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x Reinforced tyres

Every single tyre has its load index. This index is determined by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation. Reinforced tyres have higher load capacity than standard ones. Therefore, they can easily meet the requirements that they are faced in cars that carry heavier loads.

x Run Flat tyres

Run on Flat tyres allow driving ater a pressure loss, eg. as a result of tyre puncture. Driving on a punctured tyre is possible for about 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph.

Dunlop Tyres

Tyres Dunlop

Dunlop tyres are in the premium market segment and many drivers have long associated the brand with its involvement in motorsports. The company has years of experience gained under the toughest conditions, such as at those encountered at racetracks. Dunlop-brand tyres are characterised by their very high performance and they make use of state-of-the-art technological breakthroughs, ensuring you can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.

These tyres have sports in their DNA, and it should therefore come as no surprise that Mercedes-AMG has chosen the company as its official partner for technology applied in motorsports. Other premium brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Renault and Jaguar also choose Dunlop to improve the performance of their luxury vehicles. The capabilitires of Dunlop tyres are regularly appreciated and praised in tests carried out by leading motoring organisations.

Dunlop tyres will appeal to drivers who like to drive dynamically and expect something more than just reliability from their tyres. If you like to feel the thrill of driving a sports car, and driving is your passion, then the tyres Dunlop has to offer are certainly for you.

Interesting facts:

The company's beginnings date back to John Boyd Dunlop, who was the first to patent the pneumatic tyre, a tyre filled with air for improved comfort. Initially, the tyres were used for bicycles.

In the early 1960s, Dunlop engineers discovered aquaplaning, which enabled the development of tyres that drain water away quickly, significantly improving safety on wet surfaces.

Another of Dunlop's exceptional achievements is 3S technology, which allows the development of tyres that are safe, comfortable and resistant to wear, all at the same time. This solution led to a new standard in the production of tyres.

Dunlop developed one of the first tyres that enabled continued driving after a puncture — this was the Denovo model, equipped with a DSST system, introduced in the 1970s.

When it comes to motorsports, the company can be proud of it’s long series of successes in the gruelling 24 Hours of Le Mans race, as well as 8 championship titles and 82 wins in the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Summer tyre ranking Dunlop

Summer tyre ranking is a list of the best rated tyres. It is based on our user reviews. Up to now we have over 50000 opinions. Below you can see the best models according to this list.

summer tyre Review 5.0 11111 (1 Review)
summer tyre Review 4.6 111160 (13 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.6 111160 (3 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.5 111150 (417 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.5 111150 (1017 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.4 111140 (1 Review)
summer tyre Review 4.4 111140 (1 Review)
summer tyre Review 4.3 111130 (3 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.3 111130 (53 reviews)

Winter tyre ranking Dunlop

Winter tyre ranking is a list of the best rated tyres. It is based on our user reviews. Up to now we have over 50000 opinions. Below you can see the best models according to this list.

winter tyre Review 4.5 111150 (148 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.5 111150 (66 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.4 111140 (153 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.3 111130 (4 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.3 111130 (2 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.1 111110 (253 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.0 11110 (107 reviews)
winter tyre Review 3.7 111700 (296 reviews)
winter tyre Review 3.3 111300 (72 reviews)

Newest products

The newest Dunlop tyres at New Dunlop models with latest technological solutions.

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    Dunlop SP Streetresponse 2

    Dunlop Streetresponse 2 Dunlop Streetresponse 2 is a Premium class tyre for the summer season ...

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    Dunlop SP Sport 01

    Tyre details: The Dunlop SP Sport 01 offers outstanding performance and a pleasant drive in ...


Best sellers are the most popular Dunlop tyres among our webshop users. These Dunlop models have the best mileage, price and quality.

Most recent reviews

Summer tyres Dunlop

Tyre Summer Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse

Excellent tires for a reasonable price
Rating: 4.7 111170

I bought Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse of 205/55R16 size this year. I made a few thousand kilometers on them, and I must say, I'm happy and surprised by this choice. Why am I sur-prised? Because although they are signed as 'sport' they are really comfortable, quiet and eco-nomical. After you change your tyres to these ones, you might not recognize your car. I had an impression as if my car was on rails, since when I was going through corners with high speed, these Dunlop's have not lost any grip. These tyres offer a phenomenal muffling and do great on uneven roads. Before those, I had Michelin tyres fitted on my car. Although both of those brands are high class, the difference was huge. I mean, Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse are bet-ter. In the past, when I was driving from Germany to Poland, which is the route I often drive through, with the speed of 150-170kph I had a fuel consumption of around 8,2l/100km. Now, with the new the consumption dropped to 7,3l/100km! This is great! As for the rainy condi-tions, I no longer feel uncertain while driving at high speed on the wet road. As for the wear-ing of these tyres, I cannot really give an opinion, since I did not notice any wear or damage inflicted on them. To sum things up, Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse put together a sport tyre's grip on the corners with street tyre's comfort on long routes. If this isn't enough, they also have an outstanding fuel economy! I got no plans of switching to different tyres, since I be-lieve there is no model that would beat this one. If I'll be in need of buying another set, I'd buy those Dunlop's from Oponeo again without hesitating. I really recommend them.

Tyre Summer Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse

The best in its class.
Rating: 5.0 11111

First of all, I recommend Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse! I ride mostly on the roads with my Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDI. The previous tyres that I had fitted, were Barum Brillantis, and Dunlops are incomparably better! I fitted Dunlops for the summer and can now summarize the 20.000 kilometers I have made on them, before switching to winter tyres. First thing I paid attention to is braking. My car stopped way faster than on the previous tyres. Apart from that, I have an impression that they are kind of soft, and behave great on uneven surfaces. As for the noise, it is a bit hard for me to comment on that, since I drive a TDI, so the engine is quite noisy. Sometimes though, I stepped hard on a pedal and listened to the sound. It was quiet and pleasant. Another thing is fuel consumption. I managed to drop the gas usage from 5l/100km to 4.5l/100km. I am happy with this result. In my opinion Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse endurance is about 50.000 kilometers or in other words 2 seasons. As for on how they behave on the highway. They disperse water very well and the grip is tight. While corner-ing, there are no problems too. But when I got into a tight curve, I heard a bit of noise on the side. Then they went quiet. On the dry road, the overall feel is as if you were driving on rails. They grip the road like there’s no tomorrow. It is important, since I care about suspension and all that, so I wouldn’t like it to be damaged over time. Just to sum up, I’d recommend Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse to anyone!

winter tyres Dunlop

opona Winter Dunlop Winter Sport 5

Quiet and easy to drive on
Rating: 4.3 111130

I'm not a tyre specialist, but my impression on this tyre, when I compire it to Continental 850 or Michelin Alpin 4 are very positive and I can recommend this model of Dunlop. My driving is quite aggressive and I usually drive in between the cities. Much less in the city and on the highway. In dry this tyre is just the best. On the wet surface, it holds on well while cornering, but if you brake too hard, you can start drifting despite the ABS. Wet road and leaves on the road: on this type of surface I also happened to drive and on the straight part of the road it's fine, but cornering is not perfect. However still fine. I did not drive in a big snow but in a thin layer I'm kind of surprised. It grips well as if it was going to find the hitch. Ice: unfortunately, no tyre can handle it well. Too much braking and you'll start sliding. In my case, it was enough to get off the ice, for example on the roadside or on an unused part of the road and it was fine. Noise: the tyre is really quiet. Rolling resistance and fuel combustion - let's not be ridiculous, no one is able to evaluate that without the special equipment. Funny how sometimes people write that "the car burns less now" and they're compare conditions in the summer to winter. Remember that the new tyres mean an easy driving because unfortunately the car is floating like crazy, but after beating the distance they maintain beautiful especially during cornering. I hope this comment is helpful.

opona Winter Dunlop Winter Sport 5

Great tyre
Rating: 5.0 11111

On this tyre I have driven less than 3000 miles so there is nothing to judge yet. First of all in this class sometimes bad tyres happens as well (I couldn’t balance one out of four that I previously had) but this time the exchange went smoothly. As for tyres: they’re quiet, the grip is fine on dry asphalt. So far I’ve tested them on ice sprinkled with fresh snow and they are very good. Breaking went fine. I have 4x4 drive and the car accelerates just like on wet asphalt - for me that’s a revelation. At high speeds also I can’t hear these tyres. When it comes to wear I thisnk it should be enough for 30000 miles because of the warmth in winter wright now and frequent temperatures above 5 degrees. They ideally feel the moment when the slippage occurs and give you a trouble-free ability to cope with the situation. For me, when my car weighs 2 tons the catch during slipping is important. When it's happening these tyres give grip and I can feel comfortable. Heavy engine guarantees me that the front will hold on and the rear axle will slip, so it is easy to pull off the car. I personally can recommend this tyre. In conclusion, other tyres are also good, but these are the quietest I've ever had. And in the New Year I wish all even roads, low fares and goodwill on the road. PS. They also look good (for those who pay attention to the look).

Average rating of the tyres: 3.76 based on 4664 reviews

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