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Nexen N'Blue Premium

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48 / pc.

Nexen N'Blue Premium features

Nexen N'Blue Premium summer tyres are a very good option for thrifty drivers. The model features highly versatile and balanced summer performance regardless of driving style or road conditions.

The asymmetrical tread pattern allows very safe travel even at higher speeds. The outer part allows efficient cornering and sudden manoeuvres. The advanced groove system on the inner part disperses water efficiently, providing protection against aquaplaning. The groove layout of the tread also has a positive effect on the reduction of rolling noise. This results in a very comfortable ride even on long distances.

Nexen N'Blue Premium tyres are manufactured using a silica rubber compound. It aids grip on wet roads. This reduces braking distances, increases road holding when cornering and makes starting more efficient. The model also ensures long mileage and low rolling resistance. Combined with an attractive purchase price, this results in a very cost-effective product.


Nexen is a Korean tyre company that has been around since 1942. It has become very popular in Europe in recent years. The name Nexen comes from the conglomeration of the words 'next' and 'century', which means 'new century'. This is to highlight the brand's technological development and its huge leap in quality over the years.

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195/65 R15 91 T 51 Buy
165/65 R15 81 T 48 Buy
185/60 R15 84 T 56 Buy

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