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Falken Tyres

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With a high sports performance and excellent driving in all conditions, there is no better way to describe Falken tyres. This manufacturer is known for producing high-class HP (High Performance) and UHP (Ultra High Performance) tyres for discerning drivers. If you like to use your car's full power and you want to enjoy dynamic driving regardless of the weather, these tyres are perfect for you!

In German, "Falken" means falcon. This powerful, predatory and valiant bird is a symbol of the uncompromising performance provided by the Japanese tyre brand, launched by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. By creating this new brand, the Asian company wanted its Ultra High Performance tyres to make it in the demanding US market. This includes providing a range of summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres.

These tyres' good reputation for performance doesn't come from nowhere. The company actively participates in prestigious races, including the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and the Formula Drift Series Formula D. Falken also sponsors events such as the ALMS, Super Taikyu, the 24-hour Nürburgring race and various drift competitions (in which it has been one of the favourites for years): Formula D, D1 Grand Prix and the British Drift Championship.

Falken is referred to as a middle market segment tyre; however, this brand's favourable price does not mean sacrificing full performance and safety on the road.

Interesting facts:

The Falken Brand made its debut on the market in 1983.

Feminine beauty best accentuates the dynamics and design of fast cars. For several years, Falken tyres have been advertised by an elite group of beauties referred to as "Falken Models". The group includes Lindley Hanson, Mary J. Castillo and CJ Gibson.

In addition to UHP tyres, Falken provides the market with tyres for SUVs, delivery vans and lorries.

The nature of the brand is expressed by slogans such as: "Driving with the pleasure you like" and "Inspiration driving".

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Our customer's opinions:
  • Lukers 4.5 111150

    Falken ZE 914

    I use my Falken ZE 914 tyres in quite a pawerful car - 218 BHP and 500 Nm. Previously, I had Dunlop tyres and Michelin Pilot Primacy ones, and I thought there are no better tyres. It turns out that Falken ZE 914 not only matches Michelins with their grip, which is important for me, but also has harder shoulders than Michelin and due to that it behaves better during aggressive driving. Of course, the driving comfort on bumpy roads is a bit worse, but I have Run Flat tyres as my winter set, so after chenging to Falken it's still better. I only did 700 miles on my tyres, so I don't know what will be their wear. However, I am very pleased with Falken ZE 914 as they grip the car nicely on both More > dry and wet. At such a price there's probably no better tyre with such parameters as Falken ZE 914.
  • Wlodek 3.5 111500

    Falken HS 439

    Welcome. On these two winter tires as I drove, I live in London, so that was driven route to polish and return trip to the Polish alps mountains in winter and skiing in Livigno. After land Mazury 1000 km per year on average. So far, I drove about 17000 km. I will say right tire, decent to very decent road slush stick satisfactory kopny snow time I had to wear chains in the Alps, but this is normal. my driving style on the average estimate pollination is not as stupid on the road in winter, but the 130-140 can run on them as compacted snow is pulled up to 100 km. Check with Parking in trouble. Personally, I can not recommend the anvil. Earlier black mialme Fulda and was also ok, but what More > surprised me was a small fuel tank! I think the same two winters on posmigam quietly.
  • Włodek 4.4 111150

    Falken SN 832 ECORUN

    I usually ride with premium tires. However, at the end of the summer, a second car hit the family, a little old and old, but not used, cold shoes. I founded Falken at the end of the summer season and only managed to cover about 4000 km, about half of them in urban conditions. After such a journey, it is difficult to assess the failure rate of these tires, as well as to talk about some visible signs of tread wear. We'll see what they look like after the second season, in my case, about 15,000 km. Tires behave very well on wet surfaces. I do not see much difference between driving on these Falkens and the Continental summer, which I have on the second car. Almost because the Falkens are More > noisier and so far their only drawback.
  • Dave 4.7 111150

    Falken HS 449

    I use Falken HS 449 tyres in my Alfa Romeo. The combination of Italian fantasy and Japanese technology is a recipe for a pleasant drive in all conditions. The tyres perform very well on wet surfaces, on mud, even on snow and ice . Using Falken HS 449 tyres I never had any problems while driving, and I tested them both in the city and for long journeys. They guarantee great stability, comfort and good grip in any condition. Despite the very soft compound, the tyre wear after one season is so small I was in shock! What’s more the tyres are incredible when driving fast – 130 mph for a long time made no impression on them. I can sincerely recommend these tyres to everyone. You won’t be More > disappointed.
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