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Goodyear Tyres

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Goodyear guarantees the highest performance and excellent driving comfort, regardless of weather conditions. Do you appreciate safety but, at the same time, don't want to sacrifice excellent performance due to surface types or the weather? Then Goodyear tyres are the perfect solution for you.

Thanks to the highest quality materials and meticulous checks at every stage of the production process, these tyres have earned the trust of drivers worldwide. This brand's tyres are made using modern technology, and the company's product line is constantly being expanded and perfected. As a result, you will definitely find tyres that perfectly match both your car and your driving style.

Goodyear is not the company's only brand, as Dębica, Dunlop, Fulda and Sava also belong to the group. In addition to tyres, the company also supplies the market with the industrial hoses, conveyor belts, chemical materials and other industrial components.

Interesting facts:

The American company was named after Charles Goodyear, although he had nothing to do with the company. It was a way of honouring him — Goodyear was an inventor who laid the foundations for the modern rubber industry.

Goodyear's research department obtained dozens of key patents, and not just for the automotive industry. Other examples include a material used in medicine for manufacturing heart valves and artificial joints.

The business credits its financial success in the early 20th century to agreements like the one it had with Henry Ford. Thanks to this agreement, Goodyear tyres appeared on the first mass-produced passenger car, the Ford Model T.

One of the most important symbols of the Goodyear brand is its self-manufactured airships, which are now mainly used for advertising purposes.

Every fifth tyre bought worldwide currently has a winged-foot logo on it or originates from a company belonging to Goodyear.

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Our customer's opinions:
  • Nolfum 4.8 111150

    Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance

    Hello, I bought the tyres in spring 2013, I had the opportunity to use them until October this year. Distance made at this time is about 25,000 km. Tyres are quiet and comfortable, even at highway speeds. I have not noticed the fuel savings, they are doing very well in the wet, even in winter conditions (I did not have such a good wet tyre), only deeper snow is a problem. As for durability, you can only see wear on the drive axle, but they should be able to handle 80,000 km. I recommend the tyre and probably I will decide again on this model. More >
  • Rafał 4.5 111150

    Goodyear Ultra Grip 7+

    On snow and slush I had a bit of a surprise when braking, if the snow was icy understand, but some places inhibition was very poor. I do not know if it is really a matter of tires and the road was so slippery. More >
  • Michael 5.0 11111

    Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance

    I mainly use my car to city drive and somethimes on motorway.I was looking for tyres wich give me safety and comfort becouse drive with a child in the seat very often.It was most important thing for me. Other requirements were indicative, often based on opinion for durability, reliability, noise or structure of the tyre. I also received a lto o positives revievs from my friend wich tested Goodyear tyres during his trip to Europe. I think there were designed for more demanding drivers. They are very durable. They are resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage and abrasions.. The Goodyear - Efficientgrip Performance tyres provide a good grip and safety on a road in dry and wet condition and More > that is why I do recommend them to all who look for reliable and safty tyres.
  • gerth 4.8 111150

    Goodyear Vector 4Seasons

    Changed car, the Zafira has 4Seasons Goodyeary and verified is just great. In winter, summer, no problem. Even under severe rozjezdzonym hill with snow / ice broke, but a board without a problem (for years I was doing pirouettes there, but this corner ...). Great weapon in August by aquaplanningiem or how it is called (the water in the ruts), very stable. I drove a thousand each, 1/3 of the trailer and it was really unbreakable (permanent) - the fact that they drive safely. ------------------ If someone really wanted to find fault with August are ContiPremium been Continetal were calmer and more enjoyable - you know, it looks more like 4Seasons winter tyre is so beautiful. As for burning More > more high / low - have not noticed, then how is it minimal. I recommend!
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