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x Reinforced tyres

Every single tyre has its load index. This index is determined by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation. Reinforced tyres have higher load capacity than standard ones. Therefore, they can easily meet the requirements that they are faced in cars that carry heavier loads.

x Run Flat tyres

Run on Flat tyres allow driving ater a pressure loss, eg. as a result of tyre puncture. Driving on a punctured tyre is possible for about 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph.

Firestone Tyres

Tyres Firestone

What does the word “Firestone” make you think of? If you're visiting this site, you'll certainly say "tyres", and rightly so. Yet, these tyres aren't so ordinary; these are exceptionally refined products that, over the years, have been designed with security and reliability in mind. Firestone tyres inspire future generations of drivers on the roads and racetracks.

Did you know that Firestone has long been active in the field of motorsports? From its first years in the tyre sector, this brand has participated in the Indianapolis 500 race. To date, nothing has changed. It is worth noting that the racetrack is the best testing ground for tyres. Experience gained in the toughest races allows you to design and produce better tyres that ensure control of the car in different road conditions. Firestone tyres mean not only a high level of security, but also excellent value for money (the brand ranks in the middle market segment).

Firestone has a very wide range of products ranging from winter tyres, summer tyres and all-season tyres, including for lorries and delivery vans, to specialised agricultural tyres. This brand's tyres are valued very highly by customers and rank highly in tests conducted by leading automobile clubs and automotive magazines.

Interesting facts:

Akron is an American city commonly referred to as the capital of the tyre industry. It is here that brands such as BFGoodrich, Goodyear and Firestone were created. Firestone was founded in 1900 and still remains one of the most popular brands in the world.

The brand's founder, Harvey Firestone, was a very respectable figure. His closest friends were Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. They were called the "Millionaires' Club" because they were friends, spent family holidays together and sometimes jointly multiplied their fortunes (Firestone was a tyre supplier for Ford for years).

Today, the Firestone brand belongs to the Japanese company Bridgestone.

Summer tyre ranking Firestone

Summer tyre ranking is a list of the best rated tyres. It is based on our user reviews. Up to now we have over 50000 opinions. Below you can see the best models according to this list.

summer tyre Review 4.5 111150 (5 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.4 111140 (66 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.3 111130 (251 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.2 111120 (1 Review)
summer tyre Review 4.0 11110 (67 reviews)
summer tyre Review 3.8 111800 (2 reviews)

Winter tyre ranking Firestone

Winter tyre ranking is a list of the best rated tyres. It is based on our user reviews. Up to now we have over 50000 opinions. Below you can see the best models according to this list.

winter tyre Review 4.2 111120 (4 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.2 111120 (126 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.0 11110 (179 reviews)
winter tyre Review 3.8 111800 (82 reviews)
winter tyre Review 3.6 111600 (745 reviews)
winter tyre Review 3.6 111600 (38 reviews)

Newest products

The newest Firestone tyres at New Firestone models with latest technological solutions.

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    Firestone TZ300

    Tyre details: Firestone TZ300 is a durable and resistant tyre that performs well in any ...

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    Firestone FHSZ90

    Products technical description is not available yet.


Best sellers are the most popular Firestone tyres among our webshop users. These Firestone models have the best mileage, price and quality.

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    Firestone Roadhawk

    Information on the tyre: The Firestone Roadhawk summer tyres targets mainstream motorists ...

Most recent reviews

Summer tyres Firestone

Tyre Summer Firestone TZ300

If buying wit discount price
Rating: 3.8 111800

In all my life I drove over 110000 km (70k with Seicento and 40 k with Mondeo MK3) before I started graded tyres, so maybe there is not much, but let’s go to the point. The surface malformations hardly felt like the wheel itself complete the hole is absolutely does not change the direction of travel, if raining or sun shining goes like on rails. Firestone TZ300 On the straight road and the on the corners established that the driver wants to turn when it rains immediately distributes water on the sides, but beware of heavy rain (storm) after exceeding 90 km/h clearly felt aquaplaning for some, it is an advantage because they know when they are released (suits me, even if a bit too early, it should be somewhere around 110 km / h) for others it will default as a surface dryer is absolutely great, stick to the road superbly, large depreciation, rapid and effective additional braking, as the slippery surface, ie. some fell into the rain and the sun shines, or the pavement is a little damp, and therefore slippery me you really need to be careful and make correction for the distance to another car, because braking can find behind its predecessor, with me immediately turns on the ABS system, because the wheels lose traction, which for example. do not show the same conditions the previous year Fulda, so I think that with a reduced price is it worth buying.But for normal price is not!

Tyre Summer Firestone TZ300

Good all-round tire.
Rating: 4.2 111120

The tyre last for 3 or 4 seasons. I am an aggressive driver. Burnouts , roundabouts driffting. Always enjoying my time in the car. The tires do not bad. First of all: I jumped over the curb. On the fault of the road maintenance- not my fault. My wife also had some bad experience. Tires survived. Both cases should damage tyre totally. Firestone TZ300 are really good tyres. Big applause. Tread ware wise - tires with over 30000 km are still in good condition. With my driving style style, I do not think they are ware quick. In my opinion tyres will last for 50k. Traction wise- this is not a racing tyre so you cannot achieve excellence results. I understand the soft tyres easy loss the grip, soft skid. Care is easy to drive on a wet grip as well. No surprises. Congratulations. Comfort - excellent. No noise from 0 to 200 kmh. They are not too hard. In addition to jump over the curbs made on them as the average speed of 200 kilometres per hour. Made on them 1,000 kilometres in the day. The tyre does not mind and is still on the car. Again - well done :) Should I buy again? Probably not, because I want to try something else out of curiosity. Do I recommend? For vehicles having a power of about 100-120KM per tonne without hesitation. Very good tyre with an excellent combination of features that make it a product of the golden mean.

winter tyres Firestone

opona Winter Firestone Winterhawk 3

I fully recommend these tyres as they have never let me down.
Rating: 4.3 111130

It really is a good tyre. In this price I was looking for some Dunlops but I have found these new tyres from Firestone at the last moment before the purchase. I admit that in this year the winter was not hard but they have nevertheless proved themselves during the whole winter season. Very good grip on both dry and wet surface. The ESP system had to activate sporadically. I do not know how would it be in a heavier vehicle but I can recommend these tyres to be used in compact cars. I have already tested the Michelin Alpin and now, in my second car, I have the Goodyear tyres so I have a possibility to compare them in terms of various features. Good tyres that I would like to highly recommend.

opona Winter Firestone Winterhawk 3

Brilliant tyres! I would like to recommend them to everybody who wants to drive safely in winter conditions.
Rating: 5.0 11111

I am not a slow driver. I am driving rather fast, especially outside the city and I have to admit that these tyres gave me a possibility to develop a quite high speed (70-100 mph) on the unploughed roads! My car is sticked to the road and I have never had any problems with an aquaplaning. I have not exchanged these winter tyres for summer ones yet because they are pretty good in summer conditions as well, especially in corners. The tyres provide safe driving in all weather conditions, good traction and low rolling resistance.

Average rating of the tyres: 3.80 based on 2712 reviews

Tyre models Firestone

All Firestone models available in our offer. You can choose a specific Firestone model out of summer, winter or all season tyres.

Summer tyres

Check the offer for Firestone summer tyres. Summer tyres can be used from spring to autumn. Choose the best Firestone summer tyre for you.

Winter tyres

Check the offer for Firestone winter tyres. Winter tyres should be used when the temperature drops below 7°C. Choose the best Firestone winter tyre for you.

All season tyres

Check our offer for Firestone all season tyres. All season tyres are a compromise between summer and winter tyres. Choose the best Firestone all season tyre for you.


See our offer for summer, winter and all season tyres by Firestone. Every Firestone tyre is dedicated for a different season and conditions.