Being well prepared for the winter season significantly increases safety. It is mostly important to choose the right tyres. They should withstand demanding, changing road conditions while providing good comfort and driving experience. Before choosing a new model, it is a good idea to consult other drivers’ opinions. Based on such reviews, we have created the ranking of 185/60 R15 winter tyres to help you decide!

185/60 R15 winter tyres can be found on many popular car models.185/60 R15 winter tyres can be found on many popular car models.

What models of 185/60 R15 winter tyres do our customers recommend?

As the 185/60 R15 size is very popular, Oponeo customers often share their opinions about these tires. Based on their ratings, we have compiled a ranking of recommended models. We took into account both the number of reviews and their average score.

The 185/60 R15 winter tyre ranking, as in the previous years, includes both premium models and more budget products. The drivers buying tyres on Oponeo singled out:

PlaceTyre modelAverage drivers ratings
1.Nokian Tyres WR Snowproof5,50
2.Nokian Tyres WR D45,45
3.Kormoran Snow5,40
4.Dębica Frigo 25,25
5.Zeetex WP10005,10

*The ranking is based on the ratings by Oponeo customers between January 1, 2021 and September 14, 2022. The scale was from 1 to 6. The list includes only the models that received the minimum required number of opinions. The results visible on our store website may differ from those included in the ranking, as the presented ratings concern only 185/60 R15 tyres

Did you know that...?

185/60 R15 is one of the most popular tyre sizes among drivers in Europe. For more than a dozen years, it has also been at the top of the list of the most frequently installed first wheels in B- and C-segment cars. This size can be found in very popular models such as: Volkswagen Golf or Polo, Seat Leon, or Opel Vectra.

If you are not sure whether you should choose this tyre size for your car, use our configurator.

1. place Nokian Tyres WR Snowproof

An unquestionable leader in the ranking of 185/60 R15 winter tyres, once again recognised by drivers buying on Oponeo, is Nokian Tyres WR Snowproof. It is one of the flagship models of the premium segment Finnish brand. It is perfect for driving in variable European weather conditions. 

The Alpin Sense Grip concept is the key to the success of this tyre. One of its strengths is a revolutionary rubber compound that maintains very good traction over a wide range of temperatures. With these tyres, you feel confident behind the wheel during the fickle autumn and winter weather. Thanks to its unique technological solutions, it retains all the great features also on warmer days. The shape of the tread is also noteworthy. The distinctive groove design, which is more aggressive than in classic models, provides a quality ride not only on dry, cold surfaces, but also on snow. Effective braking is due to the Brake Booster stabilisers located in the shoulder area.

2. place Nokian Tyres WR D4

The ranking of 185/60 R15 winter tyres was dominated by the Finnish manufacturer. The Nokian Tyres WR D4 is another premium model that has won praise from many drivers. The high position in the ranking is not surprising, as these tyres perform well on snow, slush and icy roads.

One of the distinguishing features of the Nokian Tyres WR D4 is its unique tread pattern with a wide central rib for increased stability. The system of sipes and aggressively profiled blocks works perfectly in all weather conditions. The rubber compound, which contains natural rubber, silica, and canola oil, is also not without significance. It enhances braking performance in sub-zero temperatures while providing less rolling resistance. The quality of the solutions was tested at the test site in Lapland located closest to the North Pole. Another advantage of the model is the use of Silent Sidewall technology, which reduces noise emission.

3. place Kormoran Snow

The third place among 185/60 R15 winter tyres in the ranking is occupied by a product from a Polish brand in the economy segment: Kormoran Snow. It is an affordable tyre with desirable parameters: optimal traction and high flexibility, so it retains its full properties in demanding conditions.

A directional block layout with solid, extended blocks and wide circumferential grooves allows the tyre to effectively disperse snow and water from under the tread. This minimizes the risk of aquaplaning. A dense system of corrugated cross sipes ensures good traction even on snow-covered roads. The design provides even, slow tread wear, resulting in long service life without loss of performance. A distinguishing feature of the Kormoran Snow model is its rubber compound, which exhibits high elasticity. Thank to natural rubber, carbon black and silica, the tyre maintains its parameters – adequate stiffness and grip – in extremely low temperatures.

4. place Dębica Frigo 2

Drivers who buy tyres on Oponeo definitely appreciate Polish 185/60 R15 winter tyres. Debica Frigo 2, which has received a lot of positive reviews, took the fourth position in the ranking. The model’s relatively low price goes hand in hand with good parameters, so it meets the expectations of a large group of passenger car owners.

A good-quality rubber compound with silica provides flexibility of tyres at low temperatures you expect so that users enjoy comfort and safety while driving. The distinctive tread design with densely spaced sipes increases grip in changeable winter conditions. A large number of circumferential and transverse grooves have a positive effect on the performance of Debica Frigo 2 on wet surfaces. They minimise the risk of dangerous hydrodynamic skidding. Massive blocks located on the shoulders of the tyre guarantee stability even on snow- or ice-covered sections of the route.

5. place Zeetex WP1000

Low price and good quality – Zeetex WP1000 was recognised by Oponeo customers in the 185/60 R15 winter tyre ranking. It is one of the budget models appreciated by a large group of drivers looking for effective tyres that provide adequate traction in varying weather conditions.

Zeetex WP1000 features a directional tread pattern for a stable ride on dry, wet, and snowy surfaces. The tyres are equipped with a 3D sipe system, allowing effective removal of snow from under the wheels. This contributes directly to maintaining a good grip. Proper traction is not the only task that a winter tyre should fulfill. Precisely designed circumferential grooves increase car stability. The hard central rib has a positive effect on steering precision. We also need to mention driving comfort. Reinforced side zones not only have a positive impact on comfort during the trip, but also help extend the life of the model.