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BFGoodrich Tyres

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The history of BFGoodrich dates back to 1870. Back then, Dr Benjamin Franklin Goodrich had set up the first rubber plant in the North America. After about 30 years, a car equipped with BFGoodrich tyres went across the entire United States.

In 1937, the company had worked out the technology of producing synthetic rubber. In time of the II world war the company has supplied the army with the tyres. BFGoodrich tyres were used in the legendary Willys Jeep. In 1977 the tyres of BF Goodrich were included in the equipment of the Columbia space shuttle.

The success in numerous races and competitions has been an inevitable element of the company’s history. In 2006, BFGoodrich won all the stages of the WRC competition. In addition, teams equipped in BFGoodrich’s have won 6 times in The Dakar.

The company offers passenger car tyres and 4x4 tyres, which belong to the medium class.

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Opinions of our clients about BFGoodrich tyres:

The opinions about BFGoodrich tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • zadowolony 4.3 111150

    BFGoodrich G-Force Profiler 195/50 R15

    By accessing the store, I knew what I wanted to users unfamiliar tires or "be nice, be wider tread is to be beautiful and to be quiet as possible" without hesitation said the operator that takes the order ... when I asked what BFGoodrich. After installation and the first exit ... some I did not understand what a miracle by changing tires 185/55/15 195/50/15 I have not felt so strongly ruts and holes as before - until now I can not explain it, but it's easier if I drove quite something new and different. Paste the road, I can do different maneuvers and cries and without feeling that he would fall off the chair. The tire is pretty quiet at least what became news, I do not know, More > it looks fantastic even better than dreaming, and this amazing convenience, we now feel - for the price ... probably no better tires on the market I would definitely recommend to anyone who like me.. .. mainly pays attention to appearance, because apart from the appearance of the tire has a lot of cool stuff listed above.
  • rademil 4.2 111150

    BFGoodrich Profiler 2 175/70 R14

    Soft tires holding very well in tight corners. In dry conditions significantly shortened my braking distance. Regarding the behavior of the tires on the wet performance is also exemplary. drains water well. The only drawback is the relatively large noise. As for visual reasons, it is like a tender every visual impression of a small puncture tire. More >
  • Gucio 4.7 111150

    BFGoodrich Touring 165/70 R13

    I had the 165/70/13 size 2p and 2p done in Spain Made in Poland. This Spain were slightly better wet braking - perhaps another rubber. I never tire there was no problem. No shots, even a trace. Never be bored or not! Driven approx. 60,000 kilometers. The tread is still good, but with age I had to replace it with a new one. More >
  • MX 4.2 111150

    BFGoodrich Touring G 195/65 R15

    tyres bought a year ago, because the previous Goodyear Navigator (multigrade) began to bend in all directions, I bought the tires because of the price, are quiet, well water discharge przejezdziłem on them all winter and in August of the same wonder for me, he managed without a bell, it may be tyres calm my driving style. This rubber recommends that people who want to feel safe on the road and not falling curves of 90 km / h - just moderate, good rubber. More >
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