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Avon Tyres

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Avon tyres originate from The United Kingdom. The company's history starts in the end of the 19th century. In 1997 the brand became a part of the American Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. Since 2000 the high quality of Avon tyres allowed them to be provided to the F2000 Championships in the USA. Due to their high performance and good opinion amongst drivers, Avon tyres to this day are installed as basic amenities into such luxury cars as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover and Morgan. We offer Avon tyres in our selection of tyres.

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Avon Tyres for the winter season

Our customer's opinions:
  • Neil 4.3 111150

    Avon Ice Touring

    Drive about 13,000 miles a year, I find that I get about 8000 miles or seven months on the fronts without worrying swap, just keep the rear, maybe 18 months. I use my Kangoo Break as a van and it is quite low due to the load (non-excessive burden) I had about three complete sets and find the right tires in summer and in winter, especially in the wet. (I've also tried Continental Eco Contact 3 XL on the forehead and they are complete rubbish - 5000 miles and over the wire), I found the Have are excellent value and its better to have when it's already cold or wet as opposed to wishing you had them when it is cold. More >
  • Glen84 4.8 111150

    Avon Ice Touring ST

    Really really recommend these tires, they perform superbly during the winter months in the UK. Never ran those tires in summer I swap summer wheels during the warmer months. The Grip, wear, noise, the price of these tires are all fantastic and more than a match for so-called "premium" brands. I also launches Yeti equipped with a set of Goodyear Ultra Grip 9 of which are highly overrated tires in my opinion. So much so that, for replacement, I just bought a set of Avon Ice Touring ST. At the price of Chinese imports cheap do & British manufacturing a favor by trying these quality tires underestimated. More >
  • Pav 3.7 111500

    Avon Ice Touring ST

    The snow tire works very well, standing in the road, never buried, it happened to me with previous tires. Wet and dry when the temperature fluctuates 7-8 degrees cos color floor do not feel confident users on other corners at higher speeds. But overall grip is very good. The advantage is a small tire abrasion, I rolled over about 7000 km, aggressive riding and it seems to me that the tread is gone. I have a BMW e46, 2 liters, 185 hp. More >
  • SLD 4.6 111150

    Avon Ice Touring ST

    Running chipped GTDwith 240 hp and a torque of 500 nm allows even standard tires squirm, but was really happy to have done 5000 miles tires and only took 2 mm. Conti Sport Contact 2 took 3.5 even. Only 10K miles normally get on the front in summer / all time. Suspect these will have more and 10K 3mm. Impact on high speed pothole hard enough to bend the outer surface of the alloy 10mm tires remained inflated with no visible tire damage. More >
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