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Nexen Roadian MTX RM7

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133 / pc.

Nexen Roadian MTX RM7 features

The summer tyre Nexen Roadian MTX RM7 belongs to the economy class. Due to its characteristic tread design, it works well on loose surfaces or in bumpy terrain. During this type of rides, grip and stability are extremely important, which the Korean manufacturer has not neglected. Particular attention was paid to terrain parameters, so that drivers can cover more distance comfortably.

The aggressive tread design and high blocks were not used by accident. It is thanks to them that even extreme driving on both soft ground and gravel is fully controlled. It is also worth noting that the double tyre sidewall design improves performance. Furthermore, wide grooves provide effective drainage of water, mud or stones, which improves grip. The wear process of Nexen Roadian MTX RM7 takes place slowly and evenly, so that the safety and comfort of travelers are maintained during operation. Given these features, Nexen Roadian MTX RM7 are durable and good for off-road enthusiasts. This model is also quiet on asphalt – for an off-road tyre.


Nexen is a tyre manufacturer with high development potential, characterised by good value for money in terms of products leaving their production line. Its offer includes summer, winter or all-season tyres for various types of vehicles. Thanks to cooperation with leading brands in the industry, these models are gaining popularity among drivers worldwide.

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