Many drivers put the most trust in… other drivers. Therefore, when choosing a specific tyre model, they are guided not only by tests, but also by the opinions of other car owners. This text presents drivers' opinions about 185/65 R15 tyres. If you plan to buy this size of tyres, be sure to read our text!

the car goes on a road in the snowBest 185/65 R15 tyres.

We took into account the opinions the drivers shared with us. Based on them, you can judge which tyres are best for you. Tyres in size 185/65 R15 are installed on many compact cars as well as others. These include the Alfa Romeo 147, Audi A4, Citroen C3, Dacia Logan and Sandero, BMW 3 Series, Peugeot 207, Hyundai i30, Mercedes A-Class and Opel Astra

Best 185/65 R15 tyres according to drivers

Nokian WR Snowproof5,45
Nokian WR D45,4
Dębica Frigo 25,25
Kormoran Snow5,25
Pirelli Cinturato Winter5,25

*As of September 2020. Tyres are rated on a scale from 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest possible score. The results did not include models that did not obtain the required number of opinions. Ratings presented on our website may differ slightly from those presented here because they count opinions from all sizes.

Nokian WR Snowproof

The drivers who decided to share their opinion say the Nokian WR Snowproof is the best winter tyre in size 185/65 R15. The model received a rating of 5.45 on a 6-point scale, which is an excellent result. It received excellent marks in every sub-category - dry, wet, snow and slush driving.

The tyre uses the Alpine Grip compound. It combines natural rubber, functional polymers and silica. What does this mean for a driver? The car does not skid, the braking is precise and it drives quiet. Special Snow Claws are responsible for braking and accelerating on snow. All this translates into an excellent rating among drivers. 

According to our users: 

I drove 200 km on these tyres - they quieted down a bit. They grip the road very well on dry and wet surfaces at low temperatures, and the snow is where it's at. Great for me. Arthur from Brighton

Really good tyres; I know of nothing better at this price, and I usually do drive a lot, since I’m a taxi driver. I recommend them not only for the city, but also outside it. Leo N

These tyres are very high-grip and quiet. There is virtually no difference in handling after switching from summer to winter tyres. Michael

Nokian WR D4

The second step on the podium was the Nokian WR D4, which achieved an excellent average rating of 5.40. Much like the previously discussed model from Finland, the tyre received very high marks in each sub-category. Drivers who had the opportunity to test these tyres distinguished them primarily due to their good grip, even in difficult conditions.

The tyre uses a Nokian Twin Trac Silica compound. It contains natural rubber, silica and rapeseed oil. As a result, grip on wet surfaces is at the highest level. Another advantage of this compound is its lower fuel consumption. The WR D4 model also uses the Silent Sidewall technology, which minimises noise reaching the car’s cabin.

According to our users:

I switched from budget tyres; the difference is clear in every way. I can hear nothing while driving, the drive is smooth, and whenever sudden braking is needed, they do not fail (I would probably have had the bumper replaced with the previous ones). Average fuel consumption dropped by 0.2l/100km, but I'm not sure whether it's the tires, or I just started driving more gently so that the engine does not disturb the quiet. Deil

Very quiet tyre. The car drives well, even at warmer temperatures. It doesn't feel like a winter tyre. Damian

Good tyres. It's heaven and earth when compared to my old ones, which really have seen better days. They have a good grip on dry surface, they hold well on slightly wet ones. So far, on an average road surface, the wheels have only detached twice from the asphalt and slipped when starting off. And once a wheel slipped on ice. But you know, only spikes would help on ice. They hold well when braking, although I don't know how they would do at high speeds, because the weather is bad, and I drive slower, but the wheels do not slip so far. That one time I was driving in a dense snowstorm, where the machines hadn't started yet and were not sprinkling salt. Low visibility, thick layer of snow on the road. Not once have I slipped, so the tyres are definitely better than the old ones. So far, I recommend them. Good quality for a good price. Michael

Dębica Frigo 2

The Dębica brand belongs to the American Goodyear. Thanks to this alliance, Frigo 2 uses technologies known from the company's other, more expensive models. One of these patents involves the use of additive silica in the compound. This translates into better flexibility at lower temperatures. The sipes are densely placed, which makes the tyre also perform well when driving in mud and snow.

This translated into good ratings. An average of 5.25 is an excellent score. We must take into account that Dębica represents the economy class, and thus the prices of tyres are much lower than those of, for example, premium models.

What do drivers think about Dębica Frigo 2?

Perfect for me. I am not a fan of extreme stunts and risky driving. These tyres give me confidence and have never let me down. And this is not the first set that I have purchased. Once for a Golf IV, the last 5 years Fiat Linea, and now for my new Fiat Tipo.  Andrew

I have been riding Dębica for years and have had no problems so far. The car is often loaded, but the tyres do not wear out excessively. You have to be careful on wet surfaces, but this is probably what most tyre manufacturers have a problem with (I've used other tyres as well). These are second to none on heavy snow. I highly recommend it. Mario

Kormoran Snow

Kormoran Snow took fourth place in our ranking. Much like the Frigo 2, this model represents a budget class. This, in turn, translates into an attractive price. Importantly, the tyre has its advantages, and drivers rated it at 5.25. The opinions emphasize that the model performs well even in more difficult conditions.

The Kormoran Snow uses a directional tread with massive and wide blocks. This translates into better drainage of mud and snow. Natural rubber, carbon black and silica were used in the compound. Such ingredients allow driving in low temperatures without losing great properties.

And what exactly do the users themselves write about them?

First of all, the tyres hug the road very well. The tyres perform admirably, be it on snow, mud, rain or dry surfaces. All this comes complete with the fact that the tires are relatively quiet on various types of roads. Dominic Ward

Very good tyres. It has an aggressive tread (it behaves perfectly on snow, even bites into very icy snow), but tests in Austria has shown that they are relatively quiet on a dry surface. Highly recommend!  Michael Tender

Pirelli Cinturato Winter

Pirelli Cinturato Winter is a representative of the premium class. The manufacturer made no compromise in their use of advanced technologies. This translated into a good rating - 5.25.

The shape of the sipes prevents the car from skidding on snow and slush. The grooves are V-shaped, which facilitates the removal of excess water. The tyre also owes its properties to its advanced rubber compound. It has been specially developed for driving in low temperatures.

What are the drivers' opinions?

I highly recommend Pirelli tyres; they hold the surface very well in rain or snow. Braking is smooth. The noise is moderate so I really have no complaints! Martha

The PIRELLI Cinturato Winter tyre is a product of the premium brand, which aims to ensure safety and traction on snow. I live in the mountains so it fits my needs perfectly. Already after the first serpentine, I was sure I had made the right choice. And more kilometers of routes covered with ice, snow, slush, wet and dry surfaces only confirmed this. They give you total control and extremely quiet operation; I simply recommend it! Martin 

How to find winter tyres that suit your needs?

The tyres presented in the list are the best winter models in size 185/65 R15 rated by drivers over the last year. Each of the five proposals has its strengths, but the most important thing is that the model is tailored to the driver's individual needs. Different tyres will be good for a person who regularly travels long distances on highways, different for drivers who often drive side roads in the mountains.

When choosing new tyres, it is worth paying attention not only to the opinions of other drivers, but also manufacturers' descriptions and the results of tests carried out by automotive organizations. A broader perspective will allow you to effectively choose tyres adequate to your needs.

It is also worth analyzing the labels attached to the tyres. Although they do not relate to typical winter parameters, they include information on performance such as the level of generated noise, fuel efficiency and braking on wet surfaces.