Often, before making a purchase, we ask for the opinions of people who, thanks to their experience, can advise us on what we should choose. Also, when buying tyres, it is a good idea to speak the language of others - in this case drivers. After all, who knows more about the properties of a model than anyone who has had the chance to test it under the most varied conditions? So, to make things a little easier for those looking for a new winter tyre in size 165/70 R14, we present tyres that have the best ratings from our customers.

Particularly in winter, it is necessary to ensure that the tyres are safe.

Tyres in size 165/70 R14 are fitted (depending on the generation and engine) to such cars as Fiat Punto, Fiat Panda, Citroen C3, Nissan Micra, Skoda Fabia, Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Ignis, VW Polo or VW up! If you're not sure if this tyre size fits your car, use the tyre selector.

Driver selection - best tyre size 165/70 R14

There is much to write about how important it is to fit the tyres to the car and the conditions. However, it all comes down to safety, which is why manufacturers are constantly introducing new tyres on the market to offer progressively better performance. The offer is therefore really huge, and it is not easy to decide which model to choose.

Fortunately, other drivers can help, as they have already managed not only to make their choice but also to verify it. On the basis of the opinions on tyres in size 165/70 R14, collected between 1 January 2019 and 30 September 2020, we have selected the best-rated tyres. Here they are:

ModelAverage rating*
Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W4525,5
Nokian WR D45,3
Yokohama W.drive V9035,25
Neolin NeoWinter5,2
Dębica Frigo 25,15

*The ranking was created on the basis of ratings awarded by Oponeo customers between January 2019 and October 2020. A scale from 1 to 6 was applicable. The ranking included those models that obtained the minimum number of ratings required. The results shown on our shop's website may differ from those included in the list, the ratings shown only apply to tyres in size 165/70 R14.

Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452

The best-rated winter model in size 165/70 R14 was the Hankook brand proposal! It should be noted that the Winter i*cept RS2 W452 has an excellent reputation not only among drivers, but also among automotive specialists, which is confirmed by the high places it has occupied in ADAC tests and many others. Let's see what made the winner of our list a success.

The Winter i*cept RS2 W452 tyres use a range of solutions that work well in winter. The directional tread with transversely arranged grooves works well on wet roads, minimising the risk of loss of traction. On snow-covered roads, the W452 has special grooves and 3D sipes to ensure safe handling. Even during sudden manoeuvres, these grooves ensure that the car remains in the driver's hands. And of course, this translates into safety and comfort.

Although the Hankook brand is still classified in the middle segment, it aspires to be among the premium class. Taking into account the opinions of our customers, one could think that the South Korean brand is getting closer to its target. As a confirmation, we quote a comment on the Winter i*cept RS2 W452, written by Maurice Bradley

The tyres are very successful. They have very good grip on wet roads, so the car remains stable. Comparing combustion, I think they are economical. On a snow-covered or icy road, the car is sure to stick to the road. There are no problems with starting and braking. Very good tyres at an affordable price.

Nokian WR D4

It is difficult for a representative of frosty Finland to be missing from the ranking for winter tyres. It is not surprising, then, that a laurel from our customers went to the Nokian brand, which is classified in the premium segment. The WR D4 is proof that Finnish engineers not only know what difficult road conditions are, but can also cope with them.

One of their recipes for tyre reliability is Twin Trac Silica rubber compound, which improves adhesion in various weather conditions. It perfectly harmonizes with the refined tread, adapted to driving on snow, water and mud. This combination makes the car stable, both when driving straight ahead and in corners. This more or less means that the vehicle follows the steering wheel movements. This is not the end of the story, as the manufacturer has also taken care of the low rolling resistance, which affects the fuel consumption of the car.

The Nokian WR D4 is extremely popular with drivers, and their opinions are the best explanation of why. For example, the person with the Shaun nick wrote:

The decision to buy these tyres was 100% accurate. I'm not afraid of bad weather, frost, mud... It's just a sensation, I recommend.

Philip is also shortly blooming:

Super tyres, I wouldn't trade in them for any other tyres. The best in itself.

Yokohama W.drive V903

Next in the ranking of winter tyres in size 165/70 R14 is Yokohama W.drive V903. This is a model designed for small cars, so the high position is not surprising. Our customers trust in premium quality and, as their ratings show, they are not disappointed.

The model is characterised by outstanding wet performance. Efficient water removal from the front of the tyre is the key to grip when it rains. When the road is covered with snow and ice, Yokohama's proposal also works! The optimised layout of the sipes, grooves and ribs allow you to travel safely in winter conditions.

Hope wrote about the fact that not only is it worth buying a set of Yokohama W.drive V903 tyres, but it is also worth following the opinions of other drivers:

Great tyres, I will continue to recommend them, because it was based on the opinions of other customers that I bought such good tyres :). I mainly drive in the city, but have proven themselves on different surfaces with snow, wet, thin ice and dry. A very good purchase, high quality at an affordable price!

Neolin NeoWinter

The proposal was ranked lower than the popular brand from the economic segment - Neolin NeoWinter. Very good value for money is a clear advantage of this model, which is often pointed out by drivers. What else can you expect from this tyre?

First of all, proven solutions! Just look at the tread to see what makes winter driving much more fun and safe than on summer tyres. The tread pattern is arranged in a V-shape, which allows the tyre to be cleaned efficiently and reduces the risk of aquaplaning. The zigzagging of the tread pattern allows the tyres to "bite" into the fluff, guaranteeing good traction.

Among those who bought a tyre in size 165/70 R14 was Tom Brooks. His opinion is as follows:

Tyres used in a small car and are very cool. I generally recommend it, because I am shocked that you can get a decent quality for such a price... Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions this year, I have not had the opportunity to use them in snow or slush... Greetings!

Roman Brown, on the other hand, had the opportunity to test Neolin NeoWinter also in conditions where white fluff was lying on the road and he shared his impressions:

They are good, they work in all conditions. Ideal for snow in the mountains. I'll definitely be using this company in the summer, too.

Dębica Frigo 2

Next, based on your opinion, was Dębica Frigo 2. Under the wings of Goodyear, the manufacturer has developed this model for demanding drivers looking for a new set from the budget segment. As you can see, he has managed to achieve this goal, which is best demonstrated by our position on the list.

The Frigo 2 combines the advantages of a flexible compound that can be used at low temperatures and a tread that is adapted to changing conditions. The result is a confident handling and a short braking distance. Whether the road is dry, snowy or maybe it has just gone through a heavy rainfall, these tyres are designed to ensure that you easily reach your destination.

To make sure that we are not worthy of the vote, here are some reviews of Dębica Frigo 2. Tim Timmins wrote:

I am very satisfied with the tyres, the car sticks to the road and there is no problem with driving in the snow. I recommend it as much as possible.

The person with the nickname Goch also shared his opinion:

The tyre keeps well on the road. They provide great driving comfort and safety. I recommend them to you.

... and also Jack Burton:

Very good quality at an affordable price. I highly recommend!

Choosing new tyres – step by step

If you are looking for a new set of tyres, it is worth acting methodically. Start by thinking about your driving style (calm/ dynamic) and what terrain you mainly drive in (e.g. city/ highway/land). Then define what you expect from your tyres - is low rolling resistance important to you, or are you looking for low noise?

The next step is a preliminary selection of the models you are interested in. You can compare the most important features of the models using the comparison engine. Then follow the information for each tyre carefully, paying particular attention to the purpose, description and EU label. Once you have identified your favourites, check your drivers' opinions and the results of tests carried out by organisations and the automotive media.

The last point is the purchase of tyres. You can choose to have your tyres delivered to a partner service of your choice, where you can replace them immediately.