The temperatures outside the window are slowly starting to rise. With the changes that clearly announce spring, it's time to think about changing tyres for the summer version. If you haven't yet given a thought to this issue, we have a list of a few tyres selected by the drivers themselves. Perhaps this ranking will make it easier for you to decide. See which brands in size 175/65 R14 have received the best reviews.

175/65 R14 tires

The list is based on surveys submitted by drivers who purchased the tyres through our website and decided to review them. These opinions may be helpful for those who are hesitant about the choice of tyres for the upcoming summer season. On our website you can use our convenient database to easily find the right tyre size for your vehicle brand. We would like to size 175/65 R14 is compatible with the following car models: Honda Civic, VW Golf and Polo, Vauxhall Astra and Corsa, Peugeot 206 or Ford Fiesta.remind you that the

Ranking of 175/65 R14 summer tyres according to Oponeo users:

 * As of 28-02-2019. The scale is 1 to 5, where 5 is the best score. The average scores apply to tyres at the described size. On our website, we present reviews for each model without division into sizes.


1. Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 (4.5)

This model is well known in the premium segment. In the last season, Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 tyre was ranked 3rd among the models indicated by the drivers. Currently it is considered to be the leading product. It owes its positive reviews to the regular tests to which it is subjected. Since 2012, when this model won the ADAC and ACE/GTU tests, its market value would not fall. The manufacturers make every effort to ensure that Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 is recognized as a quality product, associated with the best performance and driving safety regardless of road and weather conditions.

Mr. Stanley praised the tyres as follows:

  • "Before I bought these tyres, I read a lot of opinions on the Internet; they were dominated by very good reviews about these tyres. Additionally, what convinced me to the purchase was that the VW Group factory fits these tyres in its cars, which for me means that if such a large corporation trusted them, then I can trust them, too. At the beginning I was a little bit worried about the price. Convinced that tyres are the only thing in a car that comes into contact with the road, I decided not to save on tyres or look for the cheapest possible products from various suppliers, often with little reliability. To this day, these tyres have never let me down, both in terms of noise emission when cruising as well as grip during emergency braking."


Continental ContiPremiumContact 5


2. Uniroyal RainExpert 3 (4.45)

Apparently, the Uniroyal model is perceived by the users as an integral part of the ranking. The RainExpert 3 has managed to defend its second place you awarded it in 2018. This is an economy-class summer season tyre. The product has gained the confidence of drivers and automotive professionals thanks to its unrivalled performance on wet roads. All through the use of modern technology which guarantees excellent performance and is also responsible for the aggressive look of this model.

Let’s find out how it feels to drive with Uniroyal RainExpert 3 tyres. Mr. Robin says that they are "great for any occasion". He supports his choice as follows:

  • "At the beginning I was driving into big puddles at a high speed when no one was nearby and I didn't even feel the lack of grip. They are extraordinarily quiet on wet roads. Rolling resistance is standard, as I do not observe a significant difference in combustion, though it is a bit lower. I don't know about the durability since I’ve been driving on them for just a month, but looking at the ‘fleshy’ tread one would like to say ‘delicious tyre".

Art, on the other hand, drew attention to the advantages of this model as a summer tyre:

  • "I was worried about how ‘rain’ tyres run on dry surface, but the present summer and temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius are not an issue to those tyres. They do not "float" and are stable in corners, especially when fitted to L.R. Discovery (weight 2.6 t). On the wet road they really are superb. Note that I drive at normal speeds, it's not a racing car."


Uniroyal RainExpert 3


3. Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact (4,4)

The Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact could not be missing from our ranking. What makes it appear again in the top five of our ranking? This is certainly due to the excellent performance maintained throughout the tyre's service life. Let’s also not forget about safety issues, for which the modern tread pattern and specially selected rubber compound are responsible. All these features have made the model particularly appreciated in extreme and changing weather conditions. Mr. Robin wrote about them:

  • "I drive a lot, mostly on  motorways – these tyres are really great. They have saved me multiple times already, e.g. during violent braking in heavy rain; they provide full control over the car. Grip in the corners is fantastic. These tyres have pleasantly surprised me with their quality and characteristics"

Christopher36 gave them the highest possible grade because, as he writes:

  • "The tyres stick to the road perfectly, they don't squeak at corners and roundabouts which I often drive on. Ideal braking on the road. I did not notice any tyre wear having driven 15 thousand kilometres. However, I noticed lower fuel consumption on Goodyear tyres. A 100 km route (cruise) at an average speed of 110 km gives a consumption of 8 litres of gas (2 L, 115 HP engine) with 3 people on board. In town, on the other hand, the gas consumption is about 9–9.5. The tyres are flexible, great when starting and driving. It's worth investing in and buying such good tyres."


Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact


4. Hankook Kinergy eco K425 (4,25)

Hankook Kinergy eco K425

Behind this model there are two features: excellent driving characteristics and ecology. The tyres will meet the expectations of demanding drivers, additionally bringing financial benefits resulting from reduced fuel consumption. Hankook Kinergy eco K425 is perfect for everyday city driving, but also for longer distances.

The advantages of this model were appreciated by Mr. Mark:

  • "The tyre behaves very well on both dry and wet roads. It is a very stable, quiet and economical tyre. Driving comfort is very good because it is very quiet and very well dampens any road unevenness while driving. At the same time it is highly economical. After the whole summer season there is practically no wear and tear. To sum up, I recommend the Hankook Kinergy Eco K4 for everyday driving on motorways, national and local roads."

Mr. Adam has a similar opinion:

  • "The tyres grip the road perfectly, they even give an impression of gluing to it–there's no question of slipping or falling out of a corner–unless you’re driving at excessive speed. Silent. I mostly drove in city, with a few cruises in between. To sum up–predictable tyres–behave as they should."


Hankook Kinergy eco K425


5. Barum Brillantis 2 (4,05)

Barum Brillantis 2 obtained an average score nearing 5. This is probably due to the high level of driving comfort, which translates into real driving pleasure. It is an economy model, which at no stage of use loses its quality, owing to the improvements applied at the design and production stages.

One of the satisfied customers is Mrs. Anne, who thinks of the Barum model:

  • "I wasn't disappointed when I bought Barum tyres. The tyres are suitable for any situation, regardless of the weather. I use them on expressways and motorways, as well as during urban driving. They have good adhesion; minor noise emission is a small drawback. Generally speaking, good quality tyres at a reasonable price."


Barum Brilliantis 2


How to choose the best tyres?

To make the right choice, you should check for information about the chosen model with many different sources. One of these would be reviews posted by such drivers just like you. 

Another important source of information about tyres from which you should actually start, is the description of the tyre. It is there where you’ll find data on the cars that the tyre is designed for, the technologies used and the available sizes.

You should also pay attention to professional tyre tests. Not all models are tested, but it is worth checking the latest results before purchasing your tyres.

Now drivers are also provided with tyre labels. It is there where you can see the 3 basic categories: noise, wet grip and fuel efficiency.