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In our offer, we have 15 Torque tyre models
priced from 46 € to 291 €.

Torque car tyres

Torque PCR TQ021

1 review

From 46 pcs.
Torque TQ025

6 reviews

From 53 pcs.
Torque UHP TQ901
From 61 pcs.
Torque PCR TQ022

6 reviews

From 65 pcs.
Torque PCR TG022
From 121 pcs.
Torque TQ023
From 125 pcs.

Torque 4x4 tyres

Torque TQ-AT701
From 75 pcs.
Torque TQ-HP701
From 94 pcs.
Torque TQ-HT701

1 review

From 110 pcs.
Torque TQ-MT701
From 121 pcs.

Torque Van tyres

Torque TQ02
From 57 pcs.
Torque TQ05
From 60 pcs.
Torque TQ7000
From 66 pcs.
Torque WTQ6000
No image
From 114 pcs.
Torque WTQ5000
From 148 pcs.

Our customers' opinions on Torque tyres:

  • Martin 4.2

    Torque TQ025

    The tyres perform well in winter and spring! I think its a waste of money for high-end tires because I used to ride on such tyres ... Torque tires are perfect in all respects and for all road conditions, and I do long trips to Poland. page, they are also checked in all conditions and are simply sensational! Recommend! See more >
  • Arthur 4.2

    Torque PCR TQ022

    I bought these tires a month ago. Driving in different conditions: in the city, outside the city, near the forest track, etc. If you change the tire from the old to the new difference is huge. Holding automatic road bends do not feel that leaving the car I love. I recommend these tires, despite the fact that they beat the short distance - in general I think it's better to buy a new tire, even a little-known company used "firmówki." The price is very reasonable to me that speaks to those tires. Overwinter and write a few words more. See more >