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Better tyres for rear or front

Which side should one use better tyres on? On the front or the back? What kind of system will provide us with more safety? Read the article, check out the test results and learn more.

What does too low tyre pressure lead to?

Did you know that even the best tyre models lose 30 percent of their performance if you don't maintain pressure? Read more.

How tyres affect fuel consumption

If you are wondering what effect tyres have on the level of combustion, this article is just for you. See what you can do to make your car more economical and environmentally friendly.

Summer Tyre Ranking 2019

When the weather gets warmer, drivers think about choosing new summer tyres. To make it easier for them, we have compiled a list of models recommended by opinion-forming organisations and car magazines that have carried out in-depth research.

Summer tyres - novelties for the 2019 season

See the list of selected novelties for the summer season 2019. What models are worth paying attention to? Among the presented tyres there is something for everyone, both technology enthusiasts and drivers looking for more budget solutions.

Chinese tyres - are they worth buying?

Today, the tyre market is being stormed by affordable models from Asian brands. Do Chinese tyres offer a good price-performance ratio?

How much does a tyre weigh?

Read the article and learn more about the weight of the tyre. Which parts of the tyre structure weigh the most? Are heavier tyres better? What does tyre weight and performance have in common?

The best 2019 summer tyres size 195/65 R15 according to drivers

Unsure which size 195/65 R15 tyres to choose in the coming season? Read our breakdown presenting the best models selected by our users and make the decision!

The best summer 2019 tyres in size 205/55 R16 according to drivers

Are you looking for 205/55 R16 summer tyres? Yes? Then this article is for you! See which models are most recommended by other drivers and learn why. Get inspired and make the best choice.

Best summer 2019 tyres in size 225/45 R17 according to drivers

We have prepared a summary of the best 225/45 R17 tyres rated by drivers. With our ranking, you will be able to choose the best model for the upcoming season.

Best 2019 summer tyres size 215/55 R16 according to drivers

Wondering which summer tyres to choose? Use our ranking, in which we have presented the best tyres according to drivers’ opinions. Click for more.

The best summer tyres 2019 in size 195/60 R15 according to drivers

This article presents a summary that will help you choose the best 195/60 R15 summer tyres for your car. See which models are recommended by other drivers!

The best summer 2019 tyres, size 185/65 R15 according to drivers

We present a list of the best-rated summer tyres, size 185/65 R15 according to drivers. See what models our users recommend for the coming season and choose the one that's best for you.

Best 2019 summer tyres in size 175/65 R14 according to drivers

Are you still wondering which 175/65 R14 summer tyres you should choose? Check which models were rated highest by drivers who purchased from Oponeo.

Reinforced tyres: pros and cons

What are reinforced tyres? Discover their advantages and disadvantages and find out when it is worth buying this type of tyres.

Low profile tyres: advantages and disadvantages

A low-profile tyre is a model where the side height from rim to road is relatively small in relation to its cross-section width. "Low-profile" tyres are usually used as original equipment in medium and higher class vehicles, especially in sporty , greater performance cars.

Summer tyres or all-season tyres - how to choose?

Is it worth buying summer tyres? Isn't it better to buy year-round tyres? Read and see which solution is better.

Summer tyre test ADAC 2019

Time for seasonal tyre changes? Check out the ADAC 2019 summer tyre tests and find the model that's right for you.

ADAC 2019 185/65 R15 summer tyres test

Check the ADAC 2019 test results for 185/65 R15 size tyres. Find out which tyres have performed best in the German organisation's tests and choose the ideal model for your car.

ADAC summer 2019 test of tyres size 215/65 R16

215/65 R16 is one of the most popular tyre sizes in commercial vehicles, ADAC has conducted a test of summer tyres dedicated to such vehicles. See the latest test results.

Colourful wheels – how to transform the look of your car without resorting to tuning!

Wheel manufacturers offer an extensive range of colours and designs to make your car stand out amongst the dull-looking vehicles seen on our roads. Don’t be just another anonymous driver. Read the article and let us help you choose a new colour for your wheels!

Tyre valves – don’t forget to replace them regularly

Often overlooked, tyre valves are an important wheel element. Replacing them regularly has a considerable impact on driving safety. Check how often you should replace the valves in your tyres.

Alloy wheels are just image-enhancers. Fact or myth? Check out the benefits of using alloy wheels!

Many drivers choose alloy wheels for their cars mainly due to their original design. It turns out, however, that alloy wheels are not just eye catchers...

The most common causes of tyre pressure loss

Have you ever thought about the importance of proper pressure in your car tyres and what is the purpose of the recently introduced and obligatory pressure sensors?

Rolling resistance — does it affect your budget?

Read the article and find out more about rolling resistance. Check the benefits of using tyres with low rolling resistance.

ADAC 2018 test of 175/65 R14 size summer tyres

Are you looking for the best 175/65 R14 size summer tyres? Check the results of the prestigious ADAC tests for 2018 and choose your new tyres today!

ADAC 2018 test of 205/55 R16 size summer tyres

Check which 205/55 R16 size summer tyres were tested by ADAC this year and see their ratings. Learn what is important when choosing a tyre model and be inspired before buying tyres for the new season. 

ADAC 2018 summer tyre test

See the results of the latest tyre tests carried out by ADAC, one of the most popular automotive organisations. If you are not sure what tyres to choose for your car, read this article, it will make your choice simple.

Tyres with a rim protector. Are they worth buying?

A rim protector is not a necessary feature of a tyre, but sometimes it can be very useful. Car wheels, especially in city traffic, are exposed to cracks and abrasions. High curbs, ramps and small objects pose a constant threat. The rim protector protects wheels against damage resulting from daily use.

History of Semperit tyres

It was 1850 when a small town of Wimpassing in western Austria witnessed the opening of the first rubber goods factory on the European continent. At that time cars were still associated with the steam vehicle invented by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. In 1850 Levi Strauss sewed his first pair of now legendary jeans and in Poland, Austrian authorities started to build a brick citadel around the Kosciuszko Mound. Tyres, just like the cars, remained in the realm of distant plans and bold dreams. 

Tyre’s date of manufacture – DOT code explained.

The date of manufacture of a tyre. Does it matter? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by drivers planning to purchase a new set of tyres.

Colour stripes on tyres - do you know their purpose?

Your new tyres have just arrived and you find colour stripes on them. Do you know where they come from and what they mean? If not, you should read this article.

Car Tyre Markings - A Complete Guide

See all the tyre markings used by tyre manufacturers. Check how to find the size and date of manufacture, what the load and speed index is, and what the M+S marking means.

The story of Dayton tyres

Dayton is the smallest and least known member of the Bridgestone Tyre group, although it is almost three decades older than the larger Japanese giant it belongs to. Dayton tyres were also one of the founders of American tyre power, which has its origins in various places across the state of Ohio.

The best 225/45 R17 size winter tyres according to drivers

225/45 R17 size tyres are frequently fitted to various types of cars. If you use this size and you are searching for winter tyres, then this article is for you. See what models are recommended by other drivers and choose the perfect one for you. 

The best 215/55 R16 size winter tyres according to drivers

If you're looking for winter tyres for your car, then check out our ranking! We have prepared a list of the top-rated winter tyres according to our customers.

The best 195/65 R15 size winter tyres according to drivers

When the days get colder and road conditions become more difficult, many drivers start their search for winter tyres. One of the most popular sizes is 195/65 R15 . If you belong to the group of drivers that use such models and you’re about to buy new tyres, then this article is for you. 

Tyres in the most luxurious limousines

What tyres are assembled, as original equipment, in the most elegant, most expensive, most representative limousines of brands such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maybach or Cadillac? Paraphrasing the old Rolls-Royce slogan: "The good enough ones".

Mandatory equipment for vehicle in Europe

Are you planning to visit another country in Europe? If so, you should remember that all European countries have their own rules about what equipment a vehicle is obliged to carry at all times.

The Top 10 Safest Tyres for Winter!

Have you already read most publications about winter tyres but still don’t know which ones would be best for you? Read our summary of the safest snow tyres.

Ranking of winter tyres for 2017

See the results of this year's tests carried out by automotive magazines. We hope that they will help you choose the perfect tyre for your car.

ADAC 215/65 R16 winter tyre test

If you are not sure which tyres would be the best for your car, check the results of ADAC tyre tests. Independent automotive organisations annually organise demanding tests to describe selected tyre models in detail. Check which tyre models have been tested and awarded by ADAC this year. You will certainly make the best decision!

The best 205/55 R16 winter tyres according to drivers

See the top-rated 205/55 R16 size winter tyres. Check out which products ensure your safety and comfort, even in the toughest conditions.

The best 195/60 R15 size winter tyres according to drivers

Not sure which tyre to choose for the upcoming season? Don’t know which model will be the best for your car? Check the tyres recommended by other drivers and you will find something for yourself! 

The best 175/65 R15 size winter tyres according to drivers

Choosing the right tyres for the winter is crucial for safe driving in winter conditions. Check which 175/65 R15 size tyre models are particularly recommended by users of our website!

ADAC winter tyre tests 2017/2018

Prepare yourself for the winter season. Every year, new and often innovative tyre models appear on the tyre market – but are they worth your attention? Check out our posts, in which we show the test results for many new, as well as some well-known tyres.

Front Wheel Rear Wheel or 4 Wheel Drive Cars

Typically, cars in come in three specific types: front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and 4 wheel drive. While many drivers have their own preference - such as finding a type that suits their driving style and needs - many also aren’t aware of the key differences, advantages and disadvantages of each.

How does tyre storage impact their properties?

Tyres age over time so, even when not in use, the vital properties inherent in the materials and compounds used can fade. This can result in noticeable changes in performance.

Tyre Load Index

Load Index is one of the tyre’s characteristics which you should carefully consider when choosing tyres. Find out why is it important and what are the effects of using tyres with an improper load index.

Tyre Speed Index

If you are not very confident in automotive matters and you are about to change the tyres on your car, then we have something for you –  a portion of useful information about tire speed index (what it is and why it is important). Read our article and learn about the risks asscoiated with wrongly selected tyres.

Tyre Companies Love Sports Without... Cars

When car tyre companies want to promote the quality of their latest products, motorsports is the most obvious area that you may think of. However, tyre manufacturers don’t just limit themselves here.

What Is Behind the Names of the Famous Tyre Brands?

What are the meanings of the famous tyre brands names? From a marketing point of view, they are worth a fortune and for each of the companies, they are a priceless capital in which is included their reputation, pedigree, history and traditions.

Tyres Speed Records

Ever since the first car was invented, people have pushed to make it go faster, establishing an increasingly incredible series of land speed records. Of course, we all know that a fast vehicle needs well designed tyres to support it.

Coker Tire: tires for collectors and connoisseurs

Do you need Firestone tires for a Packard A-One produced in 1899? Maybe you’re looking for new Excelsior tires for an Oldsmobile Touring Runabout 1905? Or perhaps Michelin tires for a Ferrari 250 manufactured in 1964? The list is endless! You’ll most likely find them with Coker Tire, an American company that produces original tires for hundreds of classic car models.

Five of the most unusual tire company inventions in history

Driving with glowing tires? Tires that run sideways?
Currently, such ideas remain in the sphere of our imagination, but for many years the tire industry has been developing thanks to many outstanding visionaries.
The history of tire company inventions includes many examples that never reached the stage of mass production.
We present five of them below, which, even today, seem to be too futuristic and above all, impractical.

The Advantage of New Tyres Over Used Ones - a Guide for a Responsible Driver

It's time to replace the tyres on your car. Therefore, the old dilemma comes around again: new or used? Ads posted on bidding websites are tempting. Everyone offers real bargains or last items that must go. And the honest sellers are praising the used tyres stating that they are "like new". 

Controversial, provocative, forbidden tyre advertising

Advertising a chocolate bar in a car wash operated by strippers? Advertising vodka with a housewife who employs men to - lashed with a whip - clean her apartment? Sex, violence and risky vocabulary? Such things have also happened to tyre manufacturers

Ranking of summer tyres for 2017

Not sure which tyre to choose for the upcoming season? Read our summary and find out which models are ranked by specialists as the best.

The story of Kleber tyres

When the French general Jean-Baptiste Kléber died in Cairo in 1800, the concept of a tyre industry was something people at the time could simply not even dream of. How was the general to know, then, that more than 100 years after his death, through an interesting series of events, his name would be used for one of the world’s most popular choice of car tyres?

M+S and 3PMSF tyre markings. How to check whether a tyre is suitable for winter.

Did you know that M+S marking does not necessarily indicate the winter properties of tyres? Learn why.

Tyre labels - wet grip, rolling resistance and noise level

Tyre labels are quite a controversial topic, so we decided to prepare a comprehensive article that would explain how to read the data presented on labels and exactly explain their meaning. 

Wheel width and ET (offset)

Check when you can change the wheels for wider or narrower ones and in what cases you can fit the wheels with a different offset to your car.

Wheel spacers. Does wider mean better?

When taking a closer look at tuned sports cars, we can often notice that many vehicles seem to utilise a wheelbase that is wider than the factory-produced model. This is achieved by the use of spacers, helping to push out the wheel and car tyre. Here, we will look at the various benefits and changes that come with the use of wheel spacers.

From the Racetracks to the Roads - Sports Technology in "Civil" Tyres

The presence of tyre companies at motorsports are a marketing necessity. On the other hand, it is not a goal as such, but is more of a challenge given to the technological progress.

ADAC Test of All-Season Tyres Size 205/55 R16 V

All-season tyres are a good choice for drivers who drive on short distances and do not want to worry about seasonal tyre replacement. Do you know which all-season models are best to enjoy a safe and comfortable drive throughout the year? Take at a look the results of a test conducted by the ADAC and you certainly will be able to choose the right tyres for yourself.

Pirelli Calendar for Years Has Been Catching the Eye and Arousing Emotions

Some of the tyre manufacturers are not only known for its flagship products. One of them is the cult Pirelli Calendar, which became a symbol of its own and an object of desire for collectors worldwide.

The Michelin Man - Worldwide Known Symbol of the Brand

The best logo in history? The Michelin Man. This title was awarded to the legendary Bibendum by an international panel of professionals in 2000. The Michelin Man is a timeless brand icon, which for over 100 years, has been making the French brand Michelin famous.

The Pop Culture Icons Created by Tyre Brands [Top 5]

In theory they may not directly have much in common with tyres, but thanks to them, big tyre brands have occurred on a large scale in mass culture. The non-tyre related symbols that they managed to create among others include: Michelin guides, Goodyear blimps, Pirelli calendars and Dunlop bridges.

Best 205/55 R16 summer tyres according to drivers

Looking for an easy and quick way to choose the best summer tyres for your car? Check out our ranking and find out which 205/55 R16 models are recommended by other drivers.

Best 195/65 R15 summer tyres according to drivers

Thinking about the choice of tyres for the coming summer? Have a look at the models that gave most satisfaction to the users of our portal. Take advantage of the experience of drivers like you and choose the best tyres for your car.

215/65 R16 SUV summer tyre tests – ADAC results

The ADAC organization tested summer tyres sized 215/65 R16. In this article you will find information about the best models for your car, making it easier to make a purchase and get a better idea of ​​the top tyres on the market.

195/65 R15 summer tyre tests – ADAC results

Are you thinking of buying summer tyres? Maybe you don’t know which model to choose? Take a look at which models have passed the rigorous testing conducted by the ADAC organization and see which one deserves your attention.

Testing 195/65 R15 economy summer tyres for 2016

When it comes to choosing tyres, price is a very important factor. Many drivers often choose the cheapest models available, but can you choose a cheap tyre that is also safe? We’ve compiled test results of various summer economy tyres to show these possibilities.

Testing 225/45 R17 summer tyres for 2016

When it comes to buying new summer tyres, safety is important. In this article, we will advise you on the best 225/45 R17 summer tyres to buy, based on the results of a test conducted by Germany’s GTÜ.

Car Suspension Systems: How It Influences Driving

How important is your car suspension systems? We explore the purposes of suspension and how a damaged system can damage your tyres and driving experience.

Steering Systems: Understanding The Forces Of Front Wheel Turning

How does your front wheel steering system influence your car? Learn about the physical forces at work on your wheels here!

Steering Systems: Understanding The Forces Of 4x4 Turning

How does a 4x4 steering system influence your car? You can read up on the physical forces that take place while turning here!

The Current State Of EU Tyre Labels

EU tyre labels can not be used on their own to make a worthwhile purchase so, with a new review process coming in, how useful are they?

Aquaplaning: How Wet Surfaces Actually Influence Your Driving

It still rains in the summer, so there’s still a chance of aquaplaning. So, what is aquaplaning and how can the right wet performance tyres help?

User Tests Of 2016 Summer Motorcycle Tyres

Summer is approaching, so a change of motorcycle tyres will make the most of the summer weather conditions.

The best summer tyres according to manufacturers for 2014

See the best summer tires recommended by manufacturers for the 2014 season. Check out what tires are worth paying attention in this year.

The best summer tyres 175/65 R14 T for 2014

Check out the best tyres in size 175 65 R14 T selected by users. Read and choose the optimal tyre for you and your car.

The best summer tyres 195/65 R15 V for 2014

Tyres in size 195/65 R15 V are most often found on mind-range and compact vehicles. In this article you should find out how best to select the moist suitable tyres and learn which are the best models in this size.

ADAC test: the best summer tyres for 2014

See which tyre models are the most successful in ADAC tests for the summer season 2014. Find out how versatile performance they are characterised by and check if they provide more economical ride.

User tests of 205/55 R16 summer tyres for 2014

Check what summer tires in size 205/55 R 16 are considered the best by OPONEO users . Find out which tires are recommend by other drivers and choose the ideal model for your car .

Tests of 205/60 R16 winter tyres according by users for 2014/2015

Check which tyres featuring size 205/60 R15 have been acknowledged to be the best ones according to users. This list will provide you some knowledge about that which models the other drivers would recommend and you can also select the winter tyres which are the best match for your car and style of driving.


Tests of 195/65 R15 winter tyres according by users for 2014/2015

Tyres 195/65 R15-size are distinguished by their great popularity because of fact that they fit perfectly many different car models. Nevertheless, it is hard to select a specific tyre especially if the customer display hundreds of different tyres manufactured by various companies . In hindsight on the large amount of available tyres we decided to limit ourselves to describe five models which our users have estimated highly.


Wet weather tyres - which tyres are the best?

Rain tyres are the best match for the water-covered road surfaces. We will provide advice about rain tyres.


Winter tyres - Why should you change them?

You should mount the winter tyres to your care because the rubber compounds applied in the summer tyres lose their useful properties: e.g. flexibility, grip when the temperature falls below 7°C.


Hub diameter, wheel central bore and spigot rings

When it comes to the various characteristics and factors of a wheel, the central bore size is a parameter which is commonly ignored. Yet, this can be rather in effective when buying new car wheels, as the wrong diameter can have so problematic consequences.

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