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x Reinforced tyres

Every single tyre has its load index. This index is determined by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation. Reinforced tyres have higher load capacity than standard ones. Therefore, they can easily meet the requirements that they are faced in cars that carry heavier loads.

x Run Flat tyres

Run on Flat tyres allow driving ater a pressure loss, eg. as a result of tyre puncture. Driving on a punctured tyre is possible for about 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph.

Pirelli Tyres

Tyres Pirelli

Pirelli is one of those names that everyone associates with cars, sports and tyres. The brand's history goes hand in hand with the history of cars. Since their beginning, Pirelli tyres have accompanied vehicles and their drivers in the toughest conditions — at rallies, at races and during intensive everyday driving. The brand's tyres currently constitute the official equipment of Formula 1 cars.

The fact that Pirelli tyres are associated with the motorsport does not mean that the brand is not fitted on "ordinary" cars. On the contrary! The company has some very interesting products on offer for various types of drivers, be it summer tyres, winter tyres or even all-season tyres. This is evidenced by the many awards received from tests and positive user feedback.

Pirelli tyres can be successfully fitted to vehicles ranging from compact cars to typical sports models. These products are characterised by excellent performance, both in town and on the road, and resistance to wear. Pirelli tyres offer high performance in terms of safety, driving comfort and cost-effectiveness. These reliable tyres are for the discerning driver.

This brand has a lot to offer, including tyres for lorries, motorcycles and agricultural vehicles. These tyres also fall into the premium category.

Interesting facts:

Pirelli was founded by Giovanni Battista Pirelli in 1872, making it one of the oldest tyre manufacturers in the world. It is now considered the fifth largest tyre company. It also includes brands such as Metzeler, Formula, Courier and AGOM.

One of Pirelli's most recognizable initiatives is its famous calendar containing photographs of nude models, which is has published since the 1960s.

In the 1980s, the company invented and marketed low-profile tyres, which have become the most significant innovation since the introduction of the radial tyre.

Pirelli also has an architectural symbol in the centre of Milan — Pirelli Tower, the company's head office, a 127-m skyscraper, a masterpiece of post-war modernism that opened in 1960.

In the 1990s, Pirelli almost merged with Continental, but the prepared merger did not come to fruition.

The Pirelli name was used to sign a limited edition of the first-generation Volkswagen Golf in 1983. The Golf GTI Pirelli model was repeated in 1999 and 2007.

Pirelli has sponsored the Inter Milan football team for many years.

Summer tyre ranking Pirelli

Summer tyre ranking is a list of the best rated tyres. It is based on our user reviews. Up to now we have over 50000 opinions. Below you can see the best models according to this list.

summer tyre Review 5.0 11111 (1 Review)
summer tyre Review 4.5 111150 (127 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.5 111150 (31 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.4 111140 (87 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.3 111130 (73 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.3 111130 (195 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.2 111120 (51 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.2 111120 (80 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.2 111120 (1 Review)
summer tyre Review 4.1 111110 (33 reviews)

Winter tyre ranking Pirelli

Winter tyre ranking is a list of the best rated tyres. It is based on our user reviews. Up to now we have over 50000 opinions. Below you can see the best models according to this list.

winter tyre Review 4.6 111160 (16 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.4 111140 (105 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.4 111140 (11 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.3 111130 (83 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.2 111120 (100 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.2 111120 (4 reviews)
winter tyre Review 3.9 111900 (78 reviews)
winter tyre Review 3.8 111800 (2 reviews)
winter tyre Review 3.5 111500 (98 reviews)
winter tyre Review 3.5 111500 (54 reviews)

Newest products

The newest Pirelli tyres at New Pirelli models with latest technological solutions.


Best sellers are the most popular Pirelli tyres among our webshop users. These Pirelli models have the best mileage, price and quality.

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    Pirelli P7 Cinturato

    Tyre details: "Green Performance” is the Pirelli philosophy that allows it to create ...

  • Pirelli P Zero
    Pirelli P Zero

    Tyre details: Sporty performance and optimal driving control are the main features of the ...

Most recent reviews

Summer tyres Pirelli

Tyre Summer Pirelli P Zero

Magnificent to handle
Rating: 4.2 111120

Driving Jaguar XF car 275CV 245/45R18. I'm on my second pair of Pirelli P Zero i could not resist picking the Pirelli, again. The tyre has excellent grip in the dry, can enjoy the ride until the top of my 275cv engine capability. The tyres do not make the slightest traction error, just extreme curve grip is wonderful. Pirelli P Zero are adequate in the wet and level of dry grip is superb. When it rains and there is plenty of water you no longer have an exceptional grip, but more than satisfactory nonetheless. Another positive aspect is that the dry performance remain high until the last mile before changing the tyres once wore out. I've never seen anything like this before. Another story is the durability lasts for 20,000 miles and i drive quite fast except for the few times around my apartment when doing very short distances within 5km. Noise and comfort are acceptable but can be heard slightly with my XF superb soundproofing. Goodyear effcient offered a comfortable grip, right especially in wet last 70% longer than the Pirelli but when you give it the power at full capacity they just can not support your vehicle as much as Pirelli P Zero. For a car like mine you'd definatly want to go for Pirelli tyres!

Tyre Summer Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde

Best tires we've ever had
Rating: 4.9 111190

It took me long time to do my research before I have purchased new tyres. Mainly pricewise. I was able to find the occasion the OPONEO website and I bought these Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde instead of chosen by me Kleber tyres. This was a very good decision. In the previous car tried different tyres brands, sizes. My current car is not a speed demon so I thought that a high profile in connection with the reputation of the manufacturer will provide a good combination of comfort will certainly lead and was not disappointed. Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde are silent, they keep both when driving fast on the straight stretch of road and during rapid changes of direction. With a fairly high profile (185/65/14) are comfortable in the city, potholed roads and some unexpectedly when driving even at speeds motorway. Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde have combined in this model tyres that what was most important to me when choosing a new set of wheels, ie. You confidence while maintaining full comfort of traveling.

winter tyres Pirelli

opona Winter Pirelli SottoZero

Rating: 3.4 111400

I purchased the tyres in December and decided to share my opinion about them. The winter was rather mild. However, I had an opportunity to test these in all-weather conditions such as: snow, slush, ice, rain, wet roads and dry roads. In all conditions my car was very predictable. There were some issues in really deep snow so ABS had to activate but my car was always kept on the road. You feel safe having these tyres mounted on a car. They provide good grip, low rolling resistance, good adhesion. They are quiet (one of the quietest tyres I have ever had). What’s more, they look good when mounted on a vehicle. Sometimes you feel that you can drive faster than other drivers because it’s a pleasure to drive a car on the Pirelli SottoZero 2 tyres. After doing 7,000 miles they still look like they were new. I read on the Internet thay they are pretty durable. We will see. I have an impression that these winter tyres are better than my summer tyres. All models of SottoZero tyres from Pirelli are superb. I would like to recommend these tyres to everyone!

opona Winter Pirelli Snowcontrol Serie III

What I can say - it's a pure Pirelli quality!
Rating: 4.9 111190

I have bought the Pirelli SnowControl III because they are pure premium tyres. What I have received is much more than I expected. They are extremely good on a dry surface and provide an excellent grip. That is one of their most significant advantages. Let's move on to the other superb features. I do not like to slow down in the rain but these tyres helped me to keep my position on the road. I had an opportunity to drive in snow and I simply had to use a handbrake and try some snow drift. I have been skidding but on my own rules. The car drove always where I wanted. I have not noticed any unexpected behaviour of my car! I can say that they did ther job. If I wanted to drive on ice, I would have to go for some tudded tyres since none of the standard winter ones can provide a good grip in such conditions. All in all, if your car is equipped with Pirelli tyres I thin you have a quarantee of safety in all road conditions. I do recommend these tyres both to these, who drive slowly and these, who need to feel more driving sensations.

Average rating of the tyres: 3.80 based on 2636 reviews

Tyre models Pirelli

All Pirelli models available in our offer. You can choose a specific Pirelli model out of summer, winter or all season tyres.

Winter tyres

Check the offer for Pirelli winter tyres. Winter tyres should be used when the temperature drops below 7°C. Choose the best Pirelli winter tyre for you.

All season tyres

Check our offer for Pirelli all season tyres. All season tyres are a compromise between summer and winter tyres. Choose the best Pirelli all season tyre for you.


See our offer for summer, winter and all season tyres by Pirelli. Every Pirelli tyre is dedicated for a different season and conditions.