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Minerva recommended tyres

Minerva F105

51 reviews

From 97 pcs.
Minerva F109

24 reviews

From 56 pcs.
Minerva 109

17 reviews

From 52 pcs.

In our offer, we have 24 Minerva tyre models
priced from 44 € to 257 €.

Minerva car tyres

Minerva 209
From 44 pcs.
Minerva Frostrack HP

1 review

From 47 pcs.
Minerva F205

1 review

From 54 pcs.
Minerva F209

1 review

From 59 pcs.
Minerva S210

10 reviews

From 60 pcs.
Minerva Frostrack UHP
From 61 pcs.

Minerva 4x4 tyres

Minerva EcoSpeed 2 SUV
From 73 pcs.
Minerva EcoSpeed A/T
From 74 pcs.
Minerva S220

2 reviews

From 77 pcs.
Minerva RF07
From 80 pcs.
Minerva F110

1 review

From 97 pcs.

11 reviews

From 152 pcs.

Minerva Van tyres

Minerva RF08
From 50 pcs.
Minerva Transporter 2
No image
From 62 pcs.
Minerva Transport RF19
From 66 pcs.
Minerva SR1
No image
From 76 pcs.
Minerva Frostrack VAN
From 82 pcs.
Minerva Transporter
From 92 pcs.
Minerva S110

19 reviews

From 120 pcs.
Minerva is a Belgian company that produces tyres. The history of the brand started in the early twentieth century. Then the brand was manufacturing cars that worthily compete with famous models like Rolls-Royce. Soon, however, they abandoned the production of cars and engaged in the creation of the tyres. It turns out that it was a good decision. Currently, brand sells one million units of Minerva tyres every year. Minerva tyres offer is systematically increased with the tyres with the new specifications and dimensions, which are produced mainly in China and Russia. Check out our range of Minerva tyres and see whether it contains also equipment for your car.

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Our customers' opinions on Minerva tyres:

  • savio alberto 3.6

    Minerva S110

    after traveling over 5,000 km, I can say that these tires are excellent. I did not give the stars because I think that everything that could be improved. I walk every day (to and from work) a winding road of mountain in winter is often hard for the tires, I had no problems, even if I could not tastarle on snow due to lack of raw materials. See more >
  • Marek TIR 4.2

    Minerva F109

    Operates this tire warm conditions and torrential rains, I can say that the tire works very well go to Grunwald in the pouring rain and quickly had never led me to slide very well drain a silent akłaplaningu but before I went to check the convergence hypothesis because car is 4 years, I think for the tire price is better than good See more >
  • Diablo oo 4.2

    Minerva 109

    I wondered about the high quality tires but it was the highest price. I decided to take a chance and buy Chinese. I think for the first time in my life to be disappointed. I see no difference between the tires and the Semperitami who rode before. There was a difference in price. I am happy with this choice. Chinese give trick See more >