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Vredestein Tyres

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If tyres were ranked according to appearance, Vredestein would certainly take first place. Models from this premium brand are designed in collaboration with Giorgetto Giugiaro, who won the main prize in the 1999 competition to decide who was the best car designer of the 20th century. Vredestein tyre treads, consequently, are extremely dynamic and stylish.

In addition to their attractive design, Vredestein tyres demonstrate excellent performance parameters. Proof of this can be found in their top positions in ADAC tests obtained by the popular Sportrac 5 model.

The Vredestein product line includes summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres for passenger cars, vans, lorries, cars with 4-wheel drive and bicycles. Vredestein is one of few manufacturers to constantly produce new tyres for retro cars.

Interesting facts:

Vredestein's origins date back to 1909. At the beginning, the factory mainly produced tennis balls, rubber floor coverings, shoes and other related products. In 1934, the factory burned down, and after being rebuilt, it started producing bicycle tyres.

After World War II, Vredestein partnered with the American company BFGoodrich, and the new company's office was located in Enschede. The Profilux tyre model was sold in paper packaging to emphasize its uniqueness. It was to be something more than just an ordinary tyre.

In the 1950s, the tyre brand was advertised with a drawing of a woman, named Profilientje, who was dressed in traditional Dutch costume. When the Masterlux model appeared on the market, she was replaced by the slender Masterlientje, who ran forward in a bold, tailor-made suit. It was a symbol of the leap forward at the time.

The Vredestein brand is now part of Apollo Tyres. It is worth noting that the company’s traditions have been preserved and its tyres are still manufactured in Enschede.

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Opinions of our clients about Vredestein tyres:

The opinions about Vredestein tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • maciej2001 4.8 111150

    Vredestein Hi-Trac 185/70 R14

    I tyres founded in 2 Punto 1.2 16v 80 bhp with automatic Speedgear. I had the original 165 were already low. For those tyrech I calmly into the corner for example 130-150km/ha the other max 110 kmh Tires are very quiet and virtually no rolling resistance. I need to turn quickly started tyre popiskiwać.Myślę at all that my opinion is meaningless since I was twelve cars and opon.Jeżdżę fairly quickly and aggressively tyres and has never failed me. Vredasteiny also have winter tires. I also have a lot of experience in driving because I have almost the whole alphabet on the license B, C, D, E. I highly recommend Maciej More >
  • cze 4.4 111150

    Vredestein Sportrac 3 205/55 R16

    Tires over 65 thousand. miles are still in very good condition. Unfortunately, there is increasingly strong, but this is normal since abrasion. They keep the curves perfectly (of course much to give here a car). My casting tends to reverse, but despite this, the tires are holding up well and quickly catch traction. More >
  • Hamish 5.0 11111

    Vredestein Sprint Classic 165/80 R15

    Equipped with a 1961 Daimler SP250 2.5L V8 not in the list of very good time watching the vehicles tires mounted on original steel wheels. They perform very well provide a good grip on wet and dry. Gives good feedback which gives confidence in the tires. Low mileage consumption so can not comment on the wear. But the cost is such that I do not have to worry. My car is open, so the road noise is not a problem. Other recommended tires for this car are the Michelin XAS. are very expensive and can not be much better. These tires are made have a good compound and lead and even when you're on the move "properly" ;-) More >
  • turururu 4.2 111150

    Vredestein T-Trac 145/70 R13

    Great tyres purchased this season led to more than 3000 km and not lost everything Italian. After firestonach Debica and ask what is the fuel consumption is a radical change was not known after the winter fell. but examination exceeded supposedly vehicles is about 50 m higher. clearances Debica can honestly recommend :-). At first they tried a little bit, I must admit that long firestonki to slip. I bought about 12 zł on the more expensive it is probably a good price Debica tire. More >
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