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General Tyres

General Tyres

Manufacturer's rating
based on 183 reviews
General is an American tyre brand which has been enjoying great recognition among drivers. The expansion of General tyres would not be possible hadit not been for the effective work of its engineers whose inventions were the driving force of the tyre industry many times. The brand's tyres are characterised by their high quality of workmanship based on advanced technology and rubber mixtures of top quality. General tyres mean safety, comfort and long tyre life. In our offer please see a variety of General tyres. We have tyres to suit everyone's cars.

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Opinions of our clients about General tyres:

The opinions about General tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • Rafał Budzicki 4.2

    General GRABBER AT2 255/65 R16

    First tires have made a very positive impression, even compared to BF Goodrich and Goodyear Wrangler AT, we had before, and another car and we were really happy with them until they became DAMAGES . For a number of years and for a distance of approx. 40 km 000. Three of the four tires purchased by us were systematic failures training approx. 3 cm bulges on the side surface of the tire. The tires were mainly used for a leisurely ride through the city (LR Discovery Td5 not cause madness), 1-2 times a year for long distances and occasionally for trips in the region of light (but To do this, we LR Defender BGF). If such use causes such serious injury is very bad testimony to the construction of More > the tire,
  • Ray Mullaney 4.2

    General GRABBER AT2 255/70 R15

    I had these tires before and when I was new, I was told by a number of dealers that they are no longer available, but I find oponeo online phoned them to check, I was told that 'there they had warehouse in Germany so I paid online and two days later they arrived. I highly recommend these tires and oponeo. More >
  • C.A.Lowe 5.0

    General GRABBER AT2 215/65 R16

    Damn these are good tires, Purchased for snow we get in the Peak district, and they were excellent, went through a foot more snow without any problem at all. Also tires are not as strong as I was led to believe, in fact, I find them very calm, overall, I'd say these tires as the best, and a very good price too. More >
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