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Dębica Navigator 2

564 reviews

From 57 pcs.

In our offer, we have 2 Dębica tyre models
priced from 58 € to 151 €.

Dębica car tyres

Dębica Navigator 3
From 60 pcs.

Our customers' opinions on Dębica tyres:

  • Sebeq 3.8

    Dębica Navigator 2

    Good urban driving tires, well adapted to rain and slush. I felt insecure only on packed snow and snow on a layer of ice, but with us in Pomerania snow just suddenly a few days a year. Now, at higher temperatures, it goes well, the tires do not make noise and they adhere well to the surface. I recommend driving in the city normally, with the road from time to time. See more >
  • Tomek 4.0

    Dębica Navigator 2

    The purchase of this tire is a typical budget approach. Due to the low annual mileage of my wife (about 3000 km), it is not worth changing tires every winter / summer season. I think I made a good decision buying all-season tires. Purchase dictated by: brand awareness, price, tire look and reviews found on the internet. See more >
  • Michael 4.4

    Dębica Navigator 2

    This is the second pair of Dębica Navigator 2 tires. I bought this set from Oponeo. Briefly about my driving style: -I drive around the city, but also set off by car for about 500 km long routes. -I ride them all year round. -I drive moderately, usually calmly, sometimes there is a more "aggressive" driving style (which does not mean, of course, that it is dangerous). -The car is in the parking lot outside. The tires are just fine and I'm not complaining about anything. I have no objections on dry surfaces. Sometimes they like to squeal, but it doesn't bother me at all. Great grip. I do not complain about the noise, you cannot hear anything special from the tires, no treble (at See more > 130 km / h the air noise is louder anyway;)) They also perform well on wet surfaces. It is a bit worse on the snow, they sometimes have difficulty keeping up with muddy and muddy snow, but if someone drives mainly around the city, it is not a problem, because the roads are cleared of snow anyway. I happened to ride long routes in snowfall and it was ok. I do not judge the appearance, because it is only a tire;) Failure rate - so far no failure :) Super contact with the service, trouble-free delivery. In conclusion - I recommend these tires to anyone who cares
  • Karol 4.4

    Dębica Navigator 2

    With the tires, I am very happy that I have already clocked about 10000 km. I have not found any changes in the tread because I'm trying to ride leisurely while cornering runs very well. I conclude that the multigrade tires on my car perfectly fit, do not replace the summer that is associated with lower costs. My opinion on these tires is positive - not expensive. I recommend safely to other users without bullshit, are really very durable recommend. See more >