Continental

Continental AllSeasonContact

24 reviews

From 71 pcs.
Continental AllSeasonContact 2

10 reviews

From 80 pcs.

In our offer, we have 10 Continental tyre models
priced from 71 € to 647 €.

Continental car tyres

Continental 4x4 tyres

Continental LM90
From 220 pcs.

Continental Van tyres

Continental VanContact 4Season

20 reviews

From 112 pcs.
Continental VancoFourSeason

19 reviews

From 119 pcs.
Continental VancoFourSeason 2

14 reviews

From 150 pcs.

Our customers' opinions on Continental tyres:

  • Tomasz 5.0

    Continental AllSeasonContact

    Having learned from experience, I know that there are some things you don't save on. Tyres, for example. On my previous tyres in the snow, I was able to drive a few more metres after applying the brake. And every driver knows that a few metres of difference in braking is like stopping in front of the lanes and stopping behind the lanes. The latter is unacceptable. That's why I chose what I thought was the best I could, and it turned out that it actually was. The tyres are excellent on the road and are also quiet. Highly recommended. See more >
  • Piotr 5.0

    Continental AllSeasonContact

    Great tyres. Been using them for 6 years now. On the previous car without problems for 5 years with still a lot of tread left. I put Continental AllSeasonContact again on the new car shortly after purchase. They perform perfectly on dry asphalt, but they�re also great in winter on snow or slush. I sincerely recommend them! When these wear out, I will surely buy another set. See more >