Today's winter tyres must not only guarantee safety in more difficult weather conditions, but also offer the driver the right driving experience and comfort. That is why it is so important to choose the right tyre from the many options available on the market. Before you decide on a particular model, it's worth listening to the voice of drivers who use tyres in the 185/60 R15 size on a daily basis.

Three cars on a snowy road. Winter tyres 185/60 R15 can be found in many popular car models.

Did you know that...

...185/60 R15 is one of the most popular tyre sizes for drivers in Europe? For several years now, it has also been at the forefront of the most frequently fitted first fitment wheel combinations for cars in the B and C segments. This size can be found in very popular models such as Volkswagen Golf or PoloSeat Leon or Opel Vectra.

Your opinion is significant

Every day we receive hundreds of opinions on tyres from our customers. On the basis of these, we create lists of the most recommended models. We take into account both the number of reviews issued and the average score obtained from them. This year's list for size 185/60 R15 once again includes both the most expensive premium models and more affordable solutions. Let's take a look at what tyres have stood out to drivers buying on Oponeo:

ModelAverage driver rating for size*
Nokian WR D45,45
Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W4525,35
Nokian WR Snowproof5,3
Firemax FM805+5,2

*reports granted by Oponeo customers between January 2019 and October 2020. The ratings were awarded on a scale from 1 to 6. The list included models that obtained the minimum number of ratings required. The results shown in our shop may differ from those included on the list, the ratings shown only apply to tyres in size 185/60 R15.

The best winter tyres can cope with even the most difficult conditions.

Nokian WR D4

On the top of the podium, a model from the Finnish premium manufacturer Nokian WR D4 was placed. With its special directional tread, the tyre is a real winter gladiator, with no fear of snow, mud or icy roads. The wide centre rib helps to maintain stability while driving, and the revolutionary siping system and aggressively positioned centre blocks allow you to enjoy your journey in all weather conditions.

The mixture containing natural rubber, silica and rapeseed oil also deserves attention. Not only does it allow the tyre to maintain its flexibility, thus improving braking efficiency at minus temperatures, but it also ensures lower rolling resistance. It was tested in conditions in remote Lapland, in the world's furthest North Pole test centre for tyres.

Silent Sidewall technology, a new sidewall design that reduces noise during driving, can also be considered a great advantage. This is extremely important in the case of winter tyres, where comfort too often comes to the fore.

In your opinion:

Chris Noth:

The tyres have performed well during the winter season. They surprised me positively. The volcanist who fitted the tyres said immediately that I would be very happy with them. He was right! They drain the water from the wheels very well. Good grip on both dry and wet asphalt. The braking distance was short.

They were doing very well in the snow. Even in the deeper snow there were no problems with starting. The car performed slightly worse on warmer days, i.e. at +10 (before changing to summer tyres), i.e. it braked worse (longer braking distance), but there were no problems with grip then either.

It was not particularly noisy in the vehicle, the combustion was not much different from summer tyres. All the above observations are confirmed by the indexes of these tyres. I sincerely recommend tyres. They are worth their price, there is no point in overpaying for more expensive tyres.

Martin Duffy:

I've been driving on tyres from various manufacturers for years, I bought Nokiana WR D4 on the recommendation of a friend and it was a bull's eye shot! Very quiet and comfortable, super-absorbent and most importantly - tested in winter conditions, definitely worth recommending.


The price of tyres and the quality of their manufacture is very good. The car drives very well on them, you can experience less all the unevenness on the road, which is very important for hard suspension. The car keeps up well with the road and it is hard to skid even when braking heavily. Great tyres, even with hard braking, are impossible to skid.

Check out the Nokian WR D4:

Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452

The tyre from the Korean manufacturer Hankook was placed in second place in the opinion poll for size 185/60 R15. The Winter I*cept RS2 W452 is not the first time that it has won recognition in the eyes of drivers, thanks to an exceptionally good compromise between product price and quality. The Winter I*cept RS2 W452 is famous for its modern technological solutions, which are perfect for the winter season.

The Hankook Winter I*cept RS2 W452 model stands out above all for its excellent workmanship, which pays attention to even the tiniest of construction elements. This makes the tyre not only durable, but also ideal for winter conditions in a European climate.

The tyre's directional tread features a new edge technology that minimises the risk of skidding, providing greater stability and grip when driving on icy roads. The 3D elements introduced for this purpose and the new silica compound also improve traction in wet conditions and on snowy roads. This high degree of versatility has also been emphasised by the drivers themselves, who use Hankook Winter I*cept RS2 W452 tyres on a daily basis.

In your opinion:


I think this is one of the best choices for a car like Fabia II. When driving in the mountains, where I live, they give a lot of traction on any surface, even on snow. I have never had any problems driving uphill on snow-covered roads, and the ABS on braking starts when it is really late. As a winter tyre, it also works very well at the beginning of the winter, when temperatures are still high. The tyre does not fail on bends and there are no other signs that it would be too soft. I recommend it to calm drivers.

Matt Hill:

The tyre is really good. There is no skidding in the rain. The car is small and light. I had a set of those on the Opel Astra 4 and I was also satisfied, so I bought them for a city car. I have no objections.


The tyres stick to wet surfaces, as well as to snow and slush. They have good properties and a moderate braking distance. My car keeps to the road well and does not become understeer or oversteer.

See the Hankook Winter I*cept RS2 W452:

Nokian WR Snowproof

The last model on the podium is  from a Finnish premium manufacturer. The Nokian WR Snowproof is the latest in the 'WR' series, which is storming the hearts of European drivers. Unlike the WR D4, the WR Snowproof is designed for more varied winters and temperatures, which fits in perfectly with current conditions on the Old Continent.

When developing his new winter tyres, Nokian developed the Sense Grip Alps concept, which includes a number of key changes to the entire model structure. First and foremost, the revolution has affected the rubber compound, which retains its full properties over a wider temperature range than before. This also makes the tyre better suited to warmer periods during the winter.

The new concept also significantly changed the shape of the classic grooves to a more predatory one, so that the tyre performs as well on snow as on dry, cold roads. But what can you read about the Nokian WR Snowproof from drivers' opinions?

In your opinion:

John Edwards:

I bought Nokian Snowproof tyres in size 185/60/15 at the end of 2019 (November).

Used in urban traffic. I recommend Nokian's latest product, the tyres are quiet, and they behave perfectly on dry and wet surfaces.

I rated the snow and slush category at 6, but when it comes to driving on snow or slush, I cannot judge the tyres in terms of their performance under these conditions, as winter has not yet arrived in Warsaw, my assessment of this category is based on the driving experience of previous models of Nokian tyres. The exceptional tread depth and appearance and the very high number of sipes indicate that if I were to judge these tyres after the season, I would certainly put up a 6.

I generally recommend tyres. A very good price for a newcomer for the 2019/2020 winter season. I recommend purchasing these tyres.


The tyres perform their function at a high level, so I can feel safe and comfortable. This is no surprise, however, as NOKIAN is a tyre manufacturer whose products I have been choosing and using for years.

Krissy Timmons:

I'm very satisfied with my tyres, they grip the road very well. I have no objections.

Check out the Nokian WR Snowproof:

Firemax FM805+

Firemax FM805+ is the first and only representative of economy class in this list. It is a real option for passenger car drivers who are looking for affordable and reliable tyres for the winter season.

The designers made a bold decision by choosing an asymmetrical tread for the tyre, but this proved to be a real hit. Thanks to a structure with a different structure on the outside and inside of the tread, you can feel confident with your tyres in almost all conditions encountered on winter season roads.

Numerous sipes and longitudinal grooves efficiently grip the snow, keeping the car in grip even when driving faster, while a soft and flexible rubber compound ensures increased contact with the road.

Firemax tyres stand out from competitive models in the budget sector thanks to their good ride comfort and safety in a variety of conditions. Do drivers share this opinion?

In your opinion:


Quiet and well-fitting tyres. The price/quality ratio is very good. I had tyres 2x more expensive than firemax and there is no big difference. The more expensive ones were even louder.


I recommend, to all users of four wheels, I bought winter tyres for Meriwa in Tyreeo, after checking them on dry, wet and icy roads, I bought a set for Renault Kangoo, they work 100% recommended, hello.


The tyres are performing well on slush and ice, but you know, with this price range, with moderate urban driving, they are a great choice, they are quite quiet, I can recommend.

Tim Adams:

As for the tyres, they're worth a lot of attention, I drive a lot - about 1000km a week and they're doing great, it's really worth buying tyres, I highly recommend them.

See the Firemax FM805+:


The Fulda is synonymous with German solidity in the tyre industry. The mid-range manufacturer has made every effort to ensure that its KRISTALL MONTERO 3 offers the right levels of safety, durability and performance for every winter season.

The model has been on the market for some good years now, but its popularity with drivers should not come as a surprise. The modern directional tread with its rounded central grooves is ideal for both snow and rain, making it extremely versatile.

A big advantage of such a tyre is the proper distribution of pressure over the entire tread surface. This results in wear which is slow and, above all, very regular. The tyre works as a whole, giving the driver full control over the car while driving.

Our users appreciate above all the excellent price/quality ratio of the product, which stands out in this respect even in the middle class. Let us take a look at the most interesting opinions sent by our customers.

In your opinion:


Although I only travelled a few kilometres with these tyres, I can confirm that they meet my expectations. The car drives well, I have never had problems stopping safely on the road. The tyres do not cause any problems when braking and the car always stops at a safe distance from obstacles - I highly recommend them.

Paul Allen:

They work very well on dry, wet, icy, snow and light terrain. I have had the opportunity to use these tyres in both severe winters and completely dry conditions at higher temperatures. In my opinion, the best tyres in this price category.


A dozen or so company cars drive on these tyres and we have no problem at all.

    - relatively quiet

    - pretty tough

    - they perform well on wet roads

    - they cope with winter conditions without limitations

Certainly, the price in this case is not commensurate with quality, because it is relatively low and the quality is good.