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x Reinforced tyres

Every single tyre has its load index. This index is determined by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation. Reinforced tyres have higher load capacity than standard ones. Therefore, they can easily meet the requirements that they are faced in cars that carry heavier loads.

x Run Flat tyres

Run on Flat tyres allow driving ater a pressure loss, eg. as a result of tyre puncture. Driving on a punctured tyre is possible for about 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph.

Falken Tyres

Tyres Falken

With a high sports performance and excellent driving in all conditions, there is no better way to describe Falken tyres. This manufacturer is known for producing high-class HP (High Performance) and UHP (Ultra High Performance) tyres for discerning drivers. If you like to use your car's full power and you want to enjoy dynamic driving regardless of the weather, these tyres are perfect for you!

In German, "Falken" means falcon. This powerful, predatory and valiant bird is a symbol of the uncompromising performance provided by the Japanese tyre brand, launched by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. By creating this new brand, the Asian company wanted its Ultra High Performance tyres to make it in the demanding US market. This includes providing a range of summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres.

These tyres' good reputation for performance doesn't come from nowhere. The company actively participates in prestigious races, including the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and the Formula Drift Series Formula D. Falken also sponsors events such as the ALMS, Super Taikyu, the 24-hour Nürburgring race and various drift competitions (in which it has been one of the favourites for years): Formula D, D1 Grand Prix and the British Drift Championship.

Falken is referred to as a middle market segment tyre; however, this brand's favourable price does not mean sacrificing full performance and safety on the road.

Interesting facts:

The Falken Brand made its debut on the market in 1983.

Feminine beauty best accentuates the dynamics and design of fast cars. For several years, Falken tyres have been advertised by an elite group of beauties referred to as "Falken Models". The group includes Lindley Hanson, Mary J. Castillo and CJ Gibson.

In addition to UHP tyres, Falken provides the market with tyres for SUVs, delivery vans and lorries.

The nature of the brand is expressed by slogans such as: "Driving with the pleasure you like" and "Inspiration driving".

Summer tyre ranking Falken

Summer tyre ranking is a list of the best rated tyres. It is based on our user reviews. Up to now we have over 50000 opinions. Below you can see the best models according to this list.

summer tyre Review 4.8 111180 (2 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.4 111140 (3 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.3 111130 (21 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.2 111120 (256 reviews)
summer tyre Review 4.1 111110 (4 reviews)

Winter tyre ranking Falken

Winter tyre ranking is a list of the best rated tyres. It is based on our user reviews. Up to now we have over 50000 opinions. Below you can see the best models according to this list.

winter tyre Review 4.3 111130 (4 reviews)
winter tyre Review 4.2 111120 (150 reviews)
winter tyre Review 3.6 111600 (13 reviews)
winter tyre Review 3.6 111600 (103 reviews)
winter tyre Review 3.6 111600 (17 reviews)

Newest products

The newest Falken tyres at New Falken models with latest technological solutions.

  • Falken SN 832 ECORUN
    Falken SN 832 ECORUN

    Information on the tyre: Falken SN 832 ECORUN is a summer tyre that ensures safe and ...

  • Falken ZE 914
    Falken ZE 914

    Tyre details: The Falken ZE 914 is a product belonging to the Sumitomo group, made by its ...


Best sellers are the most popular Falken tyres among our webshop users. These Falken models have the best mileage, price and quality.

  • Falken ZE 914
    Falken ZE 914

    Tyre details: The Falken ZE 914 is a product belonging to the Sumitomo group, made by its ...

  • Falken Azenis FK510
    Falken Azenis FK510

    Products technical description is not available yet.

Most recent reviews

Summer tyres Falken

Tyre Summer Falken ZE 914

A good buy for the VW Sharan 1.9 03-05
Rating: 3.6 111600

Bought 4 tires Falken ZE914 215/55 R16 97W for a VW Sharan 1.9 TDI. Existing tires are Dunlop SP Sport 2020E and had around 2-3 mm tread on the rear tires and 2mm on the left on the front tires. I drove on Firestone and Dunlop SP Sport 9000 on the previous cars. Dunlop advised to change SP Sport 01 as they had stiff shoulders therefore better handling, because the VW Sharan high center of gravity. However, I took a risk and went for a brand Falken Ziex 914 defendants due to £ 20 price difference per tire. I definitely made the right choice. Tyre pressures remained the same as on old tires as recommended by VW on the fuel cap. I ran into the tires of 250 miles on local travel and on a motorway trip to 55 mph as advised. I''ve driven over 800 miles on the highway and local roads and now compared to the 2020th Dunlop SP Sport I obtained the following results for the benefit. 1. Lighter steering makes driving and parking much easier, tires are somehow very light, even after execution. 2. Fuel MPG improved considerably by 4 + mpg as indicated on the meter average vw edge. The MPG has increased by at least 6 mpg on highway speeds between 55 and 75 mph 3. Comfort is improved, the car is smoother on minor bumps and a little better on larger bumps that Dunlop. I kept the tire pressure the same as Dunlop. 4. dry grip improved slightly. I noticed that the car oversteer or understeer at 30 mph - 40 mph on two-lane road and motorway turns the slip road. 5. Wet grip has improved considerably and I can feel the control of the car at speed in the rain and can change lanes on a highway in the sense of control when I need to quickly move the car left or right when changing lanes. 6. The noise is not noticeable at the local level, but slightly improved on the highway. 7. Tire Wear - too early, even after 800 miles, will try to leave another review after 10K miles Global Verdict. After much research and about purchasing the SP Sport 01 SP Sport Blueresponse or after reading the comments, I'm glad I made the right choice and saved money by choosing the Falken ZE914 Ziex. I feel performance and comfort increased. Previously, only the top brands purchased but now must consider price brands such as Falken environment.

Tyre Summer Falken ZE 914

I definitely recommend
Rating: 4.9 111190

I was wondering for a long time over which tyres to choose. I decided to go for Falken. I admit that I was guided by the price and the opinions of others. The car that I drive has maximum speed 180km and rear-wheel drive, I might add, that this is a diesel, and these Falken ZE 914 are perfect!! :) Whether it’s in wet or dry conditions or even when I drive into a puddle nothing unexpected happens. Literally as if on rails. As for the noise I had 16inch Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D and the level is the same - none. I do not know whether it’s my car soundproof or the tyres are really that quiet, but I can’t hear them. I drive very fast and sometimes I can hear when the front tyres literally bite into the road without compromising on controllability. At 150m/H the car still behaves normally. Speaking of the wear, I do not know. I have done around 1000 miles and after washing they still look like new. I recommend Falken ZE 914 and I know that my next purchase will also be Falken but probably 19inch :)

winter tyres Falken

opona Winter Falken HS 449

You won’t be disappointed.
Rating: 4.7 111170

I use Falken HS 449 tyres in my Alfa Romeo. The combination of Italian fantasy and Japanese technology is a recipe for a pleasant drive in all conditions. The tyres perform very well on wet surfaces, on mud, even on snow and ice . Using Falken HS 449 tyres I never had any problems while driving, and I tested them both in the city and for long journeys. They guarantee great stability, comfort and good grip in any condition. Despite the very soft compound, the tyre wear after one season is so small I was in shock! What’s more the tyres are incredible when driving fast – 130 mph for a long time made no impression on them. I can sincerely recommend these tyres to everyone. You won’t be disappointed.

opona Winter Falken HS 449

In comparison to other tyres I used they are fantastic!
Rating: 5.0 11111

I cannot comment the durability of Halken HS 449 tyres as I only used them for one season, however, I still have a lot to say about their significant advantages. I can certainly confirm that they perform great in winter conditions, they are stable on both packed snow and mud. I had also any problems with skids as well as with accelerating and braking on dry and wet surfaces. I can add this is not my first car and not the first winter tyres I bought. In comparison to other tyres I used they are fantastic!

Average rating of the tyres: 3.96 based on 971 reviews

Tyre models Falken

All Falken models available in our offer. You can choose a specific Falken model out of summer, winter or all season tyres.

Winter tyres

Check the offer for Falken winter tyres. Winter tyres should be used when the temperature drops below 7°C. Choose the best Falken winter tyre for you.

All season tyres

Check our offer for Falken all season tyres. All season tyres are a compromise between summer and winter tyres. Choose the best Falken all season tyre for you.


See our offer for summer, winter and all season tyres by Falken. Every Falken tyre is dedicated for a different season and conditions.