The best 175/65 R14 summer tyres 2018 according to drivers.

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Especially for those drivers who haven’t yet decided which summer tyres they want, we have prepared a summary of 175/65 R14 models that were rated highest by our customers.

The summary is based on questionnaires received from drivers who tested the tyres and decided to review them. Thanks to many favourable reviews, we were able to rank the best ones.

175/65 R14 tires

Just to remind you, 175/65 R14 tyres suit cars like Honda Civic, VW Golf, Polo, Opel Astra, Corsa, Peugeot 206 or Ford Fiesta.


175/65 R14 summer tyre ranking according to users

Tyre model

Rating (see the review) 

1. Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact

4,35 (see the rating)

2. Uniroyal RainExpert 3

4,35 (see the rating)

3. Continental ContiPremiumContact 5

4,35 (see the rating)

4. Uniroyal RainExpert

4,2  (see the rating)

5. Hankook Kinergy eco K425

4,15 (see the rating)

 * As of 28-02-2018. The scale is 1 to 6, where 6 is the best score. The average scores apply to tyres at the described size. On our website, we present reviews for each model without division into sizes.


1. Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact (4.35)

Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact is a summer tyre made by Goodyear, one of the most popular premium tyre suppliers in the world. This time, the tyre that was ranked highest is, apart from its low rolling resistance and precise braking, distinguished by a very low noise level and high comfort for users.


Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact


  • “Efficientgrip Compact, which was designed for my car, turned out to be the right choice due to its driving properties. On my first journey, I could feel felt right away that the tyres were much more silent than the previous ones. The car accelerated more smoothly, owing to the low rolling resistance. It moves like it’s on rails and with their profile, the tyres hold the car very well on bends. Another benefit is that the tyres excellently drain water when driving in the rain, which ensures good grip when travelling on wet roads. After travelling with them for about 8–9 thousand km, I didn’t notice any excessive wear. To cut a long story short, I can recommend these tyres.” — Daniel1410 wrote


2. Uniroyal RainExpert 3 (4.35)

Uniroyal RainExpert 3 are economy-class summer tyres with an asymmetric tread,which are particularly recommended, not only by experts in the automotive industry, but also by regular drivers. The secret of their exceptional performance lies in the modern Shark Skin technology, which makes the tyres unbeatable on wet roads.


Uniroyal RainExpert 3


  • “A very good tyre with very good steerability both at low temperatures in early spring and on hot days. Great grip both on dry and on wet roads. Running over puddles creates only minimal aquaplaning. The tyres drain water very well and their effect is as if they ripped into the water, not causing any ‘braking’ or ‘swinging’ of the car (...).” — Hubert

  • ‘“I have only travelled 10,000 km on these tyres, but I can already say they are superb. On wet surfaces they stick to the road as if they were glued. Also, I take a lot of sharp corners at high speeds and the car hasn’t skidded once. It’s the same with braking, being really hard to block the tyres when braking with the wheels directed forwards.” — Dawid 


3. Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 (4.35)

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 is already a veteran of tests, summaries and rankings. In 2012, the tyre won the ADAC and ACE/GTU summaries but has almost never reached the podium ever since. What brings such good results? Excellent quality, top performance and driving stability on any type of road.


Continental ContiPremiumContact 5


“I bought these tyres in the spring of 2015 (year of manufacture: 15) and have travelled around 7,500 km on them. I can barely see any traces of wear, too. The tyre is very predictable on the road. It holds the car very well on dry asphalt and even better if it's wet. The Yaris is a lightweight and light steering car. Even on very tight and demanding bends, the tyres stick to the road as if they were glued to the asphalt. It’s the same for moist, wet or even flooded asphalt. So far, with these tyres I had no problem with grip. I changed winter tyres for summer tyres quite early and had an adventure. When I was in the mountains, some wet snow fell and, surprisingly, even in these conditions (2 cm of slush) the tyre perfectly stuck to the road.” – Leszek. 


4. Uniroyal RainExpert (4.2)

Uniroyal RainExpert was the first tyre from the RainExpert series and with the passing of time its technology and performance still meet the expectations of drivers. The directional tread, characteristic of winter tyres, in this case performs excellently on a summer tyre and ensures safe driving on wet roads.


Uniroyal RainExpert


  • “I definitely recommend these tyres! I just finished my first season with them and on both wet and dry roads, the car goes as if it was glued to the surface. No slipping on bends or aquaplaning on braking, even from quite a high speed. I have never had a tyre with such good driving properties shown on wet roads. Even if I am going quickly and I run over a big puddle, the car doesn’t get knocked from its track. As for noise, my car generates a lot of noise itself, so it’s hard to say what the share is of the tyres, but they are much more silent than my winter tyres. With these tyres, I feel safe. They are sensational on wet roads and dry surfaces and they don’t squeal when cornering sharply, so there is nothing to complain about. When it comes to appearance, it depends on the taste. They look good to me. In the end, it’s not the appearance that drives your car. To sum up, the tyres are worth buying.” – Sajmek


5. Hankook Kinergy eco K425 (4,15)

Hankook Kinergy eco K425

Hankook Kinergy eco K425

Hankook Kinergy eco K425 is a proposal for drivers who expect excellent performance and low rolling resistance, which translates into reduced fuel consumption. The benefit is doubled, for your budget and for the environment.


Hankook Kinergy eco K425


  • “A low price but a very good product. I drive a lot, some 40–50 thousand km a year, mainly on national roads like the A4 and S3, and a little bit in the city. The behaviour on dry roads is very good. On wet roads, it is also very good. The only tyres that were better were UniRoyal RainExpert, but they suffered during heatwaves. Kinergy behaved perfectly during a 400C heatwave when the roads were scorching. I simply didn’t feel any difference. The level of comfort is sensational, too! Shock absorption was exceptional on uneven roads. The noise level is much lower and the perceptible rolling resistance is lower than with Dunlop or Uniroyal tyres, which I had used before. It’s quieter on the inside and, moreover, the car decelerates less. I’m also positively impressed by the low resistance when parking. It’s much easier to move the steering wheel.” 

  • “I bought these tyres because I wanted to invest in something better than the cheapest products (I came a cropper on such tyres last season), and I’m not disappointed. The tyres perform excellently. The value for money is satisfactory and I can recommend them to anyone.” – S.

summer tyres


How to choose the best tyres?

To make the right choice, you should check for information about the chosen model with many different sources. One of these would be reviews posted by such drivers just like you. 

Another important source of information about tyres from which you should actually start, is the description of the tyre. It is there where you’ll find data on the cars that the tyre is designed for, the technologies used and the available sizes.

You should also pay attention to professional tyre tests. Not all models are tested, but it is worth checking the latest results before purchasing your tyres.

Now drivers are also provided with tyre labels. It is there where you can see the 3 basic categories: noise, wet grip and fuel efficiency.

Do you want to skip all these steps but still choose the best tyre?

Call our hotline (076 604 27 03) and our experienced specialists will quickly propose a product that will perfectly suit your needs.

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