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Sava recommended tyres


205 reviews

From 70 pcs.

162 reviews

From 62 pcs.

75 reviews

From 67 pcs.

In our offer, we have 16 Sava tyre models
priced from 62 € to 474 €.

Sava car tyres

Sava All Weather
From 66 pcs.
Sava Adapto

9 reviews

From 67 pcs.
Sava Eskimo S3+

340 reviews

From 68 pcs.
Sava Intensa HP 2
From 74 pcs.
Sava Intensa UHP 2
From 85 pcs.
Sava Eskimo HP2

4 reviews

From 92 pcs.

62 reviews

From 93 pcs.

Sava 4x4 tyres


21 reviews

From 102 pcs.
Sava Intensa SUV 2
From 119 pcs.
Sava Eskimo SUV 2
From 138 pcs.

Sava Van tyres


22 reviews

From 87 pcs.
Sava Trenta 2
From 95 pcs.
Sava Eskimo LT
From 111 pcs.
Looking for balanced performance at a reasonable price? Do you drive calmly and cover small distances? If so, Sava tyres are the solution for you.

This is a Slovenian brand of economy tyres specialising in tyres for passenger cars (including SUVs), as well as delivery vans and lorries. Thanks to the continuous expansion of its product line and adapting tyres to the needs of customers, Sava products have been popular for years among drivers around the world.

The enterprise was established in 1920, when entrepreneurs Franc and Peter Sumi, Alojz Pirc and Jozko Veber created the company Atlanta. After a series of transformations within the business, Sava emerged in 1946.

Sava is an affordable solution for those who want to feel safe on the road, regardless of weather conditions, but for whom the price of tyres is important. This brand confirms the theory that inexpensive tyres can still be of a good quality and meet the expectations of drivers with different needs.

Interesting facts:

The name Sava was taken from the river of the same name, which is the largest river after the Danube on the Balkan Peninsula and flows through Slovenia.

Sava tyres are produced not only in Slovenia, but also in Poland at the Goodyear factory in the city of Dębica.

The Sava Group holding company currently includes more than 30 companies operating in various industries, including commerce, finance, medicine, energy (Ensa is engaged in the production of energy from renewable sources) and tourism (Sava Hotels Bled manages more than a dozen hotels in Slovenia).

For years, Sava has been one of the most recognisable brands in Slovenia, alongside the household appliances manufacturer Gorenje, skiing equipment manufacturer Elan and pharmaceutical giant Krka.

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Our customers' opinions on Sava tyres:

  • Szaman 4.7

    Sava Eskimo S3+

    These tires made me realize that I have paid too much for my tires so far. I have always looked for tires with better settings, and here I ask. The tires can not fall on the label, but two years ago I had Fulda in the same car, I paid 400 more zlotys for a set of tires and they were not better. There was no snow so I did not drive. They are very good on wet, they are really cool on the dry. I recommend to everyone and do not really look at these labels, they have a bad reproduction in life. See more >
  • Paweł 4.1

    Sava Eskimo HP2

    Honestly, I do not see any flaws. On slush, as well as slippery snow, the car did not skid when overtaking on national road 6 (Slupsk-Lębork road). Once, turning abruptly and avoiding the island, she threw my back slightly, and so on those tires the car probably stood on the road. I recommend it The only drawback is that you know a little more about winter tires, some 1.5 to 2 liters per 100 km more fuel. See more >
  • Sławku_ 4.0


    Generally, the tire is going very well this year bought another tire set. Used in an average city driving style and route. Tires with very good traction when it comes to driving in the rain, in the rain or drive through puddles at speed really well disperse the water and almost perfectly cling to the road. Driving on a dry surface also provides a good grip even when cornering at higher speeds to feel how the tire grips the road. Regarding the sound of medium tires with the window open and the highways do not mind while driving. What comfort it uses a BMW e39 in size 205-65 R15 high-end tires significantly affects the comfort removes rough roads, and relieves some suspension which results in See more > greater durability. A disadvantage of this tire in my opinion, are quite a lot of rolling resistance resulting from increased fuel consumption, and towards the relatively delicate construction of the tire which makes it more vulnerable to damage and abrasions curb (the one j 'sometimes breaks out on uneven pavement) Across the money I recommended tire that works well in both wet and dry roads (which for me is a very important parameter) with resistance to higher turnover for that price, you can not have everything. To summarize the recommended tire prices.
  • Mike 4.1


    Tires purchased at the end of May and June this year, at a promotional price for a set of 225 / 45R17 size. I was driving for them in this season about 7500 km. (half and half visit a city). I have no objection to their grip on dry and wet. The only negative is that after driving around 6,000 km began to appear and steering wheel vibration at speeds of 120-130 km, which come in acceleration. See more >