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Recommended tyres winter tyres Goodyear

Goodyear Ultra Grip 8

266 reviews

From 145 pc.
Goodyear Ultra Grip 7+

114 reviews

From 124 pc.
Goodyear UG 8 Performance

70 reviews

From 124 pc.

In our offer, we have 14 Goodyear tyre models
priced from 79 € to 775 €.

Goodyear car tyres

Goodyear Ultra Grip 9+
From 79 pc.
Goodyear UG Performance G1

41 reviews

From 113 pc.
Goodyear UG Performance 2

31 reviews

From 132 pc.

Goodyear 4x4 tyres

Goodyear Ultra Grip + SUV

26 reviews

From 167 pc.

15 reviews

From 180 pc.
Goodyear UG Performance SUV G1

1 review

From 196 pc.

Goodyear Van tyres

Goodyear Cargo UG2

14 reviews

From 139 pc.

Our customers' opinions on Goodyear tyres:

  • DonAndress 5.0

    Goodyear Ultra Grip 9

    The tires on the snow and the humidity are a kind of revelation. First of all, of course, I searched the net for tests and their results worked well. On a daily basis, a woman drives a car, so the tire, in addition to the grip, must also be durable, for example when driving on the curbs - 8k km and for now the tires are still whole. Grip on the snow is great, even for a light hill, there is no problem. It's not worse on wet, you can probably go to the corners quite easily. On dry, I think it's very good, we must take the correction that it is not summer. I recommend. See more >
  • Silent4moment 4.6

    Goodyear UG 8 Performance

    Very good tires. Some of the few who have the speed V index in size 215/60 R16. Driving on them is a pure pleasure, they probably stay in turns, they are doing very well on snow, slush and dry surfaces. They are slightly stronger than summer tires, but not very heavy. After about 30,000 kilometers, there was 6 mm at the front, 7 mm behind. I really recommend it. See more >
  • Inglor 4.0

    Goodyear UG Performance G1

    When I got the tires seemed to be a little soft. There was a slight delay on the steering input. Let the tires became a little steeper, with the use or I do not notice. The winter was mild but I encounter snow falling snow and a light coat of powder snow one evening. There was not to lose traction and the car was let behaved at all times. I am surprised several times out of the car on an ice parking and realize just how slippery conditions where. The car broke taken once on an untreated road. He broke the grip of the four wheels, but quickly recovered. Winter tires do not make you invulnerable but for a rear wheel drive BMW they provide better traction in winter. Winter tires are summer See more > sports tires. They can not take the same amount of energy as summer tires. I can feel some flexibility if the energy is applied, but you should not drive at full speed in winter. However, they are much quieter than summer tires and offer a more comfortable ride. Anyone who buys these tires would need to set their expectations accordingly. It remains debatable whether you need winter tires in the UK. However, the winter days when you get stuck and have no traction, you'll be sorry you did not have them.
  • Marcin z Katowic 5.0

    Goodyear Ultra Grip 8

    The best winter tires I had. The snow stick to the road as on dry asphalt. Even on the ice to listen to the car. Not scary, it can rain in summer conditions. Just perfect tire. You forget what oversteer and understeer. We urge all those who intend to invest in safety and does not disappoint. Tires worth the money. See more >