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In our offer, we have 29 Maxxis tyre models
priced from 60 € to 439 €.

Maxxis car tyres

Maxxis AP2 All Season

15 reviews

From 60 pc.
Maxxis Premitra HP5

4 reviews

From 67 pc.
Maxxis Premitra AS AP3
From 68 pc.
Maxxis Mecotra ME3
From 69 pc.
Maxxis Victra Sport VS-01

1 review

From 88 pc.
Maxxis Mecotra ME3+
No image
From 94 pc.
Maxxis MA PW

6 reviews

From 95 pc.
Maxxis MA 1

2 reviews

From 138 pc.
Maxxis MA-P1

1 review

From 141 pc.

Maxxis 4x4 tyres

Maxxis MA SAS

6 reviews

From 99 pc.
Maxxis MA SW Victra Snow SUV

1 review

From 105 pc.
Maxxis MA LAS

2 reviews

From 119 pc.
Maxxis Premitra Snow WP6 SUV
No image
From 134 pc.
Maxxis A/T 771 Bravo Series

14 reviews

From 140 pc.
Maxxis Bravo HPM3
From 169 pc.
Maxxis M8080 Mudzilla
From 271 pc.
Maxxis M8060 Trepador

3 reviews

From 439 pc.

Maxxis Van tyres

Maxxis CR 966
From 72 pc.
Maxxis UE 168
From 76 pc.
Maxxis CR 965
From 81 pc.
Maxxis Campro Mac 2
From 156 pc.
Maxxis tyres are produced by established in Taiwan brand Cheng-Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd. Today, Maxxis tyres quickly gain new tyre markets around the world. The brand is now available in 130 countries. One characteristic of Maxxis tyres is their durability and good preparation for all road conditions. It's all thanks to the modern technology used by this dynamically developing company. We encourage you to carefully read the offer of this producer which certainly hides the perfect equipment for your car.

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Our customers' opinions on Maxxis tyres:

  • Dariusz 4.3

    Maxxis AP2 All Season

    In comparison to the original Kia tires (Kumho) Maxxis are less economic amd way more noisy. Totally different from the notes. Tires have very good grip, excellent on wet tarmac. Snow is not a threat for them. The grip in dry, warm conditions(more than 6-7°C) could be better. It's more like winter tire than all season. Summarizing: safety yest, comfort no. See more >
  • Sebastian 4.5

    Maxxis Premitra HP5

    I’ve been doing over about 5000kms, 80% motorway and 20% city, with this specific Maxxis tyres, and I’m very happy with them. They do a brilliant job on wet roads, specially at high speed. Not bad either on dry roads. My driving can be quite agressive some times, and they feel perfect on corners. After 5000 Kms, the front tyres look a small bit used, not significantly tho, but that’s due to my driving. While the back still look like brand now. They do an amazing job on wet and dry roads in relation to breaking. You feel no different if you break on wet or dry roads. Used them during the snow as well, on a scale of 1 to 5, on snow driving up to 70km/h I would give them 4, but once you See more > go above 70km on snow, you loose the grip significantly, but let’s be honest, they are summer tyres. I’ve tried many different brands before, low and high quality. But for the price this Maxxis, I honestly don’t think you will get a better bargain. Specially if you driving in a rainy country like Ireland.
  • Oktagon 3.9

    Maxxis MA 1

    Tyres with a white stripe are scarce on the Polish market. Searching for such tyres you can find different ones, but at prices much higher than 500 PLN. I recommend these tires for vintage cars and youngtimers - white stripe gives a very cool character to the whole wheel. You will not find better rubber at this price. See more >
  • Ian E 4.0

    Maxxis AP2 All Season

    Maxxis AP2 All Season offer good grip on dry and wet surface - surprisingly good grip in the snow too. But what makes these tyres is big 3 things: 1. Consistency - they are above average to good in all conditions 2. Predictability - when pushed, they behave in a very predictable way. 3. They are just a little more than the really cheap tires, while doing almost as well as expensive tyres. BTW i use as all season tyres during winter and summer. See more >